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What is a content creation career path and how can someone become prolific digital content writer? As inbound marketing focuses on content creation, it starts with what the writer has in mind before facing the screen.Internet readers are searching daily for quality content. If you can make your seat with content creation and providing valuable, user centered content for your business or organization.


You may become the next brand.  Content attracts audience in any niche; either  photography, health, social media, digital marketing or whatever. It depends on individual development and goals.   

When you enchant people, your goal is not to make money from them or to get them to do what you want, but to fill them with great delight.

Guy Kawasaki


Several career path in content marketing are available right on before you, when you delve deep into internet.  First, you’ll know where you fit; if when people comment your content on social media and other places. Maybe simple write up, video, image that you just uploaded brought massive contribution.  That’s an indication of where you pitch. 

Ninety-one percent of business-to-business (B2B) professionals use content marketing as part of their strategy.” – Maggie Butler

Let’s dive down to business;

1.) What  is content?

 2.) What is a content creator?

3.) What is  content creator career  path?

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Any document that appeals user’s attention and  adds value, it’s creative, educative and informative also entertaining.Responsive web pages, fonts, beautiful themes well designed user interface cannot bring the cash.     When you think about content you talk about money, profit and brand. – Humphrey Udoh For YouTube is video, Instagram is photo, FaceBook is images, text, video, animation, gif and anything. The list is endless.

What made “ YouTube $16-$25 billion in annual revenue: Netflix raked $18 billion revenue in a year?”  What about Google, FaceBook, Twitter and the rest.

 All these “Digital Titans” made hugged revenue  because of content. 

The full detail of content marketing is written here; http://www.elivechat.com.ng/the-power-of-content-marketing


Content creator is a professional who creates media content for publication in any digital marketing settings.  It could be in any form of media document but focus on ends user.

 No matter what responsive website you put up, if you don’t develop user base organized content; visitors will most likely back out.  People go online because of content, you read this post because it is content and I publish this stuff as content.Internet itself is content, everybody likes content.What goes viral online is content.  Ultimately, it brings conversion of product or service to any organization. 

The king of the internet is content; so everybody say “content is King.”

I recalled, discovering a restaurant in my neighborhood where food served to customers is almost calling for come back.  After my  first patronage, the young man who created this idea; decided to sit down waiting for meal any day before launch hour. Considering content creator; you’ll think of meticulous, creative thinker  who likes innovative stuffs..Who can think, research, create, plan, organize and publish interesting content.There’s always a person(s) behind viral content. 


 The money is in content and content is the money – Humphrey Udoh  

Besides, content writing could be done a thousand and one ways.     Contemporary tools available online allows anybody to write content, if the craft is developed.  We know all internet users write content.    

A New York Times best-selling author,  said Sharing content isn’t enough. Engaging with the content you’re sharing now makes it unique to you.Guy Kawasaki

But the career is not for all. Now you know what I mean.


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Content creator career  path is one finest skill people use to tell their brand story.

Digital marketing outsider will never understand career areas in content creator.

  • Content   Researcher
  • Content   Creator
  • Content   Planner (Strategist)
  • Content   Developer
  • Content   Editor
  • Content   Publisher
  • Content   Executive

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  • Be inspired: getting inspired actually that is drive before you start to put things down.
  • Know your audience: whatever industry you try to pitch, know what the audience need and give them. Be it visual audience, text, audio, photos, emojis, gifs or whatever.
  • Network with others:by joining forum, social media groups, feeds  meeting with polish minds can make grow into big shot in the profession.
  • Self developer: taking a job role of content writing involves becoming versatile is gathering information from multiple medium .  Both in your industry and outside.
  •  Read wide, getting to feed your mind with whole  lot of information. News about industry, related industry and others
  • Time manager: very conscious on plan program to meet target.
  • Basic knowledge of SEO( Search Engine Optimization): with fundamental SEO knowledge, tweaking key phrases wouldn’t  be any problem. 
  • Understand the working and usefulness of CMS in content creation(CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

There are many qualities content developer needs presently, because of rising need of content and industry challenges.

  • Must must be able  to write 
  • Must be able to speak fluently
  • Must be able work with others or team members.
  • Must be well organize
  • Must be a good planner
  •  Internet adept  and its tools
  • Possesses basic knowledge of some programming languages
  • Must be a creative thinker and open minded fellow 
  • Must be flexible to  accept new trends

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  Some of content creator  responsibilities are;
  • Create content copy for industry or organization publication
  • Use  industry expert’s voice and testimony as article  
  • Research ideas for  related topics
  • Prepare appealing user’s centered  content
  • Know  your KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
  • Share content in multiple digital media in different format
  • Meticulous proofreader and content editor
  • Publish and monitor content performance on various digital media’s
  • Measure performance statistics and user’s engagement
  • Collaborate  with marketing team to meet conversion goals

I may not of have shared your opinion, neither views because of many factors and consideration. That’s why comment box is created. Help touch somebody live with your knowledge.

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