WhatsApp Marketing Tips With Organic Traffic

Discover the WhatsApp marketing tips with organic traffic for easy and fast sales conversion.

There are times we don’t overlook opportunity, that is why this WhatsApp marketing tips with organic traffic shouldn’t be ignored.

If you want more sales. Marketing trend is taking new shape around the globe.

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Digital marketing is no longer the same unless you want to be taken unaware by the storm. Even Google is changing its algorithm recently. It is possible that the marketing Ecosystem will see different shape in digital marketing in the near future.

Now, taking about WhatsApp marketing tips with organic traffic that close sales up to 95% without using ads.

whatsapp marking ideas

The thing is, sometimes an ad campaign doesn’t convert as much as you expected. Marketing on Facebook right now is like an uphill task and Instagram too is maybe beginning to play around the same role. Writing a blog topic and optimize for Google SEO is good but you will wait for three to six months.

The rate of ads account getting banned, and Facebook stopping ads campaign is alarming. Taking WhatsApp as marketing tool is the best arsenal you need at the moment.

Hold on, if you’ve been disappointed by Facebook and the likes; dust your shirt and clean up your stuff. Be ready for something better which I am about to tell you. Though everybody knows WhatsApp application alright? Yeah!

Nevertheless some marketing features about WhatsApp are yet to be known by majority users. In fact, WhatsApp marketing software is under use by many.
What I am going to show you will blow your mind away. That few marketers use WhatsApp to make pretty good bucks without paying for ads.

Total numbers of Messages sent on WhtasApp Daily

Taking a good slides of the pie from Google and doing the same from today. By using WhatsApp. It has many marketing tools that you can tap from and free yourself from Facebook ads account frustration.

If you are ready, jump into my ride let’s leverage the opportunity together.


Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. What is WhatsApp
3. History of WhatsApp
4. Statistics About WhatsApp
5. WhatsApp Video Tutorial
6. Whatsapp Features
7. Types of WhatsApp
8. Video Tutorial about WhatsApp Marketing
9. Learnoflix WhatsApp Course and Result
10. Case study Of Previous Users
11. Conclusion and Landing Page


What Is WhatsApp?

If you want to know about instant messaging applications, WhatsApp is one of them. And I’m happy to tell you that WhatsApp has about 2 billion users according to the 2020 report. WhatsApp marketing evolved after users began to see its benefits in business.
That is what brought WhatsApp for business and WhatsApp marketing tips, strategies and how to generate organic traffic.

WhatsApp is an application that uses instant messaging from sender to receiver base with end to end encryption to send text, image, voice, video, location, document, emojis and gifs in its communication feature.

It has several marketing features for users too. There are many WhatsApp marketing tools in the application that really made it amazing to users. It is operated on multi platforms like Android, IOS, Nokia and Windows Phones.
WhatsApp was an Idea until 2009, when two smart guys; ex yahoo staff (Brian Acton and Jan Kuom ) invented it.
It was developed to send instant messages at a certain location. That later migrated to the use of WhatsApp marketing tips to get organic traffic to businesses.

  1. History of WhatsApp

WhatsApp messaging and marketing application started sometime in 2009 by Jan Kuom and Brian Acton. When they decided to create an application to notify users about their present activity and location at a given time. Before knowing the trips of WhatsApp marketing with organic traffic.
It is good we know the history, which will guide us to effectively harness the features available. And to maximally generate leads and customers in our niche.

Later, it began to be loved by many. Which made the developers to expand WhatsApp application to be instant messaging software. And the user base jumped to 1 billion.


With multiple features incorporated into the application, it became widely acceptable in many locations. As a tool to interact with family, friends and business people. WhatsApp marketing tips is all about organic traffic which way better the rest platforms.
Though, WhatsApp is mostly used in Indian as instant messaging software to substitute mobile short message service (SMS).

Facebook acquired WhatsApp in February, 2014 with $19 Billion USD from the founders.


Statistics About WhatsApp

At present WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users globally. Trying to compete with Facebook users which has been estimated to be 2.45 billion Monthly Active Users (MAUs). 


