WhatsApp Launches Cryptocurrency Payment for Users – Novi App

After much struggles WhatsApp has launched cryptocurrency payment for its users called Novi digital wallet. Now WhatsApp users can send and receive money only in the US for now.

It can be done within chat platform with crypto payment feature.  Although it’s about six week old selected people have embrace the concept. 

We know WhatsApp has about 2 billion users across the globe which might be great opportunity for Meta adoption of whatsapp digital payment. 

This huge traffic needs easy and simple payment features that may need no fees to send and receive transaction.

Brazil and India are using whatsap payment using credit card not Paxos – Novi digital wallet features. 

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The partnership is between WhatsApp and meta’s digital wallet owner “NOVI”.

Paxos dollar is the payment coin for now the symbol is USDP by Paxos Trust Money. The coin is equivalent to the US dollar. 

According to Stephane Kasriel Novi tweets, “there’s a new way to try the @Novi digital wallet. Starting today, a limited number of people in the US will be able to send and receive money using Novi on @Whatsapp, making sending money to family and friends as easy as sending a message.”

After the much controversial Facebook digital currency adoption which led to the resignation of David Marcus the head of cryptocurrency in Meta (Facebook’s parent company).

Another information released by Meta (Facebook Parent company) indicates its interest in blockchain technology.

From one of the top executives – Andrew Boswoth, the giant social media network will work include blockchain technology that is becoming popular in the internet as web3 platform.

According to Andrew Bosworth, “my overall guidiance is to target a deep compatibility with the blockchain,”   The company plans to integrate this technology in its early stage before it becomes widespread.  “He said, it will have profound impacts on our industry over the next decade.”

Seeing the future of blockchain as promising many tech executives are quitting their employer’s offices to grab blockchain. Which some say cryptocurrency is once in a generation opportunity.    

Lest go back to WhatsApp launch of cryptocurrency payment to enable users pay for bills. 

The Novi payment app is only limited to 200,000 users across Guatemala and US. Using Paxos coin at the rate USD = $USDP.

According to what David Marcus said, “the pilot is focused on muscling into the lucrative remittance market. Remittances are payment made by foreign workers to their families back home, and expert says it is one of the most compelling use cases for blockchain-based payments.”

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As WhatsApp launches crypto payment for US  based users, is just at its test state for selected users.  

No charge is attached to this payment feature. Just work as easy as sending any attachment to someone.

WhatsApp cryto payment features does:

Sending and receiving digital currencies using Paxos coin (USDP)

Unlimited payment acceptance

No charges to payment

Instant payment and transfer

It is done on WhatsApp like a chat 

Stephane kraisel said, “We’re still very early in the Novi pilot journey, so we made the decision to test this new entry point in one country to start and will look to extend it once we’ve heard from people what they think of this new experience,”

  Steps to use WhatsApp crytocurency payment using Novi App

For Android users:

Open your WhatsApp chat feature

Scroll down to the contact to send payment

Click on the attach icon on chat

Select payment option

Add amount to pay or send

        For iOS users:

Open your WhatsApp chat feature

Scroll down to the contact to send payment

You will use the plus sign available in the chatbox

Select payment option 

Add amount then send

Done and successful.

Paxos coin payment is available only for selected person in the US for now.

It is clear that WhatsApp has launched crypto payment for users with Novi digital wallet.

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Humphrey Udoh

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