The Ultimate Marketing Mindset That Grow Your Business?

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Humphrey Udoh

After all, I’m skillful no longer works; it is the ultimate growth marketing mindset you have that works in  your business. Is what will increase your chances of winning.

You can acquire all the certification, training and coaching without the right mindset forget about making good sales.

You will find it hard making progress in your business. This is what some gurus may not tell you.

Your digital marketing success start from the mind. If you can not deal with the scarcity mindset and overcome it, you will not improve sales.

Ask everyone who has ever succeeded in the digital marketing space, he or she has conquered the inner war of scarcity mindset.

Sales will come, and business grows when the mind is positioned to succeed.

Is it time to switch over to a positive mindset of digital business growth.

That is the ultimate mindset you need to grow your digital business to a success.

“Psychologists and psychiatrists point out that when thoughts are conveyed to your subconscious mind, impressions are made in the brain cells. As soon as your subconscious accepts any idea, it proceeds to put it into effect immediately.” – Joseph Murphy 

If you can not first conquer the fears of failure in business within your mind, it will always draw you back.

Table of Contents

  • Mindset introduction 
  • What is mindset?
  • Type of mindset
  • Right mindset for digital business growth
  • The four network mindset for the rich
  • Story or case studies
  • Summary 

What is Mindset?

Mindset is the attitude you are expecting to happen to you or your business regarding the present position of your digital business.

Advanced English Dictionary definition: “a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret or respond to a situation.”

Your subconscious mind has a magnetic flux to attract anything you always imagine about your business. 

If you take time to think continuously about what kind of growth you want in your digital marketing business.

Just expect it to happen soon, maybe in a week, months or in a year period.

Just imagine you see many prospects visiting your sales page, and paying for your service.

Visualize your product selling faster than normal and clients calling to make payments.

Take yourself to a trip, where you see credit alerts of 6,7 and even 8 figures in 3 weeks. 

When this is done, you put your subconscious mind to activating the expected event in the near future.

This is the best way to utilize the ultimate marketing mindset for your business growth.

Having a positive marketing mindset is the win.

“Things work out best for those who those who make the best of how things work out” – John Wooden 

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You can not grow your business to 50% in six months when you’re still thinking about how much loss you made last year.

If you are constantly being negative about the future, expect a downward move of what you used to be in your digital marketing.

It is not your staff, the facility or the environment, rather the ultimate wrong mindset you have about your business.

Never accept the negative thoughts that cross your mind, even if it appears to be almost how you see the sales graph slowly dropping.

“I decided to be the best and the smartest”- Oprah Winfrey

It all boils down to the ultimate mindset of her personality or her business growth mindset.

Do you recall the story about Thomas Edison, when his factory was burnt down and his family was not having a place to start. He called his son and wife and said all our mistakes are burned down, now we can start a better way. 

He never held on to the past, his business mindset was set to do better, improve upon his mistakes and grow profit.

He went on to do better inventions that got him the breakthrough that everybody celebrated.

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Types of marketing mindset

One of the things that have happened to business is these two attitudes I’m about to tell you right now.

  • Fixed business mindset
  • Growth business mindset 

When you study trends in digital marketing today, you’ll see it in many brands.

Popular brands, promising and fading brands.

The truth of the matter is that some embrace change in their business model while others refuse to make changes. This leads to their failure in business.

The ultimate marketing mindset of successful business is the growth mindset.

You and I can make changes to our business, following the digital marketing reports updates, Google algorithm updates. Facebook new marketing policy.  

And all that to meet with the times and marketing demands.

But only few do this in their digital business.

The Social media marketing campaign is changing. Taking the digital community into a whole new era. 

Customers are becoming wiser and wiser than they were 5 years ago.

All of these things should make you the digital professional construct your mindset to grow with the trends.

But if you adopt your fixed mindset, you’ll become obsolete soon.

Mark what I’m talking about somewhere.

Fixed Mindset versus Growth Mindset

  1. Fixed business mindset

Is the mindset that is conditioned to be in one position or way of thinking irrespective of what happens.

Think of failure, lack, impossible, and one straight way of doing things.

Like blaming the government for not giving you loan, staff for underperforming, environment or competition for making your business fall.

You keep on blaming Facebook for banning your ads. 

Seeing everything as an excuse for not making a return on investment.

