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This article was first published in 2019 and updated in 2020

From  research gathered from various websites recent times and through Brand24, we have come up with top 10 digital marketing influencers in 2019 and 2020.

It  is  good to know that  digital marketing  industry  growing  faster with lot of changes  accompany it.

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There are  top 10 digital influencers  whose work have touch so many lives in the digital space through their articles, blogs,  eBooks and more.  So it’s good time we highlight some of them and their works.

As the digital  marketing  influencer  career  continue rise in leap and bound.

According to report from Influencer Marketing Hub, “91% of respondents believe influencer marketing is an effective form of marketing, and  63% were planning to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2020”


Have you discovered that the world of digital marketing  is changing to becoming  more and more dynamic in recent years?  This shift is creating huge innovative career to digital marketing space globally. Like  Influencer Marketing.

Digital brands now look for more influencers that best  suit their campaign . Only the smart ones will likely survive, because they embrace the change  in the digital marketing community.

Digital  enable marketing brings us more profit than ever imagine in many years.

Out of top 100 digital marketers listed on Brand24 and the RELEVANT. We extracted top 10 of the experts to publish. These top digital marketers and influencers have touched so many live in this space.

Many of these experts we have listed here on the digital space have contributed greatly to millions and thousands of people lives within and outside digital marketing community.

They’ve created incredible contents, strategies and effective methods of DIGITAL MARKETING. Some of the categories they fall to are:

Content marketing



Link Building

Facebook advertising

Web application

Social media marketing  etc.


 These are digital marketers you can follow to tell  what is the path way. Their lifestyle, challenges, breakthrough,  content marketing approach and much more.

We have  listed top ten of these digital marketers, mentors, social influencers

and professionals whose achievement can motivate you.

This report is provided by BRAND24.COM in 2019

They are bloggers, podcasters, and speakers and so on.



Brand 24 influencer score 100
👥Social Media Reach 897,771,091
🗣️ Number Of Mentions 712,382
Number of  interactions 11,593,508

Gary Vaynerchuk  is a successful businessman who owns VaynerMedia that provides services in paid media. Also CEO  Empathy Wines.  An  influencer marketer, podcast holster and full service creator.

He’s been consistent on the social media for over 10 years sharing insight, tips and adding values to digital marketers. Gary has a straight forward approach and like sharing his personal story.

He’s a venture capitalist, investor in major social media companies, author of many books. Among top 20 digital marketers beyond social media. That is his influence has touched lives beyond the social media.

 “If you’re not putting relevant content in relevant place, you don’t exist.” Gary

Average tweets 15 to 20 daily.

Having likes of 300  to 600 of his exceptional post.

Follow on Twitter:




Brand 24 influencer score 98.74
👥Social Media Reach 276,969,655
🗣️ Number Of Mentions 171,713
Number of  interactions 711,713

Seth is a successful entrepreneur, teacher, author one of best selling books Purple Cow. He has authored at least 10 books  that are best sellers globally.

According to BRAND24 he owns this two companies- Squidoo and Yoyodyne. Which  was later acquired by Yahoo.

A podcaster, one of the Digital Marketers who was brought into Marketing Hall of Fame in 2018.         One of the top digital marketers  beyond social media space.           His article and influence comer around self development.

According to relevance he was called “the Ultimate Entrepreneur for the  Information Age” by Business Week.

Motivational  podcaster who has touched multitude around the globe.

He also post about self development in his articles.

Tweet likes around 100 to 250.

Follow on Twitter:   




Brand 24 influencer score 98.62
👥Social Media Reach 297,772,826
🗣️ Number Of Mentions 160,863
Number of  interactions 2,791,124

Grant is an auto of best selling book, international business digital marketering professional.

He owns three companies: Cardone Enterprises, Cardon Real Estate Holdings and so on according to

Use motivational speaking to share his business expertise to touch lives.


Brand 24 influencer score 98
👥Social Media Reach 325,749,490
🗣️ Number Of Mentions 105,999
Number of  interactions 702,476

Tim Ferriss is known as one of the successful and innovative business people according to BRAND24.COM.  Advisor to Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Nextdoor, Alibaba and  more.

A podcaster with the first business-interview podcast that surpasses 100 million downloads.

He’s also an auto of best selling books.

