3 Reasons Why Google Made Updates On Local Ranking

 There are various reasons why Google made updates on local ranking. This year alone so many SEO updates have been rolled out from Google. 

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But this one affects local ranking within your immediate environment. How people find your business during search hour.

 When search takes place within your locality, Google always shows businesses around that geolocation. To help businesses find customers easily. 

This is a local SEO activity Google decided to adopt to improve local business performance.

For now, the local business search result update for the year is over till next year.  According to Google  Search Central tweet  read the full tweet: @googlesearch

However, this update is publicly regarded as the November 2021 local search update by Google. Reasons why Google made this update on local ranking? 

Because there is a need to upgrade how local businesses are found. Using certain acceptable criteria.  

By upgrading to local SEO best practices. 

Google is looking for ways to deliver accurate search terms when local businesses are searching. 

Now this is Google’s new updates to local SEO ranking.

Google Local Ranking Factor 


  • Relevance
  • Distance 
  • Prominence

What is local business relevance?

Your business profile on Google within the locality that best describes what you do in your area. 

 If a search is made on fashion designer and the business profile within that locality doesn’t show fashion designer but tailoring tools.

Google has no business showing tailoring tools shops but will move to other local business profiles about fashion designers.

  To make users find you correctly, make sure your business profile is accurate. 

  • Post more engaging articles for visitors.
  • Distance Your Potential Customer Can Search You  
  • Have you ever been a customer on Google? Do you remember the first question they asked you? Like us, customers/clients asked us where our location was.

 Sometimes, we discover that people are very close to us to our local office. That is because Google checks our distance through the information on our business profile. 

When a location search term is used like “digital marketing agency near me” it is possible that our business showed on the search result.

If Google confirms that your “business profile is accurate, complete and engaging.” 

Be sure to appear on local searches often and on.

How Prominence Is Your Business Within Your Locality

Google wants to deliver search results based on how businesses are known within the community. 

Some businesses are more popular offline than online. 

 Example, hotels or museums, local supermarkets and all that.  In the new update just concluded December, Google considers these businesses in ranking more than others.    

Reasons Google chose to rank businesses with more prominence for local ranking.

According to Google, “there’s no way to request or pay for a better ranking on Google. 

We do our best to keep the search algorithm details confidential, to make the ranking system as fair as possible for everyone.”

Popularity within the locality 

Accurate information on google like; links, directories, Google reviews, positive feedbacks, more articles and engagement with customers.

 Your website ranking will also contribute to better optimization in local SEO.   

What business Information to update for local ranking

With this Google update on local ranking, there are many things you can put in place. If you found your business not visible on many searches. 

Maybe the ranking has dropped in the past few weeks or months.

Make sure you update your business information.

Do your Google business location verification using Google search.

 Put accurate business hours.

Response to reviews

 Update your profile photo and add the most recent article or business photo.

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Humphrey Udoh

Elivechat Team

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