“As of 2019, WhatsApp is the most popular global mobile messenger app worldwide with approximately 1.6 billion monthly active users, outranking Facebook Messenger at 1.3 billion and WeChat at 1.1 billion users. Following Facebook and YouTube, it is the third most popular social network worldwide.”- Tankovska, Statista


The above picture shows the top 10 android apps for messaging from Statista

WhatsApp Revenue Growth



  • It has a low patronage of 68 million in the US, unlike India, Brazil which record about 340 million and 99 million respectively.






WhatsApp Video Tutorial


WhatsApp Features


1. Messaging

As it is used to send instant messages to one user to another with geographical barriers. This feature has made WhatsApp more trusted, useful and friendly to its user base. You can download the app and do necessary settings before messaging. It works on 3G, 4G networks. Also, downloadable for APK, IOS. It has a web version and mobile version.


2. Phone call

Phone call is available where you can call contact list and communicate free of charge. No network charges are involved. no ads, creation of content and more.

3. Voice call
The image from sumo above show exactly what I mean
Between the chat platforms you can make voice messages and send. Instead of sending text.

4. Status

This feature allows users to upload images or videos from gallery to WhatsApp Status and every contact on WhatsApp will see it. This lasts for about 24 hours before disappearing. Though, it was rumored that WhatsApp copied Snapchat status feature.

6. Location

Location was one of the features that started with WhatsApp. If enabled users can locate see using your WhatsApp .from your setting phone setting. To give permission to reset.

7. Share

As a little social network, messengers’ apps that can generate traffic through this share button. It enables users to share any kind of document accepted by WhatsApp. Like text, voice message, video, document and images.

7. Notification

From setting scroll down to notification and click on it. Set your present location and you’re done. You can also set notification pop up on the screen. Whenever someone sends message it’ll popup on the screen. To get the best from WhatsApp marketing tips and campaigns, get the WhatsApp marketing course.


8. WhatsApp Web
A web platform was designed to meet users who use laptops and desktops. After scanning qr code from phone to desktop. It will automatically generate code to allow you to access the platform. Use the desktop version with this link web.whatsapp.


9. Contact
After installing WhatsApp, you’ll see all the numbers in your contact list using WhatsApp. There you can connect. You can also run ad campaigns with your audience to chat with. It is very easy to use to get warm leads.

10. Broadcast list
Some marketers don’t know about broadcast features on WhatsApp. Broadcast list is at the top of the app, as you click on the three dots at the right hand corner of the screen. From the drop down menu, you can see a new broadcast. Tap it, create and add users to it. Then send a message. This feature is one of WhatsApp marketing tips with organic traffic.

11. Group
Right now, WhatsApp group is a very nice and easy platform to grab attention of specific people. In any niche, geo location and interest. If you have an offer and want to get a lead or audience for it in a personal way or directly.

12. Back up
Some applications do backup. WhatsApp has a feature where chats and all your activities can be backed up on cloud or phone or drive. Whichever way you want it. If you lose your device you can upload backup to a new device.


Types of WhatsApp

In this article, we are going to talk about two types of WhatsApp application. If you want to use WhatsApp effectively, learn WhatsApp marketing tips with organic traffic. Just the way I am going to show you here.

Types of WhatsApp software;


• Personal WhatsApp
This one has the features for personal use. Like text, voice call, video call and the rest. Not necessarily meant for business purposes. Though some use it for that, the limitation is the absence of automated instant feedback and some features.


Logo of WhatsApp for Business

• Business WhatsApp
We have WhatsApp for business, created mainly for business purposes. Either, B2B or B2C it works very well for all. Sometimes managing all your contacts, I mean business and personal contacts will be very complicated.

With business WhatsApp you can separate business contacts and reach them differently with your ad campaign or assign different phones to business. This app has been around for a while, organizations use WhatsApp business for marketing campaigns generating organic traffics.

It has features like;
• Business profile
• Catalog
• Messaging tools

1.Away message
When off line the automated message will respond to customers. You can use it in non business days.
2.Greeting message
If you want customers to receive a greeting first you write the message and on it.
3.Quick replies
Replies customers in case you are very business with another customer or business activities.

