Elivechat is a digital marketing and advertising agency founded in Octerber, 2018.

By Humphrey Udoh, a Computer science graduate and e-commerce  entrepreneur.

With the aim to educate, inform, impact valuable knowledge and give quality content to SMEs, Big organization. While offering them our exceptional services. 

We believe in real content and adding value  to digital businesses. We care for our client and their business.

This agency is born out passion to reach business need is different way.

We want a different in digital marketing space. 

Our vision is  make businesses successful with digital technology in this digital era.

Elivechat brings into scene innovative strategy in digital marketing and advertising.

Elivechat makes digital marketing agency come together in a nutshell to learn strategic digital marketing concept to improve their revenue.

We also deliver best services to them.


As the digital marketing world keep expanding there is need for every marketing agency come together to activate this advancing Ecosystem.

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