Top 10 Free And Unique Keyword Research Sites You Need


Humphrey Udoh

From my research there top 10 free and unique keywords research application you can never imagined you need right now.

These are just like any other SEO tools used for keywords research and search related metrics. 

For content writers, web bloggers, sales copy, and adword.

How difficult it is for you to find out the right keywords to use when writing web article. This may a big issue to you or your organization. 

But how happy will you be if I show you free keyword research applications that ease the stress of finding what keywords to use? Won’t you be very happy at this time. 

 Yeah, I know you will because it will save cost if you are on low budget and don’t know what exactly to do.

If you struggle with keywords research, worry no more because this is last time to get away this stress.

Maybe you are new to SEO and don’t know exactly what keyword is, I’m going to let you about in few minutes.

Google visitors use it, you use it too if you have type something into Google search box before.

Every search engines you use value users search words and try to find exactly what people are looking for.

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What is a Keyword?

It is specific phrases, word, group of words people (like you and me) uses to find answers on search engine.

Remember the quote “Google is your friend”

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It is keywords that you type on Google that gives you the result you are looking for.

In this article, I will be taking through top 10 free and unique keyword application you need when writing website articles.

If you want to rank on Google front page you need this SEO application to guide you

Table of Contents

  • What is keyword
  • Merchant Words
  • Keyword Guru
  • Keyword sheeter
  • Keyworddit
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Pinterestkeywordtool
  • Google Search Data
  • Also asked
  • TagCrowd
  • StoryBase
  • Conclusion 

Top 10 Free and Unique Keyword Research Apps 

  1. Merchant Words

Just like the name implies, Merchant Word. This sites is for those who store on Amazon. 

It does find keywords which people use to find products on Amazon sites.

Here is the thing, as Amazon merchant you can find keywords on MerchantWords 

Data from searches  on this application reaches up to 1 billion pieces of information.

You can never request for more like these.

Its sites gathered shoppers keyword searches from Amazon stores.  In volumes using certain metrics called proprietary algorithms. 

Calculating search ranking, volume and traffic of the keyword also historical trends.

You can find out on Google Merchant words and use their free or paid subscriptions. 

Note that the paid version is;

U.S Audience Keywords= $29 monthly

Global Audience Keywords=$149 monthly (unlimited searches plus CSV download)

If this sounds good you can try it out and come back to comment below.

Screenshot is Keyword Guru Homepage

  1. Keyword.Guru 

Maybe you have never been told is a place to find top SEO keywords, PPC, Adword and content management systems. 

From my findings, Keywords Guru, shows keywords from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and Ecommerce sites like Amazon, Ebay and the like.

It is among the top 10 free and unique keywords research sites you need to know about trending keywords.

You can use it to find brand new keywords for websites articles writing for free.

The good part is that it is a free keyword research site and tool for your business.

The disadvantage is that it can not display keywords search volume for users.

In whatever way, you can get fresh trending keywords of search engine results.

With Keyword guru, you can get what type of keyword search is best for your audience or marketing.

Give it a trial and comment below your experience.

  1. Keyword Sheeter

Don’t be scared by the word Keyword Sheeter. It can give you what you really want in real time.  

The actual spelling is Keywords Sheeter

This site  works just in a simple way by asking Google Autocomplete to mine all the required data you need for your research.

If you prefer Keyword sheeter, dive into it and comment your experience below let others take advantage of it.

The advantage it has is that you can just narrow your search for specific keywords that you need and be rest assured to get it.

Because it has filters for positive and negative keyword search during the narrow search process.

The disadvantage it has is that it depends on Google Auotocomplete to mine data most times.

However, it is still among the top 10 free and unique keyword research sites you need to do your work perfectly.

It is a good keyword research tool for content writing.

  1. KeyworddIt

In case, you must have heard of or you know Reddit.  Keyworddit is a tool for keyword finders on Reddit. 

If you are looking for targeted audience research preferably for your Reddit community, worry not again.

This tool is among the few top10 free and unique keyword research sites you absolutely need to make use of.

Because you just stumbled upon the right information about it.

 Keywords it has are very unique data volume coming from Google search data about Reddit users.

