We have here SOCIAL media top 7 biggest and popular site is the space.    Since social media is best form of business marketing presently on the cyberspace because the engagement is massive and this is just the beginning.
Though “all social media networks are not created equally.” They ‘re almost the same platform depending on your target and business brand.

“While Instagram might be a powerhouse for one brand, it’ll do nothing for another – and while one business might have tons of engagement on Facebook, another business will gain more traction on LinkedIn.” -Social media journal
You should know what you want, how best when it comes to digital marketing stuff. Consumer behavior varies from brand to brand in all the social media platform.

With that in mind, choose where to invest your time and hard earn money for result. Because business is all about making profit.

However, how do you choose where to invest your time (and potentially ad spend)? The best idea is to sign up to at least all of the major platforms, and strategically choose which ones to dominate to make real money.

We’re going to take a look at each of the major social media platforms in the guide: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Reddit Youtube , Telegraph And Whatsapp.
Within these chapters, you’ll gain insights into what content succeeds on each platform and get actionable tips and guide to take your own social media marketing to the next level.

Now let’s proceed, by looking at the popular social media networks on the internet.


“ According to statistics, 80% of the people in the United States use the internet regularly. Out of these, 97% use it to search for products that they eventually end up buying. Google research reveals that 10.3 billion searches are conducted online result in nine out of 10 product/business follow-ups.

With such high rates of internet usage and the possibility of customers getting back to you, wouldn’t you want your small business to have a face in the realm of the World Wide Web?”




Headquarters: United States
Active Monthly Users: 2.38 billion

The giant of all social media network that contains virtually all industries, still growing. Most popular industries on facebook are ecommerce, retail, entertainment, automotive, financial, technology, media and much more.

When you sign up facebook, quickly join group related to your niche, which can help in getting more presence and knowledge. News feed too and creating your page can enable come in front of many buyers.

Recently, Facebook added watch party and live stream.

Also read below;

“Additionally, on Facebook people share things they like, make comments, interact… etc. Everything is socially driven. It is a completely different world. Companies and marketers know that, and they are making killer amounts of $$$ every second using Facebook Ad! with that you stand the chance of increase business presence.”
That is super cool place and huge audience for business by targeting.


Before now, marketers use search PPC like Adwords, Bing and more for marketing.

Life was easy then. All we do then to reach our audience was target the keywords they used in search engines. The cost per click (cpc) was logical and acceptable before it sky rocket to the roof, especially Google Adwords.
later, Facebook Ads emerges.

The game changer Facebook Ads appeared, making it the ads world pretty simple.
Because this time, we target with interest and goe- location of users.

Never forget to optimize your content for mobile as 94% percent of Facebook’s users access Facebook via the mobile app by posting, commenting and much more.



Launched: 2005 by GOOGLE
Video uploaded: 300 hours every minute
YouTube – 1.9 billion active monthly users
Video watched everyday: 5 billion videos
Daily visitors: 30 million
Youtube views: 80% viewers outside U.S
Avg no. of mobile youtube views: 1 billion


YouTube is a video-sharing educational platform. Users watch a billion hour of videos 24 hours.
One of online educative platform for any skills you want to know. To get started, you can create a YouTube channel for your brand where you can upload videos for your subscribers to view, like, comment, and share.
Youths are most subscribers; quest for more skills and internet knowledge base education.

Besides being the second biggest social media site presently, YouTube (owned by Google) is also often known as the second largest search engine after Google. Again, if you want your brand to be on YouTube, I would recommend reading up on YouTube SEO before you start.

With that, you can also advertise on YouTube to increase the reach of your audience. Since YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing social network, it enables users to upload and share videos, view, comment like and more.

Also, youtube is accessible globally and even enables users to create channel and upload all kinds of recorded videos to showcase to friends and followers.


Headquarters: San Francisco, United States
Launched: 2006
Active Monthly Users: 321 million


Twitter is a social media network for news, entertainment, sports, politics, and more. Twitter is unique in the sense that it has a strong emphasis on real-time information — live event. “For example, one of the defining moments in the Twitter history is when Janis Krums tweeted the image of a plane that landed in the Hudson River when he was on the ferry to pick the passengers up.”

