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Internet marketing tools enable fast and easy money for business. 

Every smart people now come online to hustle. There are top internet tools for marketing. The good side is, internet tools enable marketers boost profit at very fast speed.   

Regardless of age, profession, class, background or geographical location.  

However, many people struggle to make money because of wrong tools. Internet space uses electronically powered  tool called software or application design by people or organization. Using the right tool to boost your business very fast mean a lot. 

Since, tools are program to work  smartly around the clock and are automated. Internet enables people  to work smartly and not harder.

There are many tools needed for money making, either beginner or nerd on the cyberspace.  Remember, right tools are like square peg in a square hole.


Let’s ride on…



Starting the internet begins with search engine, whatever browser you happen to use.

Many search engines are available on the cyberspace but Google is the king search engine because of its versatility and robust application.

Google search can give detail of every niche you want and comprehensive list of website, blog, pdf, video, images of that niche. Even translated to any language of your choice.  That’s why “Google is your friend” in any yon want to know. 


However, there’re other search engines like,,, Yandex, and Yippy search.

All these are free.


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             (Free and paid) 

  Keyword is unique word that helps searchers find your pages and ranking. listed below are some keyword tools paid and free. 

  • use when you need to search longtail keyword to target and retarget customers.
  • Google Keyword Planner (free)  since result comes from google, it does give exact accuracy for marketing. 
  • Browseo(free) see you your website like the view of search engine 
  • Similarweb(free/paid), help compare between two sites traffic performance
  • Spyfu (paid) use to research competitors most ranking keywords. Recommended for highly saturated niche like digital marketing.
  • Ahrefs(free/paid)  happens to be the best keyword planner every SEO expert or content creators needs.  Having suggestion accuracy of over 1000 keywords.






Everybody on the internet belongs to one niche or the other. Knowing the people on your niche demands the use of Facebook audience (insight free).

First you’ll create Facebook ads account , free from

Have your ad account set up and start checking your audience from page like, website visit to demography, behavior, interest and look alike audience. 


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      (Paid Plan)      

There are whole lot of domain name selling site flooding the internet.

But I’ll advice that you choose the one that suit your budget and specification. Choose name connected to your niche or unique brand name. 

Some domain company are; Dreamhost, Godaddy, Siteground, Namecheap, Bluehost some are pretty low fee on budget. Like GoDaddy.Com, and are pretty on budget for beginners.



Hosting is where your website files will be stored.

First check the cost of .com or any other then, disk space, speed and the rest. Also, check customer service support or better still check Google for hosting company that meets your specification.  FLYWHEEL  very good  domain company, they are one of the best in the market.



Dreamhost can deliver if you really need better result and standard service delivery. 

Get Dreamhost affordable and award winning webhost>>>






WordPress is not the only content management system(cms) but is the best for now.

WordPress blog sign up

 Open source, user friendly, pretty easy for beginner and expert to build website or blog. With just click of the button it is installed. 

Very popular on the space; about 25% of websites are design on WordPress. free sign up


Others  site builders are Drupal, Joomla and Dreamweaver etc.

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 You can create content on many software like; Microsoft word, Google doc, sheets, forms and slides. (free)

Consider using Google online suit can do whole lot content creation jobs for you. Like survey, chat, remainder and data survey etc.


Other tools to use;

Grammarly (free/paid)-spelt checker  

Headline Analyzer (free) help keep your headline captivating and eye catching.

Placeit(paid) help to improve image appearance on different devices like tablets, mobiles and desktop. 





                           Filezilla (free)

Sometimes file transfer can be boring form pc to site backend but with filezilla files transfer become pretty easy. 

Upload files from workstation just by drag and drop into website.

download filezilla from link above.


Though, you can upload via standard window explorer or direct upload  through control panel to targeted position.






Canva performs wonderfully well in creating images from scratch for social media advertisement.

     Sometime it’s good to create your images.

Pic monkey

Paint 3D

Window photos

GIMP (free) go for beginners






Do you know files are very important and if one get corrupt or missing, you can never retrieve. I’ll advice, try save document in the cloud. 

Which helps retrieve data from any device if you used multiple devices like me.  Good side is they’re free except WPS which has free and paid. see applications like

Dropbox(playstores) can get from various playstores.


Google drive (Android) integrated into android smartphone.

OneDrive (Microsoft Window OS) helps store document from window pc space. 

MEGA App (Google playstore) help store heavy files like videos.

Wps (Google Playstore) helps create document and store into cloud. Free version is 2GB






There are severally sales funnels use in generating, tracking, keeping leads.  That will help you track and retract them again and again.

  • leadPages
  • Instapage
  • MagickFunnels
  • Clickfunnels
  • OptimizePress
  • Thrives Themes

Clickfunnels can easily fast track, optimize sales within shortest period. Though you pay between $97,$197,$297, that’s pretty huge for beginners.


