How To Write Unique Content For Brand Recognitions Today

Do you know how to write unique content for brand recognitions today?  That is the best way to win potential customers.  It is crucial you know this, as it’ll give you an edge over competitors.

Make more sales even if you are a beginner in your niche. Unique content is related to ranking on search engines and has to do with search engine result pages (SERPs) and search engine optimization (SEO).

Why content is on the front page most of the time is because of its uniqueness and quality. Search engines will always and ever rank unique content higher because that is what searchers need.

How to write unique content for brand

Explanation of Unique Content

Brand with unique contents always shows on the first page on Google. Some content stay as long as three to four years on the front page. The truth is unique content enables brand recognitions. It can also generate organic traffic to your website.

If content is unique it means it is purely different from all others and has no copy content.

The value is outstanding, information is correct and the writing is special from the rest. It is not always easy to write unique content for brand recognitions in today digital marketing world.

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And writing content that rank on Google SERPs must be thorough and well defined unique content. Just as Eileen Mullan describes it in Econtent Magazine; that unique content refers to pieces of information provided for online consumption.

Either through distribution or download. In several forms like; music, blog post, video, audio, picture, or any other form.

What is unique content?

It is exclusive and only one kind of this is available online for consumption. In value it remains valuable and uncompromising. The view and the writer’s style are perfectly born out of him or her.

Written in the best way the author understands the topic. Gather necessary information about the subject matter. To enable you to give what stands unique and totally different from competitors.

Brand recognition

Is absolutely something related to the brand style of content publication that customers become familiar with overtime. Maybe a product, article, journal, news or statistics. But the fact is, the image of the organization has been registered into the mind of its community. With what they do.

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Take for instance is a known brand for question and answer. Whenever anyone wants an answer to a question you type on Quora or Google to bring the answer from Quora immediately.

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How to write unique content for brand recognition

In writing content for brand recognition. Know the tips that would enable your content to appear on the search engine result page. The brand name is good but it must not be the first rather what quality it offers. If a newly born brand. Even the email content should be branded.

Writing unique and quality content will make you a friend to Google or any other search and help you get more visibility. In return you’ll make more sales. Remember what Google says, duplicate content will be penalized but will reward quality and original content.

1.) Choose your keyword base on user’s search

There are many searches going on about your brand name and keywords are used in this regard. It can be converted to keyword and article. Use keyword tools to find unique or less competitive but has at least 10000 monthly views. Use Google keyword planner to get a good keyword. Find out on Google search console what keyword is mostly used to find your website.

Keyword walks you through creating mind blowing content for what will be consumed faster. Use good keyword software that picks the best keyword for you.


2.) Create unique style of writing

We have a thousand and one styles of writing content. YouTube and Vimeo serve the same content but each present content in a unique style. That is what content should be presented for any brand. Pinterest and Instagram use pictures, images to serve their community. Yet, Instagram is working to serve younger minds and celebrities. Then Pinterest moves to serve digital marketing businesses (B2B and B2C).


Wechat and WhatsApp are chat platforms but they have their unique structure. Wechat is Chinese based social media and designed in a very discreet way so that it can gain attention in the Chinese market. Both picture profiles even go to the point of adding a payment system. Whereas WhatsApp chat platform is professionally outstanding.


3.) Get your facts and figure right

This is where your unique brand content recognition will be put to test. It is always advisable to correlate information from the right source to prevent false reporting. Though the internet is full of fake news and falsified information.
Getting to know the right is all about doing painstaking research and getting information from reputable sources. Make your proof very clear while reporting. If necessary, show proof of facts.

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4.) Research beyond the subject matter

Most times blog writers just make research within the article and write just what has already existed. This may make the readers get bored. If you want to write unique content for brand recognition, go and do broad and thorough research. Sometimes I spend good money on research.

Quality content stands the test of time and increases blog readership. It can be one quality blog post that would make your website generate thousands of unbelievable traffic or sales. If Google sees the content as the searcher’s choice, you’ll be rewarded on the front page for years.


5.) Write what you know best and base on your view

Don’t take writing content as competition rather engagement with your brand. After all, it is all about saying or writing what you know best for search engine optimization. That would make your unique content writing become visible to readers and in return bring brand recognition.

Is not about who writes best in your niche. Content also can be generated by various means; audio, video, image, infographic, news, guide, email and more. Concentrate in the area of your strength and write with passion to grab attention.

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Use attention grabbing headlines when formulating the topic. In digital marketing, content writing is very crucial. We write to educate, enlighten and inform. Then close sales.
Understand the subject matter before proceeding to writing. If you know a topic very well, you stand the chance to write a very convincing, persuasive article that would compel readers to share and link. Too many social media networks. Do your best to write unique content to increase brand recognition.


In today’s article, we’ve been able to explain how to write unique content for brand recognition. The fact is being original with ideas like a baseball player. Play games with an exact mind of how you can become successful.
From explanation to brand recognition, it is clear that quality content attracts Google visibility. While copy and duplicate content attracts Google penalty. Now that you know this, let all content publications bring the color of originality.

Do deeper research and know the subject matter before publication. Write what you know and how you know it. If need be, develop a content planning strategy by writing down monthly content in a book.
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