Google: Multiple Affiliate Links Okay If Content Is Helpful

Can we say Google multiple affiliate links are okay if content is helpful to users.  What actually Google is saying here is that links that are affiliates in nature doesn’t matter if the content is valuable.  

 Recently Google started rolling out new algorithms and updating old ones.   To meet search queries and stay within its mission’s goal.

Going by this update, many sites are beginning to drop from Google ranking. SERPs are dramatically upgrading. 

Spamming content dropping, disappearing and its algorithm will continue to update.

In the announcement about affiliate’s link update, Google focuses more on best practices because links are one of the ways Google happens to understand which content is pretty helpful to searchers. What exactly is the update all about?

Google announcement on multiple affiliate links are okay, shows what it’s trying to focus on search engine.

If the multiple affiliate links doesn’t mislead or looks spamming, Google has no problem with that.

All what matters if the content is helpful for readers and then it will be optimize on search engine without looking at how many link you have in the content.

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 Advertisers links, eCommerce or retailers links on your site have nothing to do with optimization unless it’s trying to mislead.

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 This will enable it’s algorithm to understand those links correctly. 

When Google is trying to discourage spamming link schemes hidden on a site. Like guest post, advert and affiliate. Went further to place total banned on untagged affiliate links. 

•    Guest Post

So today, we are going to talk about placing multiple affiliate links that are helpful in content from Google’s announcement.

This announcement came during Google SEO Office Hour Hangout with John Mueller question and answer session.           

John Mueller said,” Google isn’t trying to send a message that affiliate links are bad, they’re perfectly fine, provided they’re replaced within useful content.”                 

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From what John Mueller said, there’s no limit to what number of affiliate links should be in a site.

But let them be placed within the confines of the content. That is to make those links  positioned where necessary. 

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If he said “there’s no limit from our side” what that means is Google is concerned with optimizing quality content on search. So long as the links aren’t   misleading or fishing.  

Here is how John said it,”what we care about is the content and kind of why we should show your pages in the first place.

 And if the content of your page is essentially a copy of a description from a retailer’s site even if you had no affiliate links.

So you really need to first have that reason to be visible in the search results. And then how you monetize your site, or what links you place there, that’s essentially irrelevant.”  

Google SEO Office Hour Question and Answer Session With John Mueller


This multiple affiliate links rolled out update help links displaced on affiliate sites.    

Not to be banned and more helpful for websites with quality content. How you monetize your site is up to you. 

I hope this has convinced you beyond every necessary doubt.   

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