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Take proper consideration when guest posting, simply follow the right way. Beside, to guest post means posting to reach another audience outside your website or blog. After all, blogger require guest post and this makes for simplified guide to guest posting the right way.

It is another way to connect with more readers, audience, traffic or so. Information spreading is never a bad thing if done  well.

One of the marketing strategies is guest blogging which is  the same as guest posting.

It’s to reach forth for another blogger by way of publishing content on his platform and create brand awareness. Even large organization does that to increase traffic  and link juice.  Be sure the content is high quality, relevant and valuable to attract more share. That way, your simplified guest posting is done the right way.

Guest posting increases  domain authority and social presence and generate tremendous traffic if done right.  Though, some website rejects guest posting reasons best known to them.  However  it helps in search engine ranking besides, so many ways.

Let’s progress to details.


Meaning of guest posting

What is Guest Post?

Guest Post cannot be seen as new tactics in present time due to its usage over the decades. Sometimes, bloggers writes to colleagues in the same or related niche because of numerous advantages. It by far  traffic and backlinks generating   approach.


Guest Post means posting content as guest on someone’s blog other than yours by agreement. Why agreement? Yes because you must come to terms before the post goes live. Writing guideline must be meet.  If you conditions is too high or not suitable you for somewhere else.

Most successful bloggers don’t accept guest post from low domain authority because of ranking factor. If they does, maybe handful and selective.      Because it must be related niche of quality standard for their audience.

Read what Matt Cutts of Google said about backlinks through guest posting “links from unrelated websites reduces your website ratings and all those links that you have gained from such sites will be treated as completely worthless

Guest blogging concept

“One of the best link building strategies to obtain quality backlink is to identify sites in your niche which search engines consider as authority sites and request a link exchange partnership” according to AuthorityGuestPost


According to Backlinko “ a link from a high-authority page has significantly more ranking power than a link from a low-authority page.”


Why Guest Posting

From all indication no website is super backlinks because it’ll still need  more backlinks to get optimize on SERPs.

Having said that sites which guest post may likely have a way of getting more backlinks pointing to their websites.

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Here is report from backlinko;


Recent statistics about backlinks


Does Google still use backlinks in their algorithm after all these years? Yup! Let’s take a look at a handful of statistics which prove that link building is still super important for search engine optimization.” backlinko

  1. A study published on Backlinko found that the number of domains linking to a page was the factor that had the highest correlation to rankings in Google (Backlinko)
  2. More than 55% of pages have zero backlinks pointing to them (Ahrefs)
  3. On average, long content receives 77.2% more backlinks than short articles (Backlinko)
  4. The #1 ranking page in the search results gets an additional 5%-14.5% more dofollow backlinks from new websites each month (Ahrefs)
  5. An Ahrefs study found that 43.7% of top ranking pages in Google contain reciprocal links (Ahrefs)
  6. Companies who engage in blogging receive 97% more backlinks to their site (HubSpot) – source Backlinko



Guest posting has so many benefit to websites.  By way of writing to engage outsiders who you never know bring another popularity.

  • You connect with exceptional blogging professionals
  • You gain more relevance in the industry and authority
  • You get more backlinks
  • Build domain authority
  • You gain traffic to connect your brand
  • You get more social connection by comment
  • Increase  revenue base

Simplified guide to guest blog posting

  • Write valuable content

Nobody would like to write read old piece of content that totally contribute no value. Sit down, plan, arrange, think; valuable content that appeals to out bound audience. Dive into thorough research into keyword and take up title that connect topic. Put down clear fact in simplified guide to guest posting  format.

  • Write high quality post

In everything quality content speaks louder than marketing. When creating content put a standard for the post and determine to stick and play by the rule. Though, it difficult to create high quality post; still do it that maintain a standard people will know you for. Work on the article creation; develop something unique. These are some of the ways to guide you in writing simplified guest post for your website.

Some of Google ranking factors still stand for quality and valuable content.

  • Write concise fact and figure and link to guest post

Adequate information makes room for trust and confidence that amount to authority. Educate them instead of advertising your product.  While that is done, don’t forget to link to one of your guest most view post.

