Digital Marketing Mentorship: Why You Need It


Humphrey Udoh

Nobody has arrived in mentoring and digital marketing. You need it to grow up.

Mentorship is a great way to get started with, and to get smart results in digital marketing today. The courses you buy sometimes don’t apply to specify needs in your sub-niche. 

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It makes you feel as if nothing else is working because it is not applicable to your business struggles.

You need someone who will  hold you by your hands on your journey to making substantial money.

How To Get a Mentor Explain By Ellen

Gone are days where digital marketing business is done by guess work with trial and errors. You will never amount to anything by that.

You will never amount to anything in financial growth. Because your return on investment will keep on diminishing by the day.

In this case, you need someone who has been there in the same challenge before and is successful to guide you to success.

Many don’t know the effectiveness of mentorship in digital marketing and why they need it. 

The reason you need it in your skills set is to provide fast results, financial growth and successful career in the digital marketing space.

Mentoring is as old as man’s civilization. Even Biblical history and other historical data proves this fact. 

What is Mentorship?

It is the act of training and guiding a novice or junior person into perfection by the help of a senior or top professional in a specific career.

With relevant skills and experience of the mentor you the mentee can get better and sometimes outperform your coach.

Moses was mentored by Jethro, his father in-law, Alexander the Great was mentored by Aristotle. The most successful digital markers of today we’re all mentored by other top successful internet marketing pros.

Grant Cardone, wrote in his book “Be Obsessed Or Be Average” – Bestselling author of 10x Rules. How he was mentored by his mentor, which helps his business growth far beyond his competitors.

This mentoring program works smartly and it serves as a guide post which takes away your struggles within the shortest time. While you climb the ladder of success in this digital marketing business.

The area you couldn’t do well,  you need the help of an experienced marketing strategist who will put all the wrongs right for you. A digital coach.

This will help you become better by applying your mentor experience, the trending approach and new formulas that are working in your industry.

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Nobody knows it all, we all are imperfect in one area of our digital marketing profession.

You don’t have to sit down in your challenges but seek from successful marketers before your business hits the rock.

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Types Of Mentorship

  1. Mentoring by serving high skills individual in digital marketing Space

When you serve a mentor for specific years as a servant it is regarded as servant mentorship. This method is best practice in physical or offline business. Mostly in Africa where I come from. By the business minded tribes.

The years might be from 1-3 years or more depending on the agreement.

  1. Mentoring By Payment

This type of mentoring is done when payment is made by the mentee. It involves financial commitment. Professionals say “if you don’t pay for my training you wouldn’t listen to me.”

Most of the time paid mentorship proves to be what brings success to digital mentees.

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Now this is what you need. Paid mentorship in digital marketing skills. We are here for you, to help you achieve financial growth in mentorship.

Our services are in affiliate marketing, content writing, lead generation, SEO, social media marketing, website design/development and branding & business growth

We are going to hold by the hand and guide you through the process until you are able to stand on your feet. And start getting results.

Our goal is to provide the necessary information to overcome your challenges and make sure you get value for money.

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  1. Mentoring through payment and services

This method is used in the industry and online too. Where you as a digital marketer pay for a mentoring program and still serve the mentor. 

You can do it by following the person everywhere the mentor goes. 

While he’s doing the training or marketing you watch and do the same until your ability to do so grows.

Methods Of Digital Mentoring

  1. One on one contact (physical)

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One on one mentoring in digital marketing is needed in a serious case where the business struggle is much.

It can be in an office, hotel room at the beach side or any other suitable place.

With the two persons (mentor and mentee) present. 

Digital mentorship is very important today. It will enable you to share your burden with your superior, who will help you become better.

Sometimes you will be given assignments to accomplish. 

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  1. Remote mentoring

In a digital marketing mentor you still have remote mentoring if the distance between the mentor and you is too much.

Include being in two different states.  That is the more reason you need a digital marketing mentor to guide you remotely. Through live sessions, videos calls and phone calls. 

Like live classrooms and Zoom sessions and the rest.

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  1. Digital material (courses and support)

You need a digital marketing mentor through paid digital materials you bought to improve your performance.

In this method, you buy the digital marketing materials and get support from the mentor. 

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It could be through chatting, calls, voice messages and the like.

Benefits Of Digital Mentorship

  1. It is a fast lane to success

2.) It increases the chance to perform better than your competition

3.) Digital mentoring enable you to become more profitable and increase your return on investment

4.) It provides you the opportunity to face your fears headlong into a better you.

5.) Digital marketing mentorship is the best way available for you to become a top digital influencer within a short period.

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How Can I Get Digital Mentorship?

You can get a digital mentor through our agency.

When the struggle for sales becomes too much for you, and the tension to cope with competition becomes high, you need a mentor’s guidance.

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We provide mentorship courses in the following areas

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Writing/ Management 
  • Lead Generation 
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web design and development
  • Branding and Business Growth

You subscribe monthly, quarterly or yearly basis in the most important areas of your digital marketing need. 

With a flexible payment plan that will not break your head.

We are open for calls and emails, and consultations.

Click here to get the best mentorship before your career gets worse now.

You can fill out the form and let us know where you need digital mentorship.

Like, share and comments on the post let me know what you think of the most important digital marketing mentoring.

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