7 Google’s Method for Processing Queries and Ranking Content 


7 Google's Method for Processing Queries and Ranking Content
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This article will guide you through knowing Google’s method for processing users’ queries and ranking content.

From ever-changing Google updates you may be wondering what is the new rollout and can I get my website fixed.

Grasping Google visibility amidst billions of daily searches is crucial for businesses to stay afloat and compete squarely with other businesses.

We will move into the necessary pillars holding ranking that also determines how Google processes queries.

If you want to know the valuable insight, tips, and procedures available for website visibility towards ranking to improve your business then stay glued to this content.


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Recently, Google Gary Illyes released a YouTube video explaining how Google search query processes work for the content ranking process.

Gary gave a clue method of processing queries based on content ranking algorithms that search intent is being generated.


How Google Process Query  Step By Steps


1. Explaining The Benefits of Understanding Google’s Search Method

Looking at billions of content that Google search has to crawl before it processes the answer to a query.

It is very meticulous to generate what is accurate to the user’s intent.

Gary Illyes in his online video describes it by saying “A large number of webpages are given to the algorithms to process before delivering the best result.”


Google made the same explanation on her Weblog by saying  “Google ranking system is designed to do just that: sort through hundreds of billions of web pages and other content in our search index to present the most relevant, useful results in a fraction of seconds.”


2) Google Query Processes

During Gary Illyes’ video, he emphasized search queries that eliminate stop words,
He gave an illustration of a query about the moon like this:

“a nice photograph of the moon.”
In this case “a,” “of”, and “the “
are eliminated while serving the Internet.

Some other stop words are;  “and”, “this”, “in”, “of”, “on”,  and “is,“.
” They are neglected when a query is made. Because of their regular appearance they often make no sense to search for intent.”

The point is Google removed stop words to increase processing time.
Gary explains further in his video that some phrases that require stop words to function are included in the query.

Giving the “Statue of Liberty” as an example of such words. Because the word “of” is necessary to make a meaning.

Also, he said, “The Statue of Liberty is recognized as its entity.”

“Once Google understands the query it will send it to the index. Based on the query the index will return a large number of webpages that need to be ranked.”


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3) Factors That Affect Query Processes For Content Ranking

Gary in the same video about indexing, explained Google’s Method for Processing Queries and Ranking Content like this:
“First, crawling, downloading the Internet, second indexing, which is getting more information about the downloaded Internet.
Third, serving which is based on the information we gathered so far we present the Internet as a search result. “


Some factors that affect query processes and content ranking include;

• Semantic relevance
• Geolocation
• Search intent
• Keyword
• Content quality
• User search history
• Unique content
• Authority of author or writer

Here is how Gary Illyes described it.
When a query is made a large number of webpages are given to query processes to determine which one to rank by looking at the:
• Content that relates to the user
• language, location, and type of device
• Uniqueness of the content
• Web Page Importance
• Quality of the webpage and
• Search features to determine the result.

From Google’s Method for Processing Queries and Ranking Content, you can get a clue on how Google stands to deliver what is accurate.

Let me illustrate further:
In a practical instance where you type “best budget ladies’ arm bags”.

Google content ranking algorithms will process this to understand what the user intent is.

Then provide a search query of web pages that have budget-based Ladies Arm bags that offer value for money within that Geo-location.

By Showing reviews, recommendations, and locations, and comparing prices based on the search intent of the query.


Watch Gary Illyes Video Here: Google Search Update

4) How To Optimize Content For Ranking

If you read closely in this article you’ll understand the practical way Google’s Method for Processing Queries and Ranking Content works.

Some of the ways to optimize content are:

• Do effects keyword research to know which keyword has a high search volume.

With that keyword phrase, you have selected. Ensure it is the best search query your audience uses to find your content online.

• Write quality content that resonates with the user’s intent and get content ranking algorithm approval.

• Ensure the titles, metadata, and related Keywords are all optimized for visibility.

• Do your inbound linking and get the outbound link to authority sites.
Using the right anchor text that attracts backlinks.

• Constantly monitoring your website performance with SEO tools and Google Search Console to discover spot areas to improve.

Ensure your article is helpful for your audience and drives organic traffic.

• Make sure your site is optimized for mobile view.

Both the images and the videos are also optimized for mobile.

• Page load time should be very fast. To enhance user experience and get front page appearance.


5) Search Features Understanding

Gary Illyes said search query determines search results.
Let me explain it this way.

Take for instance;
If your search intent is transactional the results of the search query will resonate with similar output.


6) Webpage Quality and Size
In Query optimization and content ranking Google considers website quality.

Gary Illyes said “quality of the webpage is determined by a lot of factors like uniqueness of the content, relative importance of the page on the Internet. “

I can also say page speed can be a factor to consider.



7) Search Features

User experience can change search queries from Gary Illyes’ explanation.
Like the example he gave in the video.
“If you query “bicycle repair shops” you will most likely see Local results and no image results.”

But when you query information like “ “modern bicycle” you will most likely see image results instead of Local results.”


These factors determine Google’s method for processing queries and ranking content.

From the crawling to indexing, and serving time.

Though sometimes Google rolls out new updates for its query optimization and content ranking methods.

You can still follow these Google indexing methods and be visible on Google search.


In all of these factors, Google’s method for processing queries and ranking content is something interesting to know.

For everyone who wants to rank on the Google search results page.

And succeed in SEO content writing.
By learning the ropes that determine content ranking algorithms for content writers.

With this, you can know how to create unique content.

Optimize it for Search visibility, and generate organic traffic for more sales.
While you improve your writing skills to gain more audience in your niche.

Also, it helps you to stay on top of your career and be relevant.

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