Top Free Business Advertising SIlites You Need To Know


Joining top free business advertising sites is alternative way to reach wider coverage.

 Especially when you are on low budget or thinking about getting more international recognitions.

 Many of this sites,  are not popular so people  don’t know they exist; others may be popular though.  


Top free business advertising sites


 However, I’m going to list many of them in this article for readers to access and advertise business for free. 

Some of these sites offer free and paid advertising service’s.   When you get these sites take advantage of their free offer, get more leads and make profit.

Here are the websites;

  1. Adsglobe
  2. Adlandpro
  3. 10dayads
  4. Adpost
  5. Bookoo
  6. Close5
  7. Craigslist
  8. Facebook
  9. Finder master
  10. Geebo
  11. Oodle
  12. Obszone
  13. Pennysaver
  14. Salespider

Okay, let’s walk into details alphabetically;

   1.) ADSGLOBE  (free)

Adsglobe top free business advertising site
Adsglobe top free business adverting site


I signed up on the site, the same day I advertised. It is believed to be classified ads site that is available for users globally. 

Though base in U.S ; anybody can sign up, activate email.

 Start displaying ads in their geographical or specific location globally.

  Elivechat-Buyer persona template for audience targeting-

The ads are displayed  free according to ads category.

Business can also be listed with video link. 


The maximum ads display is 12 per day, but don’t repeat ads in another state or category that’s the rule.   

Ads are allowed to stay for 30 days before disappearing.


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2.) Adlandpro advertisers (free/paid) since 1998


Adlandpro provides alternative sign up with facebook to create  ads account. It takes few steps to advertise here. 


Elivechat-Buyer persona template for audience targeting-


The ads placement are weight loss, health tips, computer, network marketing and informational products and more. 


Adlandpro ads category includes; foodstuffs, health, jewelry, electronics,  real estate, musical instrument, cosmetics etc.

Better still,  they’ve provided affiliate program for anybody to join. You get $1 for every click and 1000 credit unit of clicks to their site earn you $5.  Don’t overlook this great opportunity join today.


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    3.) 10dayads

This is classified ads posting sites that provides users opportunity to publish ads in single or multiple places. Buy, sell or trade platform. 

They forbid illegal and scam ads; which make them very unique on the space.    Launched to reach right business people and target audience so you don’t need worry about no result.   Android users can download their app on their website and place ads on mobile phone. Making ads placement easier for mobile users.    Items here are listed on 10 days only.  

Video ads section is available too. So that you see how goods  works. The choice is yours. Some of their category includes; appliances, electronics and automobile etc.

          4.) Adpost (Free)



Adpost is classifieds ads site that has about 30 million monthly page view.   Featured section includes; home and offices, vehicles, business, consumer, arts and crafts section and more. 


 Available  globally, so you can reach wider audience with them.

Also,they created forum and offers affiliate program.  

Has very simple user interface and being around from 1995 till date. 


5.) Bookoo (free)


 This Bookoo too is free online ads site. Anybody  can place ads to 2.6 million viewers within their local community. Have access to buy and sell  mostly used items like clothes to neighbors around. 

How does it work? Buyer would contact seller, arrange to meet at a place and make payment. 

No need for shipping just within your neighborhood.   Family-friendly ads platform. Category includes; furniture, fitness and sports, tools and antiques.

Sign up available for Europeans, Asian countries and  United States.  

Create account by signing up for unlimited account for more views. 

Post yard from used wardrobe items. Receive call or email, sell item and cash out.

 Bookoo app is available on Google Playstore.


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6.) Close5 (free)


As I checked CLOSE5, it’s very clear that they operate locally. That gives you opportunity to advertise business to reach people within your radius. You buy, sell receive money  without shipping.


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7.) Craigslist

One  of the famous classified ads website of international reputation. 

They provide section for jobs, community, events, services, housing and the rest. They strictly avoid scam and fake ads. 

According to their policy do not flag or reporting processes of Craigslist. However, any act of black hat to by pass moderation may lead to termination of account. 

 An open source application available for sign globally. You can download Craigslist app on Google Playstore or App Store.



8.)Facebook (free/paid)  


It’s no longer news that Facebook is mother of all social media. Having about 2.38 or more active monthly users; great opportunity any business can leverage for wider view. 