Recently, I  stumble upon fastest selling traffic warrior plus sales funnel- MAQICKFUNNELS.  

Sold out above 2,500 just this year alone. Done for you(DFY) funnels. Beginner friendly, training and more inside.


Automated funnels that generates instant buyer traffic and recurring sales up to $1,200 daily proven. Without monthly fees.  Just$19. 97 with $2 discount price. 

 Get the best funnel>>MAGGICK FUNNELS






Every marketer needs email list or subscribers which in turn targeted ads can get to. Building huge mailing list brings about gig sales but you must know what your doing.  

Recent data shows email marketing falling for chatbot marketing.

Aweber (paid) send constant mailing to every subscriber and informing them about new product or updates.

See purchase link:

  • Mailchip(paid)
  • Optinmonster(paid)
  • ConstantContact(paid)
  • Putsmail(free)






How business make huge sales without selling product?

For this to work you need to use ecommerce on your blog or you create one. If you want to start ecommerce business.

Here are few software for you in case you have no idea which…

  • Woo commerce (free) best plugin on wordpress space that convert sales with proven result. Drag and drop plugin with beginner friendly features. If you need it search YouTube for tutorial.
  • Samcart(free) beginner friendly to increase sales from your front when you have massive mobile users.
  • Menugem (free) mostly for restaurant menu order form for locals when booking is made from facebook page.





Online marketing  has grown to the height where everything is done smartly. Looking at this the competition online is very high therefore businesses are looking for smart tools to get things done with high profit margin.

Cliptasia makes video producton very easy without previous experience. Instantly create and sell  video with ROI. 

Almost every video marketer says video boost their  engagement and sales.

Millions of searches are done daily for video alone on YouTube.

But few people make video. Due to its complexity, time consuming and cost effective process.

Here is video making tools that simplify all of that with one time small fees.

Click here for the app:

Cliptasia can train and teach you how to sell very fast with proven record. All done for you(DFY)

Hence, you get 100%value for money . It help you make exclusive video; great background music, effects, style and wonderful font which appear very professional. Even a beginner can do without website knowledge.

Check it out:







The most popular video hosting platform is YouTube, having 5 billion  daily views. YouTube is absolutely free even channel creation.

Having average of about 1 billion  daily views on mobile phone alone. Since it’s free, people create channel to host video daily which has made YouTube the second largest search engine. Now has become the largest video sharing social media site. So, having your presence here will make great impact.

Channel owners who monetize make huge some of income from views.      

Advertisers too, use it to reach large population people.

YouTube is an educational video sharing tool every online marketer needs.  

Vimeo, Camtasia studio and are awesome places to host video too. 

Though not free.







Technology has us  enable us do manythings easily. Recording  computer screen has now pretty easy with camtasia free version or paid.  Go get it:>>>

Login, record your screen with voice or without voice depending on what you want. Edit file, save and export as video.




Having a place to organize content and task  properly is very necessary. Trello has what it takes to do that with no cost.

Keep also, can do the task correctly for you. Though KEEP is own by Google and compactable with Smartphone, tablet or PCs. It helps keep calendar of to-do-list through browser homepage settings when online. It’s a good remainder.






 Skype (free) helps to communicate live one-on-one with online either smartphone or PC. To see exactly who is communicating with you on the other  end. However,be ready to consume a lot of data for value.


Whatsapp (free)  even though a messenger app, it has its video calling feature which made people communicate live for free. The bad side is you can not see the caller face, only profile picture will display.






What can help send any type of message (video,audio,gif,document) reaches the receive for free.

  • Whatsapp (free) you can send instant message about business or any kind of information, to people anywhere when online.

Whatsapp business has even does  it better by giving support to customers. Helping small, medium and large organizations to communicate business.


  • Telegram (free) this messaging app is awesome, it’s like advance messaging app which ensure scammers are label and block on a group or channel. Group’s and channel can have up to 120 thousand users if not more unlike whatsapp.

Provide exclusives emojis, gifs and more for users. Helps brands create Chatbots feature to broadcast messages to reach more a million users without issues.


  • Messenger (free) though connected to Facebook initially now independent app is working almost exactly as Whatsapp. However, it seems to have advance marketing features which turnout to be next level chatbot marketplace for businesses. Advertisers have always  make huge profit on messenger.








  • Demio  it appears to be one of the best webinar tools on the internet now. It offers automated and live section for participant.



  • Live Streaming (free) now available on Facebook, Instagram,YouTube and some  other social media network platform.


  • GoToWEBINAR(paid) having webinar training or conference live anywhere but you must fix local time. If you help  notify participants by sending them remainder emails that will enable massive turn out and you’ll get value for your money. You can also send recording  to those who couldn’t make it.






Building software for brand is very easy if you know where to get it done.