The platform allows unique characteristic of 280 characters in a tweet (140 for Japanese, Korean, and Chinese), unlike most social media sites that have a much higher limit characters.

A customer service channel. Advertisers said on Twitter, more than 80 percent of social customer service requests happen on Twitter. And calls Twitter “the New 1-800 Number for Customer Service“. There are many social media customer service tools, such as Buffer Reply, which is available now to help you manage social customer service conversations.

Fast and sometimes furious, certain businesses really thrive well on Twitter.
With that,If your business is related to entertainment, sports, politics or marketing, you stand to earn tremendous engagement on Twitter.

On Twitter, brands have an opportunity to craft and hone their voice – there’s room to be clever and personable in addition to informative and helpful.
Jump into threads, provide value, share your own content as well as others, and join the nonstop conversation to the top.
This social networking site enables you to post short text messages (called tweets), containing a limited number of characters (up to 280), to convey your message to the world.

With the growing craze for online shopping, Twitter also makes it possible to promote your businesses and even shop directly through tweets. You can learn how to create the perfect Twitter profile for your business.


LinkedIn – 294 million active monthly users

LinkedIn is no longer a resume and job search site. It has evolved into a professional social media site where industry experts share content, comment ,
celebrate work anniversary, network with one another, and build their personal brand. It has also migrate to become a place for businesses to establish their thought leadership and authority in their industry and attract best talent to their company.

You can get advertising opportunities, such as boosting your content, sending personalized ads to LinkedIn inboxes, and displaying your ads by the side of the site.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional social networking sites and is available in over 20 languages. It is used across the globe by all types of professionals and serves as an ideal platform to connect with different business brand,search, locate and hire ideal candidates, and more.
It boasts more than 400 million members.

Its has massive network of professionals, not more than 61 million users in senior positions on LinkedIn.
When looking for decision makers who have the power to hire your company, stock your product or partner with you; think LinkedIn.

“Did you know that 44% of LinkedIn users have an income above the national median? Or that more than 50% of Americans with a college degree use LinkedIn?”
Although, LinkedIn is the flashiest social media network, but there’s unlimited potential for connecting with an elite group of professionals who can make a difference for your business career.



Launched: 2010
Headquarters: Menlo Park, CA, United States
Active users: 1 billion
Daily users: 500 million
USA users: 80%
Best day to post on Instagram: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Best time to post: 2pm

Instagram is photo and video sharing social media platform . It allows you to share a wide range of content like photos, videos, Stories, and live videos too. It has also recently launched IGTV for longer-form videos.

Brands needs Instagram business profile, which will provide you with rich analytics of your brand profile and posts and ability to schedule Instagram posts using third-party tools.

Do you know that, Instagram was launched as a unique social networking platform that was completely based on sharing photos and videos?.
Thus, this app can enables you to capture the best moments of your life, with your phone’s camera or any other camera, which can become works of art.

This is possible since Instagram allows you to apply multiple filters to your photos and you can easily post them to other popular social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. As its now part of the Facebook empire.

It also has smorgasbord of eye-catching visuals and inspiring creativity.
It’s also a social network where product-based businesses, influencers, and coaches can thrive.
“Since introducing shoppable posts in 2018, the potential ROI for product-based businesses is higher than ever – not only can B2B’s connect with a massive audience, they can link the product information and sales straight from the ‘gram.”

Targeting age under 35, Instagram is a gold mine: 63% of users are between the ages of 18 to 34, with virtually even split between male and female users.


Launched: 2011
Headquarters: Los Angeles
Active Monthly Users: Over 330 million

Snapchat is a social media platform that focuses on sharing photos and short videos (as known as snaps) between connected friends.

It made the Stories format popular, which eventually spread on other social media platforms like Instagram. But the rise of Instagram Stories seemed to have hindered Snapchat’s growth and marketers’ interest is diverted using Snapchat for their brands to others.

Do you like targeting young people? You definitely want to get in on Snapchat.
The most active users on Snapchat are 13-year olds, and they’re spending upwards of 30 minutes a day on the app.
This is a haven for user-generated content, behind-the scenes videos, exclusive offers, and influencer takeovers.