Instead of accepting your fault and improving upon it, you blame covid-19 for running your business down.

Hmm, you’re going to be losing clients, customers and business opportunities.

The ultimate mindset that grows your business is not this type.

Because you’re definitely going to run into more losses and even degenerate in health over time.

Successful business people know about this and they often pick up from their mistakes and grow.

The fixed business mindset focuses on scarcity rather than the abundance of opportunity available  to switch to and grow.

I wish you understand this and switch to a growth business mindset to get positive results in your business.

Do you recall businesses that were locked down during the pandemic?

I know you heard about their experiences and financial losses.

It was their mindset that caused their misfortune. 

Your fixed mindset towards going digital or refusal to adapting to the newest online marketing strategy can drop your sales.

Why Elon Musk chose to sell electric cars rather than selling gasoline engine automobiles.

It is because of the trends, renewable energy sources and the issues of global warming.

Why are those gasoline automobile manufacturing companies dropping in sales? 

What is the level of their patronage?

Have you seen how their stock prices keep on dropping on the NYSE?

They refused to go where the majority of buyers were going.

If you toe the same part of these companies, expect the same results soon.

The fixed mindset businessman doesn’t want to change or follow what the market requires. And he will go onto hitting the rock.

Don’t underestimate growth mindset in digital business

  1. Growth business mindset 

Is the mindset of having the attitude of positive impact and expectations in the midst of difficulty.

The ability to think creatively and come up with something special. In the midst of hard times. 

You can go tough to make it happen in your business.

Growth business minded people are not easily discouraged but seek for opportunities to change strategy for business growth.

The ultimate marketing mindset that grows your business is the growth mindset. 

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Marketing Campaign:

How to look for ways to improve marketing campaigns.

If the marketing campaign is not bringing good results, you get to change it. Adopt a new formula.

Increase campaign budget for the marketing department. If 20% was budgeted, you can make it 30% or more.

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Research and Experiment:

Gone are the days when you don’t do a lot of research. It is through research that a new concept is put into a marketing campaign.

Growth marketing mindset is not given to the old one approach of doing things. Research has made internet access what it is today.

Your ultimate marketing mindset to grow your business must seek opportunities to do things differently.

Abundance thought:

Do you think of scarcity often? You are wrong, start thinking about the abundance of resources available to grow your business.

The scarcity mindset limits your performance. It makes you think that there is no opportunity for you to make a lot of money.

Because your competitors have taken all the buyers. 

If you think that way, you can switch now to think about the abundance the universe has for you.

There are about 7 billion people on this earth. Among them are people you can solve their problems and make money.

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Creativity changes the dogma:

Before now, nobody has ever believed that social media can gather crowds into billions in a place.

Facebook came from nowhere and change the narrative. Over 2 billion people stat on a platform to interact in a month.

If not for creativity of approach will that be possible. New experiment was carried out.

Mark Zuckerberg came, tested the waters, discovered it; used creativity to invent social applications for his community.

Now, others have started adopting the method.

The ultimate marketing mindset for your business growth demands creativity.

If the old ways are boring and customer satisfaction is dropping fast.

You gotta think outside the box.

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Talk Pattern:

What do you often confess about your business?  

If you say business is slow I’m not making sales again. You can change from the talk pattern from today.

Your negative confession creates negative results on the outside.

Work on your talk patterns and confess what you expect in the future. This is the new marketing mindset of successful businessmen.

Goals Settings:

Do you have a goal? What about a working plan for your business growth?

This is part of the ultimate marketing mindset that grows your business requirements.

Goals make you focus on the essential and leave the non-essentials.

“What you focus on expands because energy is built on it daily to achieve more of it.”

Set goals for your business growth and pursue it to succeed. Only when you’re focused will it work.

Don’t bother about your competitors, center your attention on the goals. See how it works. Focus on it like a lesser beam.

Then watch how the result will blow your mind away.

Your goal must be daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Including staff and customers goals.

Make it a habit if you want the ultimate marketing mindset that will grow your business this time.

Never allow a day to pass without setting goals. Make your attitude.

Attitude is everything:

Motivational speakers will say attitude is everything, and don’t disagree with them.

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One of the ultimate marketing mindset for your business growth is attitude.

Ask the successful brands, they’ll say yes.

What is your attitude concerning the government’s policy? What was your attitude during the pandemic? What is your attitude towards your competitors?