    • Fiverr (Paid) Just $5or $10 You Do Your Project On, Ranging From Logo, Banner, Website, Video And More.


  • Upwork virtual assistance (VA) work are mostly outsource here coding, designing and graphics and more but your skills must be tested.
  • Freelancer people visits here to make their project or sign up as virtual assistance. 
  • People Per Hour works here are paid in euro but almost works like fiverr.
  • Micro Workers skill jobs here are easy; you must pass their  online test before jobs will be given. Their pay is small but is better than  nothing.






Almost everybody knows about social media network. However, it seems not every marketer have idea about how to leverage social media space for business. Read more about social media on my previous post

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube
  • Reddit etc

Social media is the best place to get started with online business because it has huge population and buyers you can never image. Sign up for almost all social media that matches your niche.






This is where many online businesses and brands find it hard time getting it.

SEO is not for kids. Almost like rocket science, because many things are involve to bring brand before front page of billions searchers on search engines.  Money, knowledge, expertise and experience. 


  • Alexa (free/paid) compare your site to competitor’s site and optimize for better ranking.
  • All-in-one-SEO Pack (free) plugin from wordpress, don’t neglect it if you WordPress.
  • Google page speed insight (free) to check analysis website page speed.
  • Ahrefs (free/paid) is a backlink checker tool. Help check top domain backlinks.
  • Spyfu (paid) spy competitor’s most successful keywords.
  • QuickSprout (free/paid) learn about your competitor’s site and out rank them.
  • SEMRush (paid) help to keep you at top of search engine ranking by revealing competitor’s strategies and suggest keyword to use. 
  • Similarweb (free/paid) everything about your competitors by comparing between two websites traffic. 





             Zapier (paid)


Admittedly, zapier can make different tools work together. Like email list, survey, autoresponder etc. By creating automated system.






  • Shopify
  • EcomDash
  • Woo commerce
  • Amazon
  • Ebay

Sell your product to large population of buyers globally can only be possible if you have reputable platform. like signing up from big brands listed here. Upload storefront that look amazing will definitely profit you. The biggest niche is E-commerce solution now. Fastest money spinning niche everybody wants to belong. 

Last year I ordered some products from eBay to Nigeria and discovered that the seller is a Chinese but has store at EBay. 

Read also;






Binance  presently, digital currency has become part of transaction. Bitcoin still remain the most expensive coin on this space, almost every exchanger allows bitcoin on their platform. Enabling low value coins make their exchange to bitcoin. Binance appers the biggest exchanger of cryptocurrency. Convertion to ethereum,litecoin and the rest is made easy. Then to physical cash.  Check the link>>>


  • Luno can exchange too, to various coins,buy or sell and transfers to credit card or bank.

This year; when I try to buy coins through my debt card, I did successfully. OR




  • Coinbase doesn’t accept exchange in some country, if you want to transfer to cash. Because I tried it recently but unable transfer to my Nigerian bank account.   JOIN>>>









Whenever you want to get diagrammatic picture of data from point to point.

To track, chat view of result in various campaigns.

Either sales funnel, website conversion rate or any other use






     Google alert is there to check every time your brand and name is mention online.(free)

     You get notification even on social media too.






I’ve discovered that the best place to advertise your brand still remain facebook. Low budget,accuracy in targeting and retargeting audience.


  • Facebook Ads when you ads campaign right, conversion rate will be high.
  • Google Adwords is very expensive and you may not get result faster.
  • Instagram Ads if combine with facebook there’ll be massive conversion rate
  • Linkedin  Ads also expensive to run.


Read  How to use Facebook business manager for advertisements





Google analytics make site tracking simplified. Tracking, every page,post,article,visitors behavior helps for optimization. If you know where your most traffic comes from you can target and retarget your ads in that geo-location. It also help to know most visited pages and more.






If  you don’t know where to start as a beginner, don’t delay to start as an affiliate marketer. 

The oldest form of online marketing is affiliate marketing. Marketing other people’s product or software for money. Most renown affiliate sites are free. Don’t pay to start affiliate business. Though, some require fees for subscription. 

Some free places are;





Read more about affiliate marketing here>>>      sites-to-make-commission









Use free version of visual website optimizer to split test new idea that you want test run on your website.






When codes are scattered all over your website it make no sense. Tool like google tag manager can optimize all third party codes. By compressing  a single line. It is free.





Joining like minds in your niche is a good way to grow fast, get mentored by top professionals in your niche. You can sign up on forum like;,,,  and more.





Last year, I came across sites that sells domain names. You just send old,new or ready made site to them with necessary information and they do the selling. Either parking or selling domain.,afternic, bodis and but make proper research before you delve into this.

These are not all the tools on the internet. With these  essential tools making money will be pretty easy for businesses or individuals.

Like our page and make positive review afterward message to get free package.


 Humphrey  Udoh






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