Another good thing about it is this, you can use it to make audience research into subreddit niches, community and your target audiences.

It allows Reddit users to create quality content so they don’t miss on Keywords for keywords by putting the name of the subreddit on the search box.

Then watch out for the huge data from users to jump on the screen for you.

Comment below about your experience with it and if it is your choice.

  1. Keywords Everywhere 

As a browser addon, it can never be underrated in keywords research so quickly.  

As the name implies, Keywords Everywhere collates data from several keyword finding applications to deliver results.

It is available as an addon for Firefox and Chrome browser. 

The information is mostly collected from renowned keywords sites like Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Answer the public, ubbersuggest and the rest. 

If one of your major reasons for keywords research is cost per click or Google research data, then pick this website as your choice.

The disadvantage is that it is an add-on.

Make sure you use it and comment on your experience below.

  1. Pinterest Keyword Tools

Have you ever heard about this website or this application?  Pinterest Keyword Tools.Yet it does exist. Mainly for Pinterest users.

Do you have difficulty finding keywords on Pinterest? Try this site to discover long tail keywords that will be of great help to you.

The disadvantage is that it has been designed to gather keywords for only Pinterest users.

Is this also a top 10 free and unique keyword research site you need? The answer is yes! 

Of course, Pinterest keywordtools does a great job for graphics content writers.

Be that as it may, if you are a Pinterest visualization brand take it up right away.

Comment on your experience with us too.

  1. Google Search Data

Now, this is a very interesting one. There are three keyword applications here I’ll like to let you know.

  • People Also Asked
  • Autocomplete
  • Related Searches

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  • People Also Asked 

Do you always observe that on Google search, questions related to what you ask often pop up? 

Then similar information regarding what you find will appear in question form.

Yes, that is it.  It is designed in such a way to collate keywords related to what you find. 

And it is honest questions of searchers to use as keywords or sub headings.

Imagine a situation where you couldn’t rank on the front page but with the help of people also you can get on the front page.

Won’t you like that? Of course you will.

My honest advice is, don’t underrate what this application can do for you.

If it has helped people like me, it can be of benefit to you. Then, comment your experience below.

It is a good place to check some keywords.

  • Autocomplete

Do you observe that  Google always automatically completes some keywords into your search query?

 That is the Google Autocomplete

Is a way of showing some long tail keywords of people’s search as prediction.

This keyword application is very interesting if you know how to play with it.

  • Related Searches

When you go down on the search page, some related website and keyword will be displayed on the screen.

Google Related Searches is good for you.

This stands as a suggestion for you.  There is no need for you to find out what to do next.

These related searches are both similar and closely similar ones for you.

  1. Also Asked

Like as the imply, AlsoAsked is a lookalike of Google Asloasked application.

Visit alsoasked and know more

It’s data is also mine from Google Also asked database.

It works by providing visuals of the keyword which is equally downloadable.

The visual form could be CSV or png which is pretty much good for future reference or analysis.

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  1. Tag Crowd

Tag crowd can analyze your competitors content using frequent keywords and text.

You can do it by simply pasting the text page or your competitors webpage file.

It is a simple and easy to use SEO tool. 

Alternative to Semrush and other premium keywords research applications.

Having a keyword strategy for your marketing.

Just a good top 10 free and unique keyword research website for you.

10.) StoryBase

The final Top 10 free and unique keyword research tool for you is StoryBase.

One thing is special about it, it provides keyword data in graphical and pictogram form.

Giving you information based on searcher motive and behavior.

Making use of Storybase will help target the specific audience as a growing brand.

Because you can narrow down to know the behavior of your audience.

StoryBase could be used as a free and premium keyword research tool.

Give it a try and make your experience known to us in the comment below.


Now that you have discovered this top free and unique keyword search website and application. They can be of interest to you. As SEO strategy depends on keyword and audience insight. 

This could be your next opportunity to get accurate information about your audience and keyword search.

Don’t ignore these free SEO tools, rather give them a try. Instead of spending huge money on SEO premium tools.

Like, follow, share and comment about your experience.

We will love to hear from you.

Elivechat Team 

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