  • Share post on social network

How do you make it more social? Go to social network  and fire it to so many audiences in all handle. Make more mention to it. Share on forum too.

  • Incorporate auto bio on every guest post

Auto bio of maybe twitter or Facebook or Linkedin will increase your popularity overtime. Mention couple of your expertise is more fairer.

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There are certainly a many ways to get a site that guest post in every niche. You may not have got them because you have no idea how to reach them. But search engine like Google can guide you by query. In fact, search engine like Google is simplified place to get guest posting website easily.

If guest posting is what you really want then move to Google and search with the strings;

 “Keyword” + “post author”

“Keyword” +   “write for us”

“Keyword”  + “guest post guidelines”

“Niche” + “guest post”

“Niche” + “guest posting”

You’ll see a lot of digital marketing and other websites that will pop up on search.  Just click whichever best fit your criteria. Make research about their guidelines; then write to them.


You can also go over to Twitter and query something like that too on twitter search bar you’ll get guest bloggers, niches and followers.

Get  on to Facebook, from home page search bar: type “guest posting group”.

Different guest posting groups will show up to select from.  Scroll down to join as many groups as possible. Later go back to see post of guest bloggers offering guest posting. Private message them and request for contact. Later, demand for guideline. If it suits you proceed to send publication.


The process of guest blogging can be like this;

  • On search find the site that most fit your choice and several research
  • Check their traffic level, audience comment, writing style from old and recent post.
  • Check the domain authority, so you know the kind of site you are plunging with.
  • Now look for their contact to write very interesting thing about their company and how you’ll love to guest post something related. You can send some post titles of if they maybe interested to choose any.
  • Heads over to send post, some may request feature image, or original image and bio. Whichever. Imbed one of your site popular back links maybe links to any of their article too.
  • Forward it and wait for result

Some Authority Site That Accept Guest Posting

 From Search Engine Journal we have some digital marketing sites that accept guest post

  • Ryte

Ryte will allow any publication center around real life information with practically on how to. Pitch it with more simplicity with details.

  • SEMrush

SEMrush is not only known for digital marketing tools, their blog offer guest blogging in various categories of digital marketing. Like; PPC, SEO and more. Take this advantage contact  their blog editorial.

  • Moz

Moz focuses on case studies and research works. Their ingenuity and original projects them on digital marketing space. You may granted guest posting if at all you make the content wrap up with 100% originality. I suggest using research publication.

  • Hubspot

As digital agency with lot content you something more creative to show your expertise before Hubspot may consider your pitch. If you have what it takes nothing stops you from getting approve.

  • Blogging wizard

If you can make unique article on guide, how to on PPC and SEO. Chances are to getting approve fast.

  • Ahrefs

Follow, like and join Ahrefs group on Facebook before you think of guest posting. If you really want link juice through guesting. Make your content fully original with high quality to meet their standard. With good illustration that prove superior.

  • Search Engine People

For Search Engine People; you should what’s their focus as agency blog. It’s basically, PPC, SEM, content marketing and SEO.

  • Mention

Get mention on Linkedin and twitter for any dealings. Mention focuses on brands, tracking brand mention in the digital space.

  • Shane baker blog

They base on SEO, influencer marketing  in digital marketing industry.

  • BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo deals with content marketing and SEO. You can do your research before pitching.

Pitfall  To Guest Post

  1. Guest posting to different niche or outside your industry
  2. Paid publication
  3. Don’t post to site which  publish only guest post
  4. Post with the same anchor text
  5. Unethical guest posting and comment spammy

A Case Study From Backlinko

Richard Guestograpghics that rank #1 on Google

He published an inforgraphic about Iphone 8 Gossip.  I saw the potential to generate massive backlinks. Richard moved over to technology site to request publication. After acceptance, he made it available to them his publication. Though, it took him a lot of effort. This move earn him 21 fresh backlinks in return for that single, tiny publication.


Guest posting still worth it, if  done right with all the detail explanation here in this guide. This simplified guide to guest posting gives comprehensive information to anyone who wishes to draw backlinks through guest posting.

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