7 Must-Know Rules For “Helpful Content Updates” On Google


Humphrey Udoh

Some publishers think they can trick the system to rank top but Google’s helpful content update has changed the rules.

“Helpful Content Algorithm” will be deleting content that is not people’s centered.

It means no more content written specifically for SEO that brings no value to searchers.

Some web pages that are ranking on Google’s first page aren’t worth it.

This made Google announce in August its plan to release a fresh update.

That will affect the entire website content and fish out unhelpful content.

 That searchers see as having no value and providing no solution.

If they think they are smart the algorithm is even smarter. 

Just write what you know will benefit your customers.

And the public without breaking the rules.

Based on this update, many news publishing sites will be  greatly affected.

The Reason for Helpful Content Update?

Here is Google tweet regarding it;

“Next Week, we will launch the “helpful content update” to better ensure people see more original, helpful content written by people, rather than content made primarily for search engine traffic.”

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This update boils down to what Google stands for and wants to be known for “E-A-T of information delivery.

The Word means;

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

That has quality and provides value to its users.

Here is the thing, any content with less helpful value will be demoted.

What Will Helpful Content Update Do?

This fresh update roll out by Google is to

  •  put down low-quality content
  •  unhelpful content that iwis are written only to generate traffic
  •  remove high-volume SEO-centered content with little value
  • rewarding helpful content with the ranking opportunity

What should the Affected website do?

There are ways you can adapt to this Google’s helpful content update and make your ranking not affected.

  • To rewrite those demoted articles to favor readers
  • Make the contents of high quality
  • Let them provide solutions to people’s need

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Useful information about Helpful Content Update

  1. This is Google’s new ranking signal – (ranking factor)
  1. The process is a continuous update, meaning it’ll still go on until all unhelpful content is touched
  1. It starts with the English version of content before other languages.
  1. This is powered by an artificially intelligent machine
  1. The signal will focus on penalizing only unhelpful content in a site, not the entire website
  1. There’s no bias in the process, which means this might be a heavy pull on some websites while others may be just a few articles.


Rewriting content is one of the available solutions.

Removing all unhelpful content is another option for you.

New articles should be written for people’s needs.

Like comment and share with people who you think need it.

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