Retweet strategy average of 50 to 100 likes


Brand 24 influencer score 97.56
👥Social Media Reach 383,394,973
🗣️ Number Of Mentions 95,738
Number of  interactions 428,639


As a writer, Kara writes for The New York Times.

Successful tech  business journalist. Also served as a onetime Judge for Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s  NYC  BigApps competition. Also  Cofounder of Recode.


Brand 24 influencer score 96.36
👥Social Media Reach 193,359,381
🗣️ Number Of Mentions 92,952
Number of  interactions 280,982

Kim is founder of  top PPC marketing application-WordStream and Gerard Escalante.  Share digital marketing articles on  Small Biz Trends, Moz and Search Engine Land. The  CEO of MobileMonkey, and Inc. World’s Best Chabot marketing and SMS   platform .

A top columnist for Inc.Magazine. He was  Named one time Search Marketer of the year. His application MobileMonkey  is popular among Chabot building apps that allow mobile messaging on Facebook Messenger to B2C.

His company spends billions of dollars on ads for customers. The author of “The Official XMLSPY Hanbook”  According to Relevance 

Areas of interest includes: startups, Facebook ads and the rest.

Follow onTwitter:






Brand 24 influencer score 96.30
👥Social Media Reach 155,847,622
🗣️ Number Of Mentions 70,197
Number of  interactions 209,667


Neil Patel co- founded NeilPatel digital,  hello Bar, Crazy Egg and  kISSmetrics.  A blogger, top influencer on the Cyberspace.  Neil has been name as “Top 10 most successful Marketers”by Forbes.

New York Times bestselling author  according to Brand24.Com. Neil  Patel is  big name in SEO industry. His blog Quicksprout  has massive active monthly visit with lot of  tutorials, guides and digital tips to help digital marketers.

He created one of the best 100 outstanding internet companies.  Among the young Entrepreneurs  under 35 years of age by United Nations.  He’s helped Amazon, HP, GM  companies with revenue growth strategies. https://www.campaignmonitor/blog/email-marketing/2019/11/10-10-digital-marketers-follow/

Tweets almost 4 times in a day with 40-50 likes.

Follow on Twitter:



Brand 24 influencer score 94.90
👥Social Media Reach 342,634,022
🗣️ Number Of Mentions 70,435
Number of  interactions 419,830

She is a Podcaster, writer, author numerous books on digital customer service guide.

Marsha works with many brands like IBM, Huawei and more. Her TV show is one of popular pledge programs.

Reach over 25K listener every single month.


Brand 24 influencer score 92.94
👥Social Media Reach 172,144,738
🗣️ Number Of Mentions 46,419
Number of  interactions 346,836

Top 50 in Digital Transformation  influencer.  CEO of Thulium,  Top 5 in AI, IoT and Top 50 in Big Data influencers. Tamara seems to be 2nd most mentioned person on Twitter by Chief Marketing Officers.

IBM futurist & creator of the trademarked RelationsShift® method according to BRAND24.COM.

She is Top 15 in Machine to Machine(M2M) and Top 50 in Blockchain. Also

#1 influential woman in MarTech by B2B Marketing. According to Brand24.


Brand 24 influencer score 91.16
👥Social Media Reach 105,274,324
🗣️ Number Of Mentions 30,508
Number of  interactions 271,348

The board of trustees of Wikimedia Foundation.

Guy is a brand ambassador of  Mercedes Benz USA.

An author of many books.

Chief evangelist of Canvas and was chief executive of Apple.

Digital marketing data content has reached about 2,837,677,401 people  and more according to Brand24

It has generated 9,782,478 interactions in social media and beyond.

Digital marketing content share is 683486

Digital marketing mentioned  alone is now about 1,279,149 in 2018 only.


Digital influencer’s industry is growing rapidly and it’s a good thing to let you know some of most influencers in 2020 as  heads up to  learn more from their successes and challenges.

  • Sorav jain – @soravjain  on Instagram

Sorav Jain is a trainer, keynote  speaker, digital entrepreneur and social media marketing consultant.

An author and Udemy instructor. He has also trained about 3500 professionals. Strategist and Instagram influencer.

Have about 77 thousands likes on Facebook alone.     He’s CEO of echoVME – digital Agency, founder Digital Scholar on Linkedin.

