Facebook Shop Set Up: 5 Easy Steps Guide

As Facebook is currently upgrading its platform you need to have a Facebook shop setup with five easy steps.

This decision can make your business reach more customers as more and more people keep finding shopping brands on Facebook.


As of now one Billion people engage on Facebook with brands. Looking at this mind blowing statistic you will not want to neglect this opportunity.  You need to know how to set up the store, requirement and optimization before the platform becomes over-saturated.

However, this new shop feature is not available in some countries at the moment. You may do more research to know if it is available in your country. Now that Facebook marketplace is used by over a billion people.

 “Customers increasingly turn to Facebook as a discovery engine to find new products. The company reports that 74% of people use Facebook platforms to discover brands or products online.” SEJ

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The goal of Facebook is to bring more businesses in the US and some other countries to its marketplace to get more customers’ traction. Is it a way of getting more sales?   

Table of content

1.Introduction to Facebook shop 
2.Statistics of Facebook shoppers 
3.What is Facebook marketplace
4.How to setup Facebook shop
5.Facebook Shop Setup
6.Facebook Shop set up Video

1.)          Introduction To Facebook Shop

Facebook is now a place for shopping activities like browsing for products you need or want to buy. Finding which product is best for you and checking for the best brand to patronize each time you want to make a purchase.


Source: Social media examina

 Facebook shop is a sub Facebook marketplace where shops are created by small, medium and large scale business organizations to engage one billion interested daily buyers or shoppers.

Source: Social Media Examiner

Anybody is qualified to set up Facebook, Instagram shop even on WhatsApp as long as you have a product to sell.  Now, Facebook shops are open for anyone to buy, sell and view only within your immediate area or country.

This is really a welcome development if you know how to market on Facebook as a pro though a beginner can do it too.                                

·      From Facebook page click on shop

·      Create category

·      Product listing and description

·      Insert picture

·      Price

·      Create payment gateway

2.)  Statistic is of Facebook Marketplace

Today you should know that Facebook has moved from being only a social media and advertisement channel to an ecommerce marketplace.

From the beginning of this year, it was discovered that Facebook is about hitting 3 billion users.  That means, so many buying and selling can take place with shoppers.


 Now listen, do you know that two out of seven people use Facebook in the world?  From Cnet.com

 That is where business can strive if you ask me.

The reason is more shoppers are beginning to trust Facebook sellers. The number keeps increasing daily.

As earlier said, Facebook has a huge marketplace that shops on a daily basis.   In various categories of items like; fashion, jewelry, foods and beverages, electronic gadgets and digital courses and much more.

The average Facebook user spent 40 minutes plus in a day and spent most of the time on Facebook shopping.

In this time, many spent quality time clicking links, watching videos, liking, sharing and commenting during official working time.

About a billion users engage with shopping activities on Facebook. Most of them end up buying there rather than going elsewhere.    Because Facebook shoppers are satisfied buying products from trusted brands.

These brands have high scores of good reviews and good followership.     

From the Bigcommerce report, about 9.6% of generation Z (younger generation) respondents like to shop in physical stores while the older generation Millennial; the older generation, 31.04%.

It’s a very indication that the younger generation may move to shop online in the near future. You have had to move your business to where business is happening big time.  

Without much ado, let me tell you more about Facebook marketplace.  It is the department in Facebook that administers all marketing activities.

3.) What is Facebook Marketplace

It evolves from pier to pier to shopping centre to big marketplace with billions of shoppers buying and selling daily.

Getting a target audience is pretty easy if you know your onion very well.   Since interested buyers come to find what is good for consumption that can solve their needs.

Finding a choice product is pretty easy if you navigate to the Facebook marketplace; scroll on until you get what you want.  Creating a Facebook shop the other way round, it can be done from your page.

If you don’t have one you can create one before creating a Facebook shop.  That is where you can reach the right audience within your locality.

Watch the video of Mark Zuckerberg taking about it below 👇👇👇


 Know that there is different between Facebook marketplace and Facebook shop section.

4.) How To Setup Facebook shop

To set up a Facebook shop you’ll go to the business page section of Facebook and there you can start the creation for free and upload images of what you want to sell. 

From the drop down menu section Scroll down to shop and click store. A page will open where you can start creating your amazing free Facebook shop.  With eye catching images that would resonate clicks and add to cart.

Making it section by section collection of items for easy accessibility to shoppers.

What to do in the shop section:

·      Business name

Put your business name that makes people know what brand you are.

Since you already have business online people can also locate from there and do business with you.

·      Business description

Put the business description to let shoppers notice what you sell, if you can proffer solutions to their needs. With that they can also trust you and buy from you.  Your fans also can see your product listed on their timeline and make purchases easily.

·      Add products with professional images

Adding professional images is very important. Doing that makes people see what you sell. As the product picture indicates the item you have.

·      Price listing

List price on the product so buyers will know the value of the product.

·      Inventory collection

Keep well organized inventory in a way that you can allow the product you want to appear to display on Facebook shop.

5.) Facebook Shop Setups in Details

I.                 Go to Facebook business page

II.              Scroll down the page

III.          Click on the shop icon

IV.          Open the shop page

V.             Click create

VI.          Put your business name

VII.      Put description

VIII.   Scroll down to product page

IX.          Upload photo as many photos as you can

X.              Put the price

XI.          Click save and publish

XII.       Manage your order and delivery

 What you need to have to get it done

·      Facebook account with your username

·      Facebook business page

Creating the shop is done only on Smartphone. Those who sell physical products have the opportunity to set their product.

Digital products are not allowed on Facebook shops at the moment.

 Facebook shop is mostly valid in the US, Canada, South America and some Europeans. Tax identification number is required for US citizens.

Now let’s ride on to create amazing Facebook store today:

Step (i.) Log into your Facebook account with your Smartphone (iOS or Android)

Scroll down to your business page.

Step (ii.) click the business page if you have one; if not you need to create one. (contact me to create one)

It is always there by default.

Step (iii.) If you are not the admin then ask for admin permission or be the page admin.

Step (iv.) check on the drop down menu to see the shop icon and click on it.

Step (v.) On the pop up, click create shop and start the journey to becoming a Facebook shop owner.

Name the store and write on the description bar what the shop is all about. Put the currency which you want buyers to purchase.

Your location, WhatsApp number and all the necessary details. Click the next button.

The next step is to put your state tax identification number, if you are in the US.   Go to the next and indicate the type of business you want to start.

Proceed to shipping options, customer service email, and return policy.

Do not forget this; Facebook policy requires you to ship in the next three (3) business days and ensure the customer receives the product in ten (10) days latest.

Facebook recommends you use a Logistics Company or system that has tracking and efficient delivery records.

The customer can also cancel the order if you delay in shipping. International shipping is prohibited by Facebook.

It is expected that you base your shipping only within your country alone. In conclusion, accept Facebook terms and conditions. 

Make sure you communicate with the buyer and know the best shipping method preferred.

This may increase positive feedback in your customer review.     

6.)  Facebook Shop Setup Video


Presently, Facebook marketplace is the best place to create an online store. The engagement and active users is mind blowing. Since creating your own store is absolutely free, you have nothing to lose.  If you utilize this great opportunity.

 We are available to set up one amazing Facebook shop in your country at an affordable price. Reach us today here; and start making money selling on Facebook shops before the market becomes over-saturated.  

Let your brand be recognized by Facebook shoppers like the Shopify store too.

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