Moreover, Facebook has almost any kind of niche.

Maybe you create a business page call  it “Green Travel & Tourism”. Sign up the business as a  Facebook user, then start to advertise your service.

How?  Sign up “Green Travel & Tourism, put your business photo and join travel and tourism related groups of 10,000 members and above on Facebook.

Add friends from those groups; after reaching 5,000 friends and above on your profile’s page.

Start advertising your business on as post to these audiences.

 Since your friends are exclusively travel and tour friends, some  will likely patronize your services.

Better still, open face business account on to get the very best of paid adverts.

You can contact me, if you need help. 

I’ll set it up and make sure you get the best out of it.


9.) Finder master (free)


You can sign up on Findermaster classified ads website to post  list of items for free. In the various category; multimedia, automobile, household products, real estate, jobs offer and more.

Finder master focus mainly on buying and selling,  rendering services like legal, barbers etc. 


Advert placement is available on their front page. You  can reach your locals or international audience today. By adding product on the  add listing section. Looks like it’s own by South African.


10.) Geebo (free)


Beautiful looking and responsive website that display classified ads.

launched in U.S, since 1999.     

Having wide range of products in their category; merchandise, construction & farm equipment, Real estate, rentals & roommates and vehicles and more.

 Items can just be posted freely or searched on their home page. 

Their user friendly interface allows you to navigate every section on the site without  stress.


        11.) Oodle

 The second largest online marketplace for classified ads in U.S.  Having about 12 million active monthly visitors, with Alexa rank of 45,294. Their app is available for Android and iOS users.

 Founded  2004  in California but launched in 2005.

Categories include; dogs, office space, services, cars, merchandise and much more.

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12.) Obszone

Obszone is another classifieds  ad posting website which provides opportunity for free global sign up.

 Where people can buy, sell and advertise business in various categories spanning from, smart devices, automobiles, electronics, jobs and more. 

Advertising is completely free on Obszone

They’re reaching out to 15 countries and thousands of cities globally. 

Since its launched in 2017, Obszone kept growing from U.S and beyond.

Connecting buyers to sellers and listing businesses for free. 

The biggest platform for free classified ad industry and still  improving by adding more digital marketing professionals to meet growing community on this space.  

 Get the best salesfunnel; one time fee for MagickFunnels (DFY)                 


13.) PennySaver


For 50 years Pennysaver have built businesses in the locals around U.S. 

The largest direct mail publication known in U.S.   Launched after the great depression till date, still focuses on  buying and selling why businesses sign up for free.

Having 1 million active monthly visitors on their space.

They offer business on various categories like; merchandise, cars & vehicles, jobs, real estate pets and services. 


14.) Salespider( free)

The number 1, business social network for free business ads  campaign. Featuring several categories; like ebooks, electronics, health and nutrition, kitchen supplies, shoes and lots more. 

Do you know that, Sales Spider is North American  business social network launched in U.S for small and medium sized businesses.  

For the sole aim of helping Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMBs)  grow sale maximize profit.  

Having members of about 2.1 million with quarterly increase of hundred of thousands.

Sales Spider mission statement our mission is to harness the power of interactivity to make daily life easier and more productive for people all over North America and the world”

This advertising site is exclusively for buy, sell and adverting. 

Free to join by anyone anywhere.

Moreover, their webpages’s have accounted to receiving millions active visitor’s globally each quarter.  Here is the link to reach SaleSpider  members  for business transactions.




Free classified ads sites for business activities. U.S base buying and selling market place, now  offers ecommerce solutions too.

Anybody can sign up for free and do business on their site.

Since 1999 they launched their first campaign, they’ve been consistent till date., has helped numerous businesses grow in the U.S. 

You can sell with them in this way; sign up, create ads,  fixed price and negotiate price with buyer.

When agreement is reached, sale could be done privately anywhere.

You can activate and deactivate your ads anytime but ads  placement must be with quality images which provide better chance to sell.  

Seize this opportunity to start listing your business to get wider audiences. 

With all these sites I’ve listed, maybe you want to contribute some more which I omitted.  Comment below let’s help others take their businesses to the next level. 


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Humphrey   Udoh


Elivechat  Team


Also read; exactly-is -digital-marketing-and-its-career-path/


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