What Is Google EAT And How It Affects Your Website Ranking

This article explain what is Google EAT and how it affects your website ranking factor in details. If you are still in doubt.

Google is known for rewarding quality content that is why this article is talking about what is Google EAT and how it affects your website ranking. 

Even in real life, a boss always rewards the best performing staff with a prize to encourage him to do better.

 When expertise is put into skill the result is always mind-blowing. It makes the work look professional and unique. 

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Here we are talking about Google EAT and how it affects your website ranking.  Why do you scroll past some post and stop over to read another one? 

Because it attracts your attention and it contains what you want. 

 You paused, read to the end. What am I talking about today? Google EAT and what makes it very important in Google’s algorithm.

One of Google’s  major updates back then in 2018 was E-A-T. Which was later called “the Medic update” by Barry Schwartz, SEO marketing journalist.   The nickname came because it hit most journalists in the medical industry.

Whose articles centre mainly on health, medical counsel. Though, some websites too were affected.  By way of filtering junk from quality content.  

 It also brought the acronym YMYL that means Your Money Your Life.  The quality rating regarding content. 

Then it began to be talk of the town before SEO professionals.   

Most of the contents that pop up may have the E-A-T quality and must have passed Google Search Quality Guidelines. Check Moz here for GSQRG.

In a real sense, E-A-T is a characteristic which shows that a page contains quality content and it should rank high because it’s valuable to searchers. 

Google has sets of guidelines that determine if content should rank high because it’s valuable to users. 

I’m not saying Google EAT is a ranking factor but it in some way affects website ranking.  

If your content passes the guideline test invariably you will gain more recognition.  

In my own opinion, Google appreciates your effort for what you’ve put together for a search query. As we proceed you’ll know what is Google EAT and how it affects your website ranking.

Table of contents

1.What is Google EAT
2.Why Google EAT is important
3.7 Reason EAT should be part of your content
4.How EAT concept affects your website ranking
5.How Google knows authority content
6.What is Content with expertise

Don’t be confused about what Google E-A-T and eat is. 

When Google says EAT it means Expertise, Authority and Trustworthy something pertaining to ranking valuable content in a website.

What is Google EAT?

It is an acronym for considering the content worth which in turn gives credence to your website after going through Google guideline checker. 

E-A-T is one of Google’s important algorithms which determine if your content should rank higher than others because it contains facts, figures and proves what users are seeking. 

When your content provides what benefits users it should be rewarded with credit.  

The price you pay for research should be overlooked so you deserve a good reward for a job well done.

 I’m not saying EAT is a ranking factor but it provides indirect ranking of your page and indirectly your website.

Why do I say so, if your page gets ranked; Google credit doesn’t only go to that page alone but the entire website and your brand.

Here is the E-A-T full meaning:   

  • E- Expertise
  • Authority
  • T- Trustworthiness

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 As Google search quality rates guideline is improving day by day, E-A-T factor is necessary to improve SEO and your site ranking. 

Now it is not all about the content but quality of the content. 

If the author exercises expertise, does he demonstrate authority and can the content be trusted based on the facts and figure?

 If it passes all these evaluation guidelines it can be considered valuable to searchers.

Why is Google EAT important?

This E-A-T has been there for sometime but some SEO career persons consider it to have an unimportant guideline. E-A-T is one of Google Algorithms moreover integrated into Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines ( GSQEG). 

The latter was released in 2015  and last updated in October 2020 before E-A-T update in 2018.  You can check >>>  Google search quality rater guideline here.

  1. EAT is part of Google search quality rater guideline to consider exactly what content is high or low and why it should be ranked.
  1. It has an indirect effect on the entire website ranking through webpage content.
  1. It’s not a Google ranking factor but could be one thing that enables web page appearance on search.
  1. It gives the opportunity for Google  Search Quality Guidelines evaluators to review similar  web contents of different websites  and rank the most valuable  one.                                                                            

7 Reasons Google EAT should Be Part Of Your Content                                                     


As you are reading down you can see why EAT should be ignored because it indirectly affects your website ranking.

  • EAT guidelines’ checks the webpage quality if it is worth what to deliver for search intent.
  • It evaluates the authority of the content creator, website and the content itself.
  • EAT  guideline goes into checking your experience in the subject matters and frequently you update content. 
  • Another reason is the purpose of your webpage and reputation of the author
  • Your content should be accurate, truthful, useful information that is filtered from junk and reliable to trust.
  • Also Google EAT projects your content in the midst of the crowd if it stands to give value. 


 How EAT Concept Affects Your Website Ranking      

Eating content is considered having expertise,  authoritativeness and trustworthiness.   

You know why, it is considered as what should be given to the public.  

Google focuses on value not what is written but it contains. 

You can only be rewarded ranking by reason of what exactly people want to read, watch or know.   See how EAT concepts affects your ranking

When some topic doesn’t require less formal expertise but write has a lot of experience in the subject matter.

“High E-A-T news articles should be produced with journalistic professionalism – they should contain factually accurate content presented in a way that helps users achieve a better understanding of events. High E-A-T news sources typically have published established editorial policies and robust review processes.”

How Google Knows Authority Content               

From Google Search Rater Guidelines Evaluation point of view:

  • It should be helpful to your audience or general web audience
  • The content is created by professional or experience author
  • The content should be on authority or reputable website
  • The content should have some level of trust with facts
  • Finally it should be updated frequently 
What is Content With Expertise?

“If possible, the content should be created by a high level of expertise, though “everyday expertise” from people with real-life experience is acceptable when appropriate. Pages that spread hate cause harm, misinform, or deceive users may receive a lower E-A-T rating from search evaluators” SEJ

  You should know that EAT is rated differently depending on the niche content.  

EAT content will be rated differently from entertainment websites on notable news websites. 

Since the entertainment niche is different from news sites where people want to get real life information about happenings around.

Knowing what you are talking about and presenting it in a very concise form shows you have experience in what you’re writing; that is one of the ways expertise is considered.

Below is Google Search Quality Raters Guideline quote

“Some topics require less formal expertise. Many write extremely detailed, helpful reviews of products or restaurants.

 Many people share tips and personal experiences on forums, blogs, etc.  

These ordinary people may be considered experts in topics where they have life experience to make him or her an “expert” on the topic, we will value this “everyday expertise” and not penalize the person/webpage/website for not having “formal” education or training in the field.”


As you read through this article, you can understand what Google EAT is and how it affects your website ranking in the rightway. 

Considering all these, E-AT is a guide put together by Google Search Quality Raters Evaluators to check expertise, authority and trustworthiness of web content and the author. 

Invariably how to reward a webpage  when it provides quality content. 

The author expertise, facts, trust, backlink to high profile source and reputation.

With this you can start considering quality content and the expertise in content writing to increase your content appearance. 

The fact remains unchanged that Google E-A-T guidelines stand to affect your website content if it is helpful for searchers anytime any day.    

Like, share, comment on the post let’s see how you consider this fact.


Humphrey Udoh           

Elivechat Team

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