Labels will organize chats in an easy way. Also, customer’s chat activities.
5.Short link
With this feature you can create short links of any kind you want. Create store links and more.

Considering, this WhatsApp marketing software for marketing is a good idea because you don’t need any fee to send messages across borders, countries, any device or client or friend.

No charge is paid to communicate with thousands of customers in a day, month or year. No subscription fees. No ads campaign charges. It has unlimited marketing campaign application if you know the tips.

If you are thinking of how to track clicks on the ads?

Hold on!
It is easy by using Google URL Builder and get UTM code. Insert the link given to you after answering couple of question. Boom, good to go.

Go back to Google analytics and check how the game is played.

Everything is completely free as the air. Only data from the network carrier which is pretty affordable.

Video Tutorial about WhatsApp Marketing

A Case study of WhatsApp Marketing from klik

According to Lindsay Archibald from digital- duchess, Klik, a chocolate snack, wanted to improve its brand by targeting teenagers.
Having no inventory posted in media, the challenge was finding a way to approach

They published the Klik phone number on their Facebook page and asked their
fans to add to them to their WhatsApp group, thus they began making contact with their fans using a game similar to “Simon Says”.

The result was that more than 2,000 children added Klik to their WhatsApp group,
and 91% of them completed game missions, this way they increased its Facebook
ranking by 51%. (Digital-duchess)

A Case study from BBC News about WhatsApp Marketing

Report from Sean Bestor of Sumo said, “News outlets in Europe have used this method to build up massive followings. The best example comes from the BBC, as they set up an Ebola Crisis WhatsApp channel for users to receive up to three health alerts daily. They saw 25,000 people sign up for that group.”

Testimonial From ProfitBooks
• “No one appreciates phone calls from unknown numbers but we are more likely to respond to personal messages. When we start using WhatsApp for customer communication, we noticed better response and engagement.
• This also gives an opportunity to be little informal. For example, you’ve sent a quote to your potential customer but haven’t heard from them, what do you do? You either call them or send a followup mail using formal language. Instead of doing this, if you just send a short message on WhatsApp asking about the status, you might get a quick response.” (Copied from Sumo blog)

Learnoflix WhatsApp Marketing Course and Result

Learnoflix is the number 1 affiliate marketing platform in Africa. Where you sell online courses for B2B and B2C. Digital products like WhatsApp marketing bundle for all businesses.

Do you know that WhatsApp is now the new marketing tool because of its amazing tools available for free? The platform has grown beyond 2 billion users and keeps growing. It has helped so many businesses close sales in a mind blowing way. And guess what? Now it is the number 1 sales closing platform for every business you can imagine.
No payment for copywriting
No banning of ads
No ads campaign payment
No email sale copy
Just close sales organically by learning simple marketing tips.
Learnoflix has put together a WhatsApp marketing course to help businesses succeed online by closing 95% sales in marketing campaigns organically. With simple WhatsApp marketing tips with more simplified means of reaching customers.

In this course the tutor, Sam Harvard, has personally used it to close 880k in naira in three days of his first time using this WhatsApp marketing tips with organic traffic. He generated good profit last year without spending money on ads.


It contains 6 modules, using a detailed convenient approach to sell whatever you want to again and again. Just on WhatsApp this is an amazing secret to learn and generate even bigger sales.

Hold on,

Let me show you the courses listed here;

Module 1
• Social media concept and algorithm change
Module 2
• Some key statistics about WhatsApp
Module 3
• Building your WhatsApp contacts
Module 4
• How to engage your contacts Pt 1 (the status hack)
Module 5
• How to engage your contacts Pt 2 (The broadcast hack)
Module 6
• Use testimonials



Learn more >>> WhatsApp Marketing Tips

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The information recorded here maybe correct or may not. It was base on research from sources we found to be reliable to us. Result of companies or individuals in sales too may be different, regarding marketing on the platform. You may achieve higher or lower conversion.

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