5 Benefits Of Web 3.0 To Digital Marketing Today 

In this era, there are 5 benefits of web 3.0 to digital marketing today. As the traditional web 2.0 era passes away, the internet has given new dispensation to users.

It is now taking us into another era of a more decentralized system of interaction. Where users will have control over their privacy and security will become very much important.

Business owners too will have more than ever reach their customers and interact with each other, at an intimate level.

Mostly, through web 3.0 social networking sites. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the rest.

This decentralization of web 3.0 will enable search engines like Google, Bing, and the rest of them to provide more accurate information users are looking for.

More relevant content and information regarding search results will be of utmost importance by search engines.

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Digital Marketing experience will be more advanced.

Because data about users’ activities will be needed to provide what exactly is the best way to get users’ needs.

“Web 3.0 marketing is the future of online marketing and will be integral in providing users with a seamless experience tailored to their preferences and location.”

You should know that web 3.0 is real. 

The web 3.0 features will change how humans interact with the Internet and data privacy. 

Meaning that data privacy will be in the hands of users, not social media sites or big search engines like Google or Bing anymore.

“The next big wave is the Web 3.0 or the Decentralised Web which is envisaged by the Industry. It will take a nostalgic turn to the vision of Web 1.0 and 2.0 with better privacy, data security and more human-like interaction.”- Rajashree Rao

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is an Internet technology that gives more accurate and relevant information that users are looking for in more interactive formats.

No more web of information but a web of users’ (people). That is putting more emphasis on users’ reviews and choice of information.

Web 3.0 is featured on the user’s interest in the digital marketing world. This is happening on the surface layer at the moment.

Things are about to take shape with more web 3.0 tools which are going to be a game-changer.

“Decentralization was the idea while blockchain the means.”

The idea of what is going on with web 3.0 blockchain is the decentralization of information from the center and making it more private using blockchain technology.

Now consider NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). The innovative technology allows anyone else to mints its digital assets and sell them in the market. Without the control of the government.

If the market accesses the value of the NFT and buys you make your money.

“It has provided marketers with new opportunities when it comes to advertising that is more interactive and aimed at creating a more personalized experience for each visitor, while also giving their target audiences exactly what they’re looking for within seconds.”

Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 Generation of The Internet 

Many things have evolved over the years on the internet, since its invention.

The progress of the Internet has helped users in so many ways.

  • Web 1.0: provides a technology of HTML codes to users on shared servers to use documents and office files on the internet.
  • Web 2.0: provides easy access to formation sharing and distribution from one point of the Internet to another and creating user-generated content on social media sites. It gives the user access to create different kinds of content.

Like video, audio, graphic, and text for as many times as required. 

Digital marketers have used this same advantage to create community and share their experiences with their user base.

Web 2.0 enables user content to go viral on social media sites.  Using hashtags and the rest. Though this has its disadvantages due to the fact it promotes fake news. 

5 Benefits of Web 3.0 To Digital Marketing 

  1.  Easy Access To Information

Web 3.0 marketing allows you to have easy access to information about your business and customer interaction anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection with the device. 

Be it your smartphone, tablets, or laptops. You can communicate on the beach, in vehicles, while on vacation, or on airplanes.

Some cloud computing devices can do that too.

It has also brought an automation system where chatbots interact with customers in the absence of the digital market. 

In some cases, the digital brand allows users to communicate with bots and get feedback with their back to the office.

  1.  Easy Access To Customer’s Data

In a digital marketing campaign, data is very important. Accessing users’ login and activities on a website becomes easier with web 3.0 tools.

One of the benefits of web 3.0 is that digital marketers have access to customers’ activities be it on their websites or social media.

 Then give back customized services in return. At the same time give the customer information about who accesses their information.

This data is kept secured by the brand.

  1.  Eliminate Interrupted Services 

Right now some social media sites can ban users’ accounts and restrict your account for some reason based on their policies.

This may gradually take different shapes as we enter fully into web 3.0 technology.

Even distribution of service will be eliminated because digital marketers will have a way of having multiple servers to prevent service failure.

Several data backups will be done and service interruption will be eliminated or brought to bear levels.

  1.  Ensure Two Way Interaction With Customer 

Two-way interaction as a digital marketer to have more personalized service to each visitor.

Knowing visitors pinpoint through one on one communication. Then provide what exactly your customers need.

“The future isn’t just about how we search on the web anymore, but also a time when all of our devices are connected seamlessly, allowing for more personalized recommendations.”

To have a feeling of being there for your customers and retain them to do business with you.

You can do this if you listen to your website users, engage in conversation, and figure out what their needs are.

Web 3.0 benefits digital marketers a lot. We are just scratching the surface.

  1.  Ensuring Cross Border Digital Marketing 

We are looking forward to the next level of web 3.0 that fully allows cross-country businesses.

Even now it has been but just a few who are using this.

A situation where you buy, sell, and do your financial transactions with anyone across the globe.

In a few seconds, without knowing the person before. Using no physical currency or government-approved currency.

With blockchain technology, it is like a web 3.0 application you can achieve this seemingly.

Where your imagination will be your limitations and restrictions.

You have full control of your personal information, both business and financial services.

Never forget that semantic coding will be necessary, geo-targeting and relevance of your brand must play a vital role.

Customer reviews will have to be at the forefront of your web 3.0 digital marketing campaign.

In summary, digital marketers should begin to understand what web 3.0 is and how it works.

The early adopters of the benefits of web 3.0 technology in digital marketing will be at the forefront.

Using digital currency in advertising, buying, and selling.

Knowing the trending coins and the like.

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