Has Instagram followers of about:151.8k

Follow on Instagram: s

Follow on twitter:


        Digital Agency:

  • Rand Fishkin  – @randfish on twitter

One of the top digital marketing influencers in 2020 by Buzzsumo is Rand Fisher. Started as a blogger, later moved to open consulting company. He’s  popular  brand name in SEO niche and former CEO of MOZ.

An author of several book on digital marketing space.

One of his influential books is  Art of SEO. He’s one of the top 15 digital marketing influencers and gurus to follow  in 2020 according to Snovio Labs.

Follow on twitter:

Connect on Linkedin:

  • Neil Patel   – @neilpatel on twitter

He’s own  popular Quicksprout blog, co- founder of KISSmetric, Hello Bar and Crazy Egg. Neil Patel is also popular in SEO industry. He gives innovative tips on digital marketing everyday on his  YouTube channel. Neil was named “Top 10 most successful Marketers”by Forbes.

Neil Patel has been consultant of big brands like, Amazon, NBC, HP, General Motors and more.

He was named among the young Entrepreneurs  under 35 years of age by United Nations.

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  • Dan Knowlton -@dknowlton1

Dan is a keynote speaker and one of the authors at social media examiner. Co-founder Knowlton – Digital & Social agency and KPS Digital Marketing.  Top 100 influecers on digital marketing industry.

He’s also digital marketing influencer.

Follow on twitter:

  • Eric Enge – @stonetemple

Eric Enge is successful businessman, author, SEO expert and blogger. He founded Stone Temple Consulting. US Search Awards awarded him Search Personality of the Year in 2016 and Stone Temple Consulting was awarded “Best Large SEO Agency of the Year 2016” according to

He’s presently General Manager (GM) at Perficient Digital and key note speaker. Also  the author of “The Art of SEO”.   He mostly write about SEO, content marketing and social media.

Has about 8,540 follower on Linkedin alone.

Follow on twitter:

Website on twitter:                   

Connect  on linkedin:


  • Barry Schwartz -@rustybrick on twitter

He happens to be an editor several brands  like award winning, news editor of Search Engine Land and Market Savvy. A gifted digital marketer who keeps update of Google algorithm. Also, Barry was named among the 100 digital marketing influencers in 2020 by Relevance blog.

Follow on twitter:

Connect on Linkedin:

  • Rahul  Wadhawan -@rahul_wadhawan

He’s presently Vice President of Digital Transformation and  former director of marketing at Samsung. Also director at Digital Marketing.   Partner in BCG’s Financial Services practice.

About 3.4k followers on twitter

Follow on twitter:

Connect on linkedin:

  • J.J De la Torre – @delatorrejj

De La Torre is  Influential Leader. An entrepreneur, media senior executive for  about two decades and startup mentor.  Public speaker of business development.

Author from  Chile who has the vision to transform businesses in his country home. Also, Managing Partner of Virtus Partners.



  • Douglas Karr -@douglaskarr

Douglas karr  born in France. A publisher, CEO DK Media, author and entrepreneur. Former film maker and Co-founder  Highbridge.  He wrote “Corporate Blogging for Dummies”.

He also founded the  Marketing Technology Blog. Keynote speaker of International reputation.

Follow on twitter:

  1. Amit Panchal – @amithpanchal 

A marketing consultant, Google analytics certified and mentor.  He’s blogger, digital marketer, social networking, SEO,

and SEM  professional.

Follow on twitter:

Connect on linkedin:



  • United States
  • India
  • United kingdom
  • Canada
  • Nigeria

Conclusion :

This report is based on our research it may not be suitable to you or very accurate in your view.   However, there are inspiring lessons, tips, strategies  and information which can help to grow your business.

You can pick a notable digital influencer to be your mentor or role model. Learn his lifestyle and follow him on social media, read article about him and get up there you should be in your career.

The work put forward by this expert have great deal to teach us today  and in future.   we too can can envision and aim to get there if more of our time and effort is put together to develop our skills daily by reading,learning, planning and setting long time goals.  since the the digital marketing industry is still growing and creating more and more opportunity for young businesses to scale up. you can do better.

Nobody is monopoly of knowledge. Learning is part of growth and advancement in life.

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