Top Affiliate Marketing Trends In 2022 And Beyond For Brands


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In this top affiliate marketing trends you’ll get to know recent statistics for 2022 and beyond.

It is no longer news that affiliate marketing is a booming industry.

One of the biggest digital industries and easy to start business so far is affiliate marketing.

In 2020 Affiliate marketing will reach a $6.8 billion industry.

Not fewer than 81% of brands have accepted affiliate marketing.

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Record shows that affiliate marketing spending keeps on increasing by 10% every single year.

Because of the increase in demand for retail products 38% of marketing brands think it is best fit for them.

Think about selling a thousand of your products in a month alone and more people selling 10% more in volume.

See how trending statistics of affiliate marketing, it should give assurance that from 2022 and beyond the market will raise in revenue.

Do the mathematics, and know the amazing results you’ll have.

Top Trending Affiliate Marketing Statistics in 2022

  • One of the top acquisition channels by 38% of marketers is affiliate marketing.

Most businesses are beginning to see the potential in affiliate marketing and its ability to grow their revenue.

Just in 5 years, affiliate marketing has grown 52% with no sign of coming down.

  • ShareAsale has been found to be the second largest affiliate marketing program holder which is 49% of the market share. Running 5,594 affiliate marketing programs.
  • Publishers recognized the potential of affiliate marketing,  that’s why 84% of them derived their revenue from it.
  • Statistics discovered that 16% of online ordering comes from affiliate marketing.
  • Domestic Affiliate marketing size in Japan in 2021 is about 349 billion Japanese yen, estimated to be 514 billion in 2025.
  • From Affiliates marketing worldwide survey in 2021, revealed that almost one out of six affiliates earn about $50k while 4% of affiliates earn up to $150k in revenue. Others to make about $10k.
  • According to Statista in 2021, Amazon affiliate marketing network is the leading . Amazon Associates is the biggest affiliate marketing network worldwide. 

Having over 900 thousand affiliates followed by ShareAsale with 700 thousand affiliates.

  • In 2021 the report shows that blogging is the favorite channel for affiliate marketing campaigns by brands. Followed by review and thirdly coupon’s sites. That is 28%, 18.7% and 14.8% in percentage.
  • Global industry research shows that about 50% of brands pay their affiliates 48.9% as commission.
  • 17% B2C Influencer marketers in the UK says that they used Sponsored content, and 15% say competition and giveaways. It was a survey report for the spring of 2022.
  • Report published by Lai Lin Thomala in August 2022, shows some social media marketing strategies by Luxury brands. Douyin & Kuaishou boost sales using affiliate marketing with live streams. 

While Givenchy, Giorgio Armani and the rest made 60% of their sales using referral links through live streaming.

  • According to Princeton University, about 0.67% of YouTube videos contain one affiliate link.
  • Tradedoubler said 74% of consumers trust social networks to help them with purchase decisions.
  • Influencer Marketing Hub, discovered that about 30% demand  for affiliate marketing using Search Engine Marketing in 2021
  • Affiliate marketing influencer with Instagram name Millionaire Mentor (Jason Stone), made $7 million in a year promoting other people’s products on Instagram. Source:

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These facts and figures are selected from reliable sources to help you know the goldmine inside affiliate marketing.

So far, the top trending affiliate marketing statistics show that the industry will attract more brands and influence from 2022 and beyond.

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