What about your attitude towards your staff’s performance? Do you appreciate your staff when they do well? 

Or talk them down and discourage them.

What are you up to? How do you appreciate your performance? When you fail to do something or do something wrong? Don’t you blame others?

These are not the ultimate marketing mindset that will grow your business.

Now start doing the reverse from today henceforth. Next time, come back and comment below your changes.

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I want to know how this changes your business. Because this is the ultimate marketing mindset of successful businesses.

Your positive attitude towards what happens matters a lot, in terms of business growth. 

“Your permform in business in tied to your attitude towards challenges” – Humphrey Udoh

See everything that happens to your business as an opportunity to grow and develop new ways of making advancement.

I have failed many times in business, still, I forge ahead in life. 

Because, that is not the end of the road for me. My future is bright.

The future holds good things for me. Why must I pity myself or blame others? I’m responsible for it and I’m learning from my failure.

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 I see my failures as opportunities to learn more and do things differently.

Skill improvement:

From research, we were told that information is doubled every two years. New ideas come to replace ideas and new ways of doing things come to replace older ones.

Having known that, do you have any plan to improve your skills? How you sure better courses will not help you grow your career. Personal investment is the best investment. 

It helps to increase your chances of getting better and better than the old way of doing things. 

Are you ready to pay for high income skills?

Don’t forget that the ultimate marketing mindset is to improve yourself to grow your business.

Career mastery, boil down to still improvement. By learning new things. Discover self potential and improve on them. 

Enhancing your performance. Working on your weakness and becoming a better digital marketer.

Right Mindset For Digital Business Growth 

I have said almost all of the things that will increase your growth.

But, here are some of the most important characters and thoughts to adopt for growth.

Check out ultimate growth mindset for your business bellow:

  • Gratitude
  • Happiness
  • Believe
  • Discipline
  • Perseverance
  • Delay gratitude
  • Personal performance goals
  • Self appreciation during accomplishment
  • Social networking with high network people
  • Congratulations of your competitors towards their achievements

The list is almost endless if you really want to read it all.

Here’s the thing, the ultimate marketing mindset is to always remain positive for business growth.

You can grow your business with the right mindset if you want

  1. Gratitude to God is essential for helping you reach this point in business.

Yes, you don’t want to hear that? You may not believe in God but I do. So, I give thanks to Him for helping me stay in business.

Do you remember when you started and how tough it was? Give thanks to God.

  1. Happiness

Be happy always. It makes you feel better about your business.

It keeps you on the positive side of life. It gives you hope of better things coming soon.

  1. Believe what you expect

The ultimate marketing mindset is to believe that you are successful and your business will realize it.

Don’t undermine your belief system. It works. Business growth starts from your mind. 

When you accept your business growth, your ultimate marketing mindset works it out.

  1. Discipline is key

Most successful businessmen and women have a good work culture. No late coming. 

Office hours are not family hours. Business meetings with clients must be taken seriously, and be prompted.

 Your customers interest first before yours. You should have good eating habits. Don’t eat junk food.

Junk will affect your health and well-being and in return affect your marketing mindset. Which will make you underperform.

The ultimate marketing mindset is to develop good health habits for business to grow.

  1. Perseverance in hard times

Remember, Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before he discovered the electric bulb.

Do the ad campaign again. Call the prospect again. Create another content again.

Go for another training again. You can learn new skills. Plan another goal. Set a mind blowing target that is impossible to attain.

Look at high jumpers, the pole is higher than them, the high jump is 12 feet.

But they jump over. Only if you Persevere, your business will grow. That is the ultimate marketing mindset of business growth.

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  1. Delay gratitude

I was told that Mark Zuckerberg wears a harsh color t-shirt mostly because of delayed gratification. I don’t know if it is true. He didn’t want to be distracted by fashion.

Your business money is not your family money. You don’t spend your business money on luxury living.  While you are still struggling with sales. 

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  1. Set personal performance goal 

What Are your goals for this month and this year?

I mean profit target for yourself. 

What is the target? Is it easily achievable? If yes. That is not a target. Set up a goal that is difficult to achieve.

Let this be one of your  ultimate marketing mindset for your business growth.  Don’t joke about it.

  1. Self appreciation during accomplishment

When was the last time you said to yourself I tried?

Hey, come on! You need to say it.  Most often, if you like. 

