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new wordpress version update

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We are on the look out to see six (6) amazing features of new WordPress version 5.5, recently launched.

The popular Content Management System (CMS) just came out with the updated version of their blog software to its users and public. WordPress platform control about 35% of website built on internet now.  Several  bloggers  build their blogs on with them too.    The technical support given is pretty good, I must confess. Now, here are to see 6 amazing features in the newly improved WordPress 5.5 version.

about wordpress

Before I go in dept on this article, let me digress a bit to tell you about

WordPress is an open source blogging platform mostly used by professional bloggers. It has huge user base and quick response  technical support  communities.  This blogging platform stood out many competitors.  With it hundreds of thousand plugins and themes.   Owing to its self-publishing, free installation and compatible web hosting.     Started far back as 2003 on its first built MySQL open source database couple with development platform like PHP.    WordPress has newly improved amazing 5.5 version for its user base.

Also, WordPress is licensed under the Gnu Public License (GLP) version 2- according to book professional WordPress.


  • WordPress is beginner friendly CMS
  • Self-hosted application
  • Free to install and easy to use
  • Flexible; it can be customize by users
  • Use by most successful bloggers
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Good user support from WordPress forum
  • A lot of themes and plugins to choose from
  • SEO friendly – quick optimization on Google
  • Frequently updates to newest version





After waiting for awhile to see new WordPress version 5.5 by users.

The popular website building organization- just released its newest version5.5.

That  has 6 amazing features which concentrated mostly on upgrade WordPress block editor.

Looking  the newest update it trying to center around improving it user base experience.

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  1. Automatically disable Old XML Sitemap


WordPress Sitemaps initially cannot be automatically updated by website administrator.  So, webmasters have to use SEO plugin Sitemaps.

Since sitemaps are integral part of Google site indexing. Besides, sitemaps is document which list all site information in its XML format.  For easy SEO by various search engines on the internet.

It creates opportunity for easy crawling and indexing. The default WordPress XML Sitemaps was having underperforming issues. Some plugins, like if you use WordPress Yoast SEO or similar one. Often, find it hard working with the default XML Sitemaps.

Now, the new updated WordPress version 5.5 can automatically disable the inbuilt XML Sitemaps to set user installed SEO plugins have its full functionality.

With this you are one amazing update added to newest version. So, WordPress has made one milestone to website builders.     We’ll wait to see this excellent work.

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  1. Automated Update of New Plugins Version

new plugin update

You know how cumbersome it often be, uploading premium plugins through zip file. Using your PCs.  If you ever heard the issues just of updating WordPress plugins to newest version through file transfer protocol FTP. Newest version 5.5 has simplified the whole process by using file upload.

install update version of plugins


Plugins>> add new  plugins >> upload >> choose zip file >> 

WordPress will ask you if you’ll like to substitute to newest version. If you accept, it’ll replace old file to newest.

          This process is applicable to themes from zip file too.

  1. Allow lazy loading for images


To improve website speed  and utmost performance.  There now lazy loading attribute added to new WordPress 5.5. How?  This feature works on all browsers accept Safari. What it does is that it allows lazy loading on screen images that doesn’t appear to user but shows only images that appears to user.

Lazy loader

It only works  all modern browsers accept on Safari. This feature is called “lazy loading attribute” which in turn increases website performance.  Increase load time, user experience and SEO ability.

  1. Automatic update of WordPress Plugins and Themes


Another amazing feature of WordPress version 5.5 is auto update of plugins and themes. This is really amazing, because it save you the time to manually clicking all your plugins one after the other. But now you click e enable to auto update whenever there’s new update.

auto update plugins

Steps to enable auto update;

Go to plugins page from your dashboard>> scroll your cursor to bulk action area>>click on auto update area box>> click enable on box.  Perfect! You’re good to go.

auto update of themes

The same thing is applicable to  themes as you can in above screenshot.

Go to dashboard >> click on appearance>> themes>> click enable themes box >> it’ll change to blue, perfect!

With this present auto update feature, whenever there is update it’ll be auto updated. This feature seems to help you save much time to update your themes and plugins and for security purpose.

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  1. Better Block Editor in Version 5.5


You know how important content is to website. Better content editor, better content appearance on screen. Many who use block editor now can experience better usability.  With  this improve version of it. It is no longer

Frustrating to do some image editing and cropping. There no virtual improvement, border highlighting and add new block is now looking pretty good.

block editor on new worpress version

  • You can navigate block by selecting parent block, grabbing handle and drop wherever you wish.
  • New block Patterns

There is reusable blocks but the new feature help to configure settings to easily create another block.

  • New navigation and movement Block

New WordPress version 5.5 feature allows you to select  main block by grabbing, drag and drop. You can navigate block and move it too.

  1. Updated External Library and Others


      With this new update, website developers can now update   external library, disable and enable plugins and themes at leisure.        Wordpress new version is not going to support Internet Explorer IE8 and IE9 any longer.

EI8 & 9 user should upgrade to Edge browser or something better.  CSS styling code for IE 6-8 will be gone in version 5.5 update.

New version can scan PHP for compatibility and debug issues when necessary.

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These are six amazing features and more you’ll see on WordPres 5.5 version. The point is, this update has the chance to make site load faster, improve its efficiency and business owners make good return over investment.  Webmasters too can automate several features to save time.              

Screenshots credit: wpbeginners




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