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Have you ever wondered why some applications find their way to the top of the App Store? This article has the answer to what is the good way to app store optimization and will show you how your App can get to users. Either Google play store or iOS App store. It doesn’t matter.

Many app developers struggle with App store optimization but this time we are going to know what the good way is. One of the ways to app store is to find users key phrases and use it finding applications in your niche. 

However, there are about 5 million apps in the app store waiting to be downloaded. This is generating a lot of competition in the market. Since the market is oversaturated. 

To rank high in the app store will attract a lot of effort and strategy. If not you’ll never see the app optimize for download. We are going to see how to rank high in the App store and how to see high click through rate step by step.

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From foregoing, the focus is to optimize apps for the app store and drive tons of traffic to if during search. To do this; the app must have a unique name, title, right keywords, description, logo or icon, screenshot of app feature and quality video showing the benefit of the app in the app store.


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What is App Store Optimization

To improve the appearance of apps in a mobile store, there are many factors around it.  App Store Optimization (ASO) means the practice of improving the chances of app appearance in a mobile app store to make more download or conversion. 

From Wikipedia; “(ASO)is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app (such as an iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry or Window Phone app) in an app store(such as the App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android, Windows Store for Windows Phone or BlackBerry World for BlackBerry).”


“Just like search engine optimization (SEO) is for the websites, app store optimization is for mobile apps.”- Wikipedia

Not all apps are published for money making like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn apps.  One of the app optimization reasons is for more downloads. The more appearance with all metrics put right the chances are there for clicks and downloads. 

The process is almost like web page optimization of search engines. SEO is a typical example of App Store Optimization.

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Search engines allow only those pages that meet the ranking criteria for optimization. Though app store ranking metric ASO and SEO and not the same.  App store optimization focuses on click through rate, impression and more download of apps for financial gain. 


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App Store Ranking Factor Includes

  •                Title 
  •   Keyword
  •       Updates
  •       App description 
  •       Reviews and rating
  •             App function or purpose
  •      Download and app engagement
  •    Screenshot showing features
  •            Video explaining usefulness of app


Let’s get into details:


  • Title

What is the title of the app? This one is very necessary because it must sound close to what it functions or does. 

So that when the same keyphrase is typed; it can pop up among the millions of apps in the app store. Like you published an app on “scrabble tutorial” you don’t name it after accountant tutor game or off niche name. That is going to count you out. 

Besides, you can decide to use the brand name too and don’t forget the character limit of the title for Google play store is 50 while Apple store is 30. The point is, choose your name wisely.


  • Keyword

Don’t forget to place keyword users often use to find related apps and place it close to the title. Then, find out how to do keyword research in the app store because it will help you to get more appearance. 

App store optimization requires investment; so be ready to invest in tools that will enable more appearance and downloads.


  • Updates

        To get noticed in the app store, do regular updates of the published app and fix all the bugs. That will make Google bot know your app is functional and active.


  • App description

Metadata description is essential in the app store optimization. It gives a very clear and down to earth description of what it is. You should make it very easy to understand and show up when search is made. 

Because app store bot must crawl apps and bring the most useful describe app before downloading the audience.


  • Reviews and rating

Have you considered how to get users’ reviews? Statistics gathered show that 80% of mobile app users read reviews before download. Others also check ratings before downloading the app. 

This forms an important aspect you don’t need to ignore. App store takes records of comments and feedback. Good feedback encourages higher ranks. Quick response to feedback is the best way to edit errors found in the app.

If users leave no review on your app you can encourage leaving review or popping up review option on the app.


  • App Function or purpose

Don’t forget that app has function and purpose. They are not just developed but developed to serve a need. Properly explaining the function or purpose increases the chances of more downloads. Now, when people download an app and read it, it will attract download.


  • Download and app engagement

There is an app store optimization. One of them is to increase the chances of  app appearance and more engagement during download. 

If the app has more users download the app store will optimize it when a similar keyphase is type. The same is applicable, if it has more engagement in the app store.