“I really tried this  project? I never believed to do it this way. Wow, I did well.”

 You may not accomplish your expectations but you did something alright.

Celebrate your win. Celebrate your accomplishment with your friends or family.

 It is a big booster to the ultimate market mindset for your business development and yourself.

  1. Social networking with high network people

When your financial level increases, network with the same people who have attained similar success.

Leave those who have low self esteem. Walk with people who have similar dreams and accomplishments.

Also people who have a high network in the society that you want to learn more from.

Make them your mentor in the area you want to be.

  1. Congratulations of your competitors towards their achievements

Never envy your competitors, rather appreciate their outstanding performance. 

Congratulation to them for their victory.

Celebrate with them in their wins. If you do this, you’re encouraging yourself to win too. 

It will also remove the temptation to envy them.

This is one of the ultimate marketing mindset of your business growth.

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The Four Network Mindset For The Rich

  • Income

Work on your incomes, make a deliberate effort to make it improve. 

  • Savings

Save part of your earnings for the rainy day. You can save 10% or 20% as the case may be.

  • Investment 

As you improve in your business, go to another area of business and investment part of your earnings there.

  • Simplification in lifestyle

Live a simple lifestyle to invest a large portion of your earnings to other sources of income.

Till you grow up and meet with the new version of yourself.

To live the lifestyle you always wanted.

This can be the ultimate marketing mindset you employ for your business growth.

See the bright side of your business, cultivate the habit of winning. By creating a constructive mindset to every obstacle in your business. 

Be hopeful, have faith and assure yourself of becoming better soon.


This story is about a legal secretary who told her pastor her mindset.

“I never get the breaks. cruel to me.  The boss and the other people in the office are mean and cruel to me.

My relatives have mistreated me at home all my life. 

There must be some kind of a jinx following me. I’m no good. I should jump in the lake.”

“Her pastor explained to her that she was mentally cruel to her

self and that her self-flagellation and self-pity must have substantiation and confirmation on the external plane of life.”

“If you are mean to yourself, other people are going to be mean to you wherever you go in this universe. 

In other words, the attitudes and actions 

of those around her attested to and confirmed her inner state of mind.

She thereupon immediately ceased punishing herself. She pictured herself being congratulated by her employer for very efficient work.

She also imaged him announcing an increase in salary for her.

She constantly diffused love and goodwill to her employer and to all her associates.

 Having faithfully sustained her mental image many times a day for several weeks, she was completely dumbfounded when her employer not only congratulated her on her 

work, but also, some months later, promoted her to a management position. 

In a few hours’ time she realized the wonders of the deeper mind. She had found the key that unlocked the treasure-house” – Joseph Murphy

You can see the ultimate marketing mindset that can grow your business right now.


This case study about marketing mindset for your business growth is about John Chambers, CEO of the renowned Cisco company back then.

“He is well known as one of the most 

 dynamic, electrifying speakers in the entire business world. He memorizes just enough of his presentation to have it seem off-the cuff. 

He leaves the podium to address people personally. He never loses eye contact with his audience.

He is an onstage wizard whose speeches the tough business press characterizes as “astonishing”

It is hard to believe that this articulate man had to overcome major obstacles to give him the self-confidence to get up before an audience.

And what gave him this self-confidence? The power he gained from having to overcome dyslexia.

In order to manage speaking to audiences at all, Chambers had to develop a Spartan work ethic.

Instead of complaining about it, he used the challenge to transform himself. He has said his dyslexia forced him to see the big picture instead of being mired in details. 

This has helped his speaking, be

cause audiences are often bored with details. His dyslexia also forces him to memorize major sections of his presentations and to prepare more diligently than most, giving his presentations a rare kind of immediacy and freshness. 

When memorized material is  presented with liveliness, it’s anything but rote, and the opposite of words read from a page.

John Chambers is not just a survivor of a damaging childhood handicap. He did not let his handicap dominate his life.

He worked hard to develop self-confidence, and as a result, he is a business leader who speaks with conviction and clarity about people’s dreams, the value of his products, and the Big Picture we all want to see.” –  Joseph Murphy 

From these stories, you can see the ultimate marketing mindset of a businessman that can grow your business today.


Now that you have known the ultimate marketing mindset for business growth. Wait no more to  apply it. 

You can not be wrong, if you do it correctly. Expect drastic growth and development of your business.

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