This is an image messaging social platform that enables you to chat with friends by using pictures. It allows you to explore news, read real live stories that are happening around the world.
You can read


Launhed: 2010
Headquarters: San Francisco, united states
Active Monthly Users: 291 million

Another photo sharing and visual bookmarking social media site or app that enables you to find new ideas for your projects and save them. Most expecially digital marketrs dominate here. People do DIY tasks or home improvement projects, plan their travel tour and so on by using Pinterest.

100 million approximately uses Pinterest monthly. This is a place where people go to discover new things and be inspired, quite unlike most social media sites where engagement is the primary focus.
According to Pinterest, 78 percent of users say that content on Pinterest from brands are useful (much higher than that on other sites). This gives your brand an unique opportunity to shape their purchasing decisions.

As Pinterest users want to be inspired to try or buy new things, having a presence on Pinterest could help put your brand on their minds. Here are some tips on using Pinterest for business that the Pinterest team shared with us.


Launched: 2005
Headquarters: San Francisco, U.S
Active Monthly Users: 330 million

REDDIT, social media network that enables you to submit content; later vote for that content. The voting will determines whether the content moves up or down, which is ultimately organized based on the areas of interest (known as subreddits).
It’s known as the front page of the Internet, platform where users can submit images, questions and links discuss them, and vote them up or down.

“There are subreddits (i.e. dedicated forums) for pretty much anything under the sun (and above). Subreddits, however, have different levels of engagement so it’s great to research to see if there are popular subreddits that your brand can be part of. “
You can submit your content to Reddit and participating in discussions, also find content ideas and advertise on Reddit.
Alexa rankings place Reddit as one of the top twenty most-visited sites.

This platform has a unique blend of content and community, with more than 150,000 communities dedicated to every topic you can ever imagine.
With a lot of niches, there’s a place for every brand and business. It’s a matter of finding the right niches where your potential customers are active and diving in.


Launched year: 2019
Headquarters: mountain view,CA
WhatsApp :1.5 billion Active Monthly users
Whatsapp user age: age 18+
70% USES IT DAILY, 60 Languages

WhatsApp is a messaging app used by people in over 180 countries. Originally, WhatsApp was only used by people to communicate with family and friends. Gradually, people started communicating with businesses via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has been building out its business platform to allow businesses and brand to have a proper business profile, provide customer support, share updates with customers about their purchases. Small businesses, can use built-in the WhatsApp Business app while for medium and large businesses, there’s the WhatsApp Business API. This is a good place to start any business, usage is almost free.

This instant messaging platform exists as an independent entity, though been acquired by Facebook since 2014.

”It arrived on the scene much later than Facebook, but has been able to capture the imagination of millions of people across the world by giving them the ability to communicate and share instantly with individuals and groups. The WhatsApp call feature is just the icing on the cake!”

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Launched: 2013
Headquaters: London, UK
Telegram – 365 million users globally
Founder: Nikolia and Pavel Durov
Avg no. of weekly new users sign ups: 1 million
By Craig Smith

This amazing messaging app has only been around for few years. But it has certainly gain significant impact on users.
Telegram is secure social messaging app similar to whatsapp and is often known for its unique secure interface. Providing one on one customer support and the use of instant messaging.
For example, brands can create chatbots for the Telegram platform or make use of Telegram’s channel feature to broadcast messages to an unlimited number of subscribers at a go.
This instant messaging network is similar to WhatsApp and is available across platforms in about eight languages. Thus, Telegram has always focused more on the privacy and security of the messages you send over the internet by using its platform. This concept is noble.
So, it allows you to send messages that are encrypted and self-destructive. This encryption feature has only just been made available for WhatsApp app; whereas Telegram has always provided it.


Messenger – 1.3 billion active monthly users

Messenger used to be a messaging feature within Facebook, and since 2011, Facebook decided to make Messenger a standalone app by itself and greatly expanded on its features.
Businesses now advertise, create chatbots, send newsletters, and more on Messenger. These features have given businesses a myriad of new ways to engage and connect with their customers and make huge profit.


Launched: 2009
Headquarters: Mountain view, CA
Monthly users: 300 million


Quora is a place where people can share and gain knowledge by asking and answering questions. Questions that affect people and the world events. Some are important life event,decision and more.

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