This article has brought five sales hacks to make your prospects buy from you.

Many salespeople are ignorant of the pain point of their prospects. This has prevented them from selling.

We are in the Internet era where prospects are smarter than many years ago.

However, if you know how to hack into prospect emotions, you’ll say goodbye to abandoning the cart.

Closing sales becomes easier when you know your prospects’ challenge, present to them the perfect solution with a mind-blowing offer.

Before you sell, ask yourself these questions, who is my prospect, what is his need, how do I create urgency to make him buy from me. 

As a sales person you have use this 5 sales hack to make your prospects buy from you without much struggle.

If you have these and more at the back of your mind, then keep your finger crossed to get started.

 You are right there to have it all.

You know that a salesperson is solving problems. Knowing this will make you respond at all costs. Also, communicate at their level.

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Try as much as possible to be friendly in your conversation. Don’t be too techy or formal to scare them.

Study salesperson thoroughly to come out with life-changing solutions.

As a salesperson please be aware that you are a solution provider. If you know this and the problem you are trying to solve.

This will help you to sell by using these five sales hacks to make your prospect always want to buy from you.

5 Sales Hack To Make More Sales

  1. Grabbing Theirs Attentions

This is the number one thing every sales professional ought to do. Must know how to do it properly.

  Especially when you’re a digital sales marketer.

The faster you grab your prospect’s attention the better for you.

There are a lot of attention-grabbing headlines to stop prospects or interrupt their emotions. To look in your direction and listen to what you want to say. In your advertising, webpage, sales funnel, or more.

Something like, ” you will only lose out if you don’t know about this instant fat blaster”

“If you read this to the end you’ll discover how to generate traffic organically”

“Attention! Discover the best way to break your drug addicts here”

If you can employ these kinds of attention grabbing headlines today, your prospect will have no reason not to stop over and buy.

Though there is so much attention-grabbing you can use. Just do your research.

  1. Telling Them their Struggles and Weaknesses

Here’s the number one area you need to make sure your prospect understands the struggle and challenge they’re going through.

Sometimes they know, another time they are completely ignorant of their problem.

Whatever way, you need to explain better their pain, challenges, and side back in business.

Maybe, they’re struggling with productivity, business growth, and development, management software, or delivery issues.

You tell them, these old tools can not take them much faster again. That’s why you have come out with these new tools to improve their productivity, business growth, and development. All of that stuff.

Now, you have come up with better and effective tools to 10x, 100x return on investment per quarter. 

3.) Show Them What They Wanted

In this part you want to demonstrate the new device or product in practice.

Either through text, images, video, or other means possible.

If it is video, you can use the explainer method or demonstration method. Whichever way is best for them.

These are ways to hack into prospect emotion and trigger desires to buy.

All in the way of hacking into customers’ emotions to make them buy from you.

Because you want certain kinds of results, you need to use a personal branding strategy to drive the message down to them.

If need be detail in your demonstration by your strategy through the channels of advertising.

Tell the product name and the producers. Since, this is a new product, perhaps a new company. Show how to operate the device and the solutions it gives.

Let’s say, you sell electronics products for the fashion industry. You can do video to demonstrate how to operate the gadget, functions and lifespan.

But whatever product you want to deliver to prospects in any niche, please choose the category of audience.

If not, you may end up selling to all kinds of people and may lack credibility and financial abundance.

Keep to standard and take up categories.

Like in the fashion industry; chosen audience like the children dress makers or adults, middle class or the high income earners.

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4.) Be Friendly With Your Prospects (informal approach)

Let your conversation be informal to attract more attention. You can share pleasantries, ask about family and business.

 Before asking your prospect to buy from you.

Meanwhile, you are doing a one on one sales conversation in this sales hacking to ask prospects to buy.

Nothing stops you from asking their business challenges.

When they tell you, then you proceed further to let them know that is why they need to get this solution. 

That would improve their business return on investment.

In communicating with your prospects

  1. Use their business slang
  2. Come down to their level of communication or understanding
  3. Help them by arranging Customer’s support
  4. You can give a referral discount In case they refer a prospect

5.) Let Your Word’s Evokes Curiosity 

Sometimes prospects are afraid to buy from strangers. It may be a complete beginner in that niche.

The reason is, nobody wants to buy from a new brand. You can show social proof.

You can also give a guarantee to trigger desires to buy. 

Another time you can also use an irresistible offer.

If you put all these things together, I believe they’ll buy from you.

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