Experts Reveal B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Works

Recently experts have revealed B2B lead generation Strategies that work for brands. It is very clear that some leads are self directed. 

Most of the time these categories of leads are cold. 

After much familiarization with your niche content they become paying customers that would visit your website again and again.  

Do you observe that most prospects never buy the first time they see your advert, because they want to know you first. Lead generation is the ultimate goal of any business that wants to increase conversion and establish constant sales.  

Every brand wants to increase ROI as a result that more and more strategies are put in place to get constant flow of lead even if the business.

 Experts have revealed what B2B lead generation strategies contribute to getting results. With what lead generation stands to improve ROI. It is regarded as the life-wire of any business.  

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 “Smart marketers cleverly use best practices, explore digital channels, and apply social techniques to turn today’s self-directed buyers into potential leads.” TruConversion

Some Facts About Lead Generation From Experts

  • “A Nurture HQ report indicates that generating high quality, sales-ready leads remains one of their top three priorities for 60% marketers and their highest priorities for 26% marketers.”
  • “In the 2015 Report on B2B Lead Generation, marketers are now more focused on lead quality than lead quantity.”
  • “According to Kissmetrics, approximately 96% of visitors are cold and not ready to buy from you.”
  •  “A Study by Marketo reveals that businesses with strategic lead generation practices achieve 133% greater sales revenue.”  
  • Not properly qualifying prospects before taking them through the sales process leads to 67% lost sales – Steven Tulman
  • “Sales reps at companies that practice mature lead generation strategies spend only 57% of their time selling.”
  • “Around 41% marketers believe that their highest marketing priority is to generate more leads.”
  • “Recent study reveals that 78% marketers struggle with lead generation and more than 60% marketers say improving lead quality is their biggest challenge.” 
  • Today customers are bombarded with several products, services, offers and promotions. Than in any other generation their attention span is reduced to about three seconds.
  • “Business with 40 landing pages gets 12 times more leads than those with 1-5 landing pages.”  TrueConversion
  • The average lead takes a purchase decision after seeing 7-8 times a certain product of interest.   

Putting all these facts into consideration allows you to study, understand your prospects behavior and strategies ways to capture them for your business.  Which will maximize profit overtime.

B2B lead generation Strategies From Experts

  1. Have a plan for lead generation
  2. Set goals
  3. Set fragmented target
  4. Distribute the plan
  5. Break down the goal 
  6. Use all available opportunity to reach out to prospects
  7. Focus on the results 
  1.  Have a lead generation plan in place

 So as to follow through to  the very end.

With that plan it becomes very easy to work on the plan. Through it you know how to move from point A to B with confidence. 

When a lead generation plan is put in place it. Any brand that wants to grow revenue should have a plan on ground for it.  

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Well defined plan that affects lead generation. Experts reveal b2b lead generation strategies which include social media handles. 

That the most leads are found. Where they really sit, study their behavior, what they like most and when to get them. 

2.) Set SMART goal to get constant lead generation 

B2B business growth is centered mostly on quality lead generation. To qualify a warm lead means he has been thoroughly engaged over and over for some time. 

One of the ways to get fast results is to set a SMART goal that is very understandable by the marketing team. Make a proper description of each stage.

 Taking the lead from known to unknown in buyers journey with the aim to make sales. From awareness stage, interest, desire and action stage without much struggle.

 To do this effectively, a proper lead generation campaign would be organized by the marketing department. Putting together irresistible offer and consistent follow-up measure.

3.)  Set fragmented target

Experts reveal b2b lead generation strategies are fragmented goals. 

Broken down goal to sizeable unit. If you have 25 marketers, dividing into 5  units is very good. Placing each unit into various social media handle, content production and with unique distribution measure is critical. 

Let say, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok etc.  Test run the process and see what social works best for you.

4.) Distribute the plan

As the marketing team wants to move into action. The expert reveals b2b lead generation strategies to share the plan with all the team members in all the various units. 

Let everyone have a task to carry and target a place for each fellow. 

Never forget to place tasks according to their ability and skill set. Using the unique selling point of each individual.

5.) Break down the goal

For Facebook content distribution, it has text, video, and graphics. Using organic or paid traffic methods.

 Instagram team images and shot videos, YouTube, HD videos with clear explanation content. 

You can still go live. On website blog content that would keep prospect reading.  Putting everything together would bring the maximum result.

6.) use available opportunity to reach out to prospect

If all the social handles are used properly, there will be massive lead generation. Bringing them into various stages of the funnel until their sales are close.    

  1. Focus on the result 

Expert reveals b2b lead generation strategies center on results. If everything is done and the result is absent it means that nothing was done.

 You must focus on what will bring the maximum result by persuading prospects to take action.

 Your call to action must be very clear, understood and compelling for your prospect to say yes when necessary.

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Humphrey Udoh

Elivechat Team           

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