7 Fundamental Reasons Why Customers Buy


Humphrey Udoh

Know the fundamental reasons why, customers need and buy from you before you start selling.

Have you ever thought about the fundamental reasons why Customers buy from you?

One of the first times I read about it, my thought pattern changed towards what I sell to my audience.

Do you know what and how your customers think about your product?

They think about the benefits; and whether it can solve their needs.

Hmmm! What is in it for me? How can this product solve my need?

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Can I be satisfied if I buy this product or if I pay for this service?

Before you start selling, know why people buy things. The problems you want to solve for them.

If you know your custom pain point it helps to provide the kind of products that will solve the pain easily.

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The expectations you want to see in your customers or lead.

“Marketing aims to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” —Peter Drucker

What kind of level do you want to place your customers in? From where you meet them.

Why Would Customers Buy From You?

Whatever thing customers are buying, they buy it on the ground of need. To solve their problem. Be it service or physical product. If it doesn’t meet their needs, just forget it.

From Salesforce we have this,

“76% of consumers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations.”

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These are needs you have to check for if you want to sell fast to your Customers.

According to Wooly.com,

“It is critical to have a deep understanding of your consumers to develop high-quality products and advertise them successfully.”

  1.  Convenient
  1.  Safety and Security
  1.  Luxury/Social Status
  1.  Good Health
  1.  Happiness Of Life
  1.  Psychology’s Needs
  1.  Personal Improvement
  1. Convenient 

When you think of why people buy from you, do not overlook convenience. One of the basic needs of everyone.

Your customers need a convenient way of living. If you can, you can discover how to improve their means of living or doing something. Ready to make good cash out of it.

Diagram Of Maslow’s Hierachy Human Needs

Maslow develops a hierarchy of needs that explicitly explains why consumers buy from you.

From this hierarchy of needs you can make your product meet human needs. 

If you take this seriously, start studying your audience carefully.

In a short while you will make a lot of progress in business.

Create a stress free product because the way of doing things is slow now. Everyone needs new ways of getting things done faster and better.

Take for instance, online marketing reaches more sub- niche clients faster than offline.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn all reach their community in a modern way.

Through digital advertising other than radio, television and media houses.

And they make more money. Because it is convenient, cheaper, faster and smarter than the offline method.

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  1. Safety and Security

Even you as a person are mindful of your safety.

You don’t want harm to your life or your children.

Do you observe that companies pay a lot for security gadgets? 

Create a security product and start making money today.

Customers need security of their life, children and property.

7 Things That Make Customers Buy

  1. Luxury/ Social Status

Have you ever wondered why rich men buy expensive cars, fly first class and live in Luxurious homes?

They want to be categorized as high class people. VIP in the society.  

Some want to be identified with their class of people. Others want products of high quality.

This is what makes them buy what they buy from you.

  1. Good Health

Everybody wants good health in life.  You need good health and I need it too.

Because you and I know that, if we are  healthy we can live long.

Good food, clothes, a hygiene environment and stress free products can help us with that.

Your customers are buying what can improve their health conditions.

Some might be having one or too many health challenges. If you want to have their money.

Discover it, solve that need and come back to thank me later.

Some have strokes; so they can work, write or sit-down properly. Some have cancer and need to take green tea. More veggies and fruits to leave longer.

Study your customers and know why they buy from you.

  1. Happiness Of Life

Do you remember the last time you moved to a new home and the happiness you have about it?

What about when your teenage child gains admission to study in college? What joy that you express.

Now, your customers do the same when they buy something.

New clothes that fit their shape.

Application that helps them read well.  Software that translates English to Spanish and many other things.

Know why your customers buy certain products by discovering their own needs.

  1. Psychology’s Needs

Customers buy because of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Do you recall some products you bought in a promo in a large mall where everybody was just buying. You too decided to buy.

Customers buy because everybody in the conference room was buying.

Sometimes, customers or clients will do business with you when it has a 50% discount. 

If the price is cheaper than your competition they’ll get it.

They’ll say in their mind; why buy it expensive there when I can buy it cheap here. After all, it is the same product.

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  1. Personal Improvement

What can you do to upsell your customers? Their only thing is to produce a new product or service that will improve their health conditions, marketing or sales conversion.

Lead generation software or customer behavior tracking software for better performance.

Take a look at the smart phone and electronics Industry.

Customers never stop buying new smartphones, home theater, smart television or laptop. Why? It’s better their personal life. You always see new features on your new iPhone.


If you can discover these seven fundamental reasons why customers buy from you.

Making sales will not be an issue to you again.

Just make your product or service be of high quality.

Customers will come begging to do business with you.

Thanks for reading. Like share, comment your thoughts below.

Let’s know how you feel about it.

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