Top 4 Google Quality Raters Guidelines: In The New Announcement

In Google new Announcement we have top 4 quality raters updates you need to know.

It seems some are yet to understand how Google quality rater guideline works. Google’s new announcement has much to tell. 

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Before I start, have you ever imagined how Google comes about rating content for searchers? 

More than 3.5 billion searches are made daily. With different intentions.  

The search engine is there to help people find solutions or results to their needs. 

If the result is inaccurate, incomplete or misleading it becomes a big problem. 

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For that not to happen evaluators are employed to test what the algorithm does to search intent.  

As we know individual searches vary from place to place. Depends on what information they need.  It maybe:

  • Academic research
  • Medical report
  • Financial information 
  • Statistics of social activities
  • Shopping
  • Tutorial 
  • Others related to food and health etc

Table of content

1.What is search quality rating
2.Purpose of search quality rating
3.The Google raters announcement

What is Search Quality Rating?

 It is the act of rating a project (website, video, stores, web content)  in a locality or geo location  according to Google’s guidelines and evaluation standard. 

The officer is called the evaluator who carries out a project assigned to him or her and give feedback to Google as a report.  

  • Search quality rating
  • Page quality rating
  • Needs met rating

Well, there are many ways it is being done. With about  10,000 evaluators across the globe from Africa, Asia, Europe, to America we have these evaluators whom Google has mandated to review web content and rating.  

Sometimes it could be Page Quality (PQ) another time it could be Need Met (NM) rating and the rest.

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Purpose Of Search Quality Rating

Based on certain criteria.  Which is called Google quality rating Guidelines (GQRG)?   

Although, the purpose is to know, measure how the search algorithm is performing. Regarding different versions of information being available in multiple languages and formats.

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   Google Raters are giving opportunities to try old and new versions of search  updates  to verify how effective the update is regarding the algorithm performance. 

Moreover, from what evaluators are doing “the guidelines are used to train human search quality evaluators whose feedback is benched marked and used to inform future Google algorithm updates.”

To also ensure the content contains trustworthiness and authoritativeness.

Add your website to active results page Search Engine

Search engines exist to help people find what they are looking for. .

“To do that, a search engine must provide a diverse set of helpful, high quality search results, presented in the most helpful way. “

The Google Raters Announcement Are Listed below:

  1. ) Low page Quality

There’s an update related to low page categories.

If the content could cause harm, hate speech or intended to defraud or traumatize someone.

What should be considered as harmful content are pages with malicious content, deceptive or misleading information. “

Google has made meaningful updates regarding upsetting and offensive content; if the searchers within geolocation find it so.

Some of its illustration includes;

  • Hate speech
  • Suicidal 
  • Dehumanizing
  • Malicious
  • Harmful and evil suggesting 
  • Fake and substantial product 

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  1. ) Reputation Information search and Measurement

Another announcement concerning reputation management boils down to investigation of reputation of content creators. Followed  by the website itself.

In the area of “stores” and “reviews” positive reviews indicate a good reputation about the store’s trustworthiness.

Users’ reviews show the reputation of a website. Either it contains E-A-T content or not.

Now,  coming to reputation measurement.  The updates to  articles  with the author’s biological information stand to gain high reputation.

  1. ) Google revamps YMYL to  include a group of people.  Examples includes;
  • Caste
  • Sex and Gender 
  • Expression of Gender
  • Immigration Status 
  • Victims of major violet event
  • Any other event that is connected ethnic marginalization 
  1. ) Adjustment of Screenshot, Wordings, URLs  and  Typos 

It is necessary to refresh pages, update information and all in the same line and arrange in consistency. 

Any illustration that is obsolete should be updated, typo corrected and the like.


This google update directly searches the intention and the result they are expecting. 

Search results should be concise, authoritative, trustworthy and helpful.

 Finally, the content writer should have some level of knowledge, expertise and experience to create trust before the readers.

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