Top 7 Ways To Make Money With Facebook Professional Mode 

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It is no longer news that there are 7 Ways you can make money from Facebook Professional Mode.

This is purely organic means of making money on Facebook.

Maybe you are still not aware that making money on Facebook as a content creator or influencer is free.

If you have an audience who likes, knows and trusts you on Facebook, this information is for you.

These new Meta updates came as a surprise because many people never expected them.

Facebook rolled out this idea to reward content creators and influencers who have huge fans.

The major benefactors are video creators who often make Reels to engage their audiences.

The influencers who normally go live on Facebook.

This new Meta update is not associated with every country.

Either is it for every account on Facebook.

Facebook has set up community standards regarding these updates.

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They consider creators with certain kinds of audiences, amount of content engagements.

Before they enabled it.

If you want to get Facebook Professional Mode on your Profile, read on.

What is Facebook Professional Mode?

Like the word “Professional” it goes with someone who is a career expert or technical individual.

Facebook professional mode is a feature made for content creators to make money with their contents.

Like live videos and reels made to engage your followers.

With this kind of content created for your audiences, getting a professional dashboard is certain.

Making money on Facebook has become so easy too.

However, it comes with certain community standards.

There are criteria you must meet before Facebook will allow it to appear on your profile dashboard.

Having said that, let’s dive into the practical ways.

You can set up this stuff for yourself.

Know that Facebook Professional Mode can be switched to personal mode too.

Just like Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok and the rest are doing now.

How to switch over to Facebook Professional Mode On mobile

  • Go to your profile page 
  • Click your profile image
  • You will see three dotted line, click on it
  • It will take you to Facebook profile page
  • Check your dashboard to see if it is found
  • Enable it 

Then  you wait for some time to see it appear on your profile dashboard.

Desktop Facebook Professional Mode Setup

  • Go to your profile
  • Click profile section menu and the header

Screenshots from Facebook page

What to expect when you turn on professional mode

  1. Who can follow button will be made public.

 The meaning of this is that anybody can follow you on Facebook.

The number of audience who can follow up will become unlimited

  1. You will then have profile category setting

The default category is set to be “digital creator” . You write what you want in it.

But can be changed to whatever seems good for you.

  1. Audience insight feature

Immediately Facebook Professional Mode start showing, audience insight feature will be seen.

This will enable you see how your audience interact with your content.

Professional dashboard will be created for you to manage your audience insights.

  1. Ability to Monetize Your Content

What is in it for you? As a creator, you can make money with Facebook Professional Mode.

Like making money with Facebook Reels, Stars, Facebook live and advertising.

Your storefront product can be listed on your profile page.

The list is endless. With this professional mode, you can run advert for only your audience and more.

How To Monetize Your Facebook Professional Mode

Atfterall, a business wants to make money out of everything he comes across.

Having said that, the top ways to make money out of Facebook Professional Mode are as follow:

  1. Facebook Reels

There’s possibility that Facebook Reels is a game changer. 

Because Facebook Professional Mode now make it to be monetize by creating short video for your Followers to watch.

You can be paid for upto $35k monthly as a creator of Reels.

Just to check your professional dashboard and know what kind of audience you have.

The kind of video the most lto engage with that would make money for you.

  1. Profile Monetization

The professional profile mode has features like audience insight where you see your most engaging content and send the video to Reels.

You can drop a link to download freebies for those who are following for the first time.

Maybe it is your about-you, your skills and what prospects should expect from you. All these things can be listed on your profile page.

  1. Lead magnet

Do you have a lead magnet? Facebook digital creator account now helps you place a lead magnet for your Followers to get into your funnels.

Create an email list with it and sell your products.

One of the things you can do with Facebook Professional Mode is to make money.

Here is an opportunity you don’t want to let go. 

If you can create a lead magnet for first time followers to get into your offer, it is worth it.

  1. Facebook Live 

Here’s something you can do to monetize Facebook Professional Live mode.

Allow instream ads on your live videos and make sure you get paid for it.

Is a matter of structuring where and where you want your audience to see ads on your Facebook Live.

Doing that would make your audience see niche ads while watching live videos and you keep getting paid months of months.

If this is a cool way to make money from Facebook Professional Mode. Ride on it fast.

  1. Facebook Star

Facebook Star is a reward you get as a content creator from an audience who watches your Live and Reels.

When enabled viewers can reward you with Star which you can convert to cash after accumulation.

If you appreciate those who purchased stars for you it will encourage them to reward you with more Star next time.

Make them smile, show them some love, make them happy and do whatever seems likable to keep engaging with your content.

Because you have made them your loyal audience as an influencer.

This is one of the ways to grow your fanbase.

  1. Catalog listings

On your profile page, there is no limit on what you can do.

If you are an ecommerce product dealership or catalog listings for your products.

Nothing stops you from listing what you do with prices on your Facebook Professional Mode.

Because you want to monetize your skills and products.

You can make offers and discounts for first time followers on a monthly basis.

There are more to this monetizing feature. That would make money for you.

  1. Call to action on header

Creating a call to action with Facebook Professional Mode is not hard.

Unless you don’t want it. 

With your professional header nothing stops you from creating “shop now”, “buy now” or “get offer” as a call to action.

Make your header window to your store and take in the money out of it.


Facebook Professional Mode is not yet in every country. Even if it’s in the US and some other countries.

There are criteria to get Facebook professional mode.

If you fall below the community standards, don’t expect to see professional mode appearing on your profile.

It is meant for creators and influencers who have a large following and meet the standard for Facebook Professional Mode.

Before I finish this article, Facebook just approve me to have a professional mode.

Just congratulate me in the comments section if you want to have yours too and ask me how I did it if you want to know more.

If you have any questions about how to monetize Facebook Professional Mode or related stuff, comment below.

Like, share comments and follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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