  • Screenshot of app features

What is CRO? It is conversion rate optimization in the app store. That is also, one of the factors of app store optimization. When you display the feature in a screenshot. 

You have just explained what users are going to see when they download the app. Since, 50% of mobile app users download the app after first impression.

 Know users’ accepted layout. Either horizontal or vertical layout. Do A/B testing.


Make video explaining usefulness of  app

Do you always ask why most brands make video tutorials for their app? To attract so many downloads. If people watch the tutorial, they have confidence to use it. This is the reason you need a video tutorial as a guide for users. 


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Brief History of App Store

  Apply first launched its iTunes store and iPhone in the same year, 2008 with 500 apps. Google app store was also launched that same year, though then it was called Android Market. 

Apple stores currently house iOS, which is iPhone and iPad. Google play store was Android Market that supported Android OS. Since the launch, the App store has received a raise in apps from 500 as at 2008 now about 1.85 million.

Google play store has witnessed the same rise in the number of apps to above 2.56 million. The number keeps rising by the day.

It is a clear indication of the level of competition going on in the mobile app industry. Only the smart developers can really make it. About 115 million apps were downloaded in 2019 alone.

Breakdown of app store statistics

        Apple Store

  • App store has 1.96 million apps now
  • Annual mobile app download from apple store is 85 billion
  • Most downloaded app in Apple Store is Games


     For Google Play Store


  •  Number of available app now is 2.87million
  • Annual app download of apps from Play  Store is 84.3billion
  •  Most downloaded app is Games

Combined global revenue of App Store and Google Play Store is $73billion USD  

Source: Statista


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What Is The Good Way To App Store Optimization

To hit the height of the ranking app in any of the stores, it all starts with what optimization factor is put in place. Then you ask yourself, what is the good way to app store optimization?

For any of the stores, either Apple Store or Google Play Store, they are not the same but similar.

First consider,

1.) Title: Title serves as entrance to the app store. It is the first thing that comes to mind if you want to search for app and what mobile app users see on the app store. 

Find a word that is the same or similar to the app and easy to remember as the title. 

For instance, you develop a game app on mountain bike. What will people search to remember the app so easily will be ”bike”, “mountain bike” or  “mountbiker”. Think like the users before coming out with unique name. Maybe, consider making it short and simple.  


2.)Description: Description is very necessary in the app store console. As Google play store or Apple store would monitor the description to see if it is faking users or scamming. 

Make an exact description of what the app is to the users. Don’t use words that are related to; violence, hate speech, sexual content, gambling and stuff like that.


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3.) Keywords: Words or phrases which will optimize the app will people come up to find it. Similar words that contain the name of the app or feature. Walk yourself to the play store and find keyword people to find similar products in that niche and use it. Most times, it is advised to use a long tail keyword because it is less competitive. That is the good way to app store optimization.


4.) Text Screenshot and video illustration: Put screenshot pages and features in detail to explain the people. They want to know what it is. Nobody wants to download apps that don’t work. 

If they think like the users, you’ll like to put good quality graphics and video that would increase click through rate. Put a quality logo or Icon to increase the chances of ranking. Logo explains the brand. 

Icon helps to make apps stand out among similar apps in the niche and category.


5.) Rating and reviews: Personally before I download the app, I check rating and read reviews. Because I want to read the experience of users. 

If even the rating is high, I still read reviews. Tell users to give feedback and rate the app. Respond to feedback and update necessary features that need improvement.


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From the beginning of this guide to this point, everything is well explained to what is the good way to app store optimization.  Starting from the introduction of app store optimization to ranking factor.

The history of various app stores and statistics of mobile apps in the past and now. With this information provided, it becomes very easy to know the good way to app store optimization. 


Now the monetization method includes paid installation, monthly or yearly. Another way is to turn ads and make app stores send publishers to promote paid ads. On social media and Google ads. Through clicks, the app store will generate money for you and make payment to you every month.


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