Top 17 Email marketing Best Practices: Newest

The very time you know this top seven (17) email marketing best practices newest way, you’ll begin to make progress and getting conversion. After going through much research in email marketing, I realized these best practices that work. Email marketing makes still remain the best marketing formula.  

Mobile email marketing strategy

The market is not the problem is the approach, knowing the need or pain point of the people that is what matters. Email marketing has its rules, laws and guild lines. These top 17 email marketing best practices newest approach has what it takes to multiple campaign profit.     


However, putting the right content where it ought to be brings result. It is not only copywriting but knowing the pain point and doing the right thing.  Now, every email campaign should solve problem or proffer solution. That is one of very research needed to for profit optimization.  Just writing the email as a copy writer my not get the result you need.       


Obviously, the best practices in email marketing today allow using email marketing in the right way to make profit or grow business. Email marketing is personalizing form of marketing. 

That makes it very easy to close sale other than the rest form of marketing that consume much money and deliver little result.       No wonder people say “email marketing is no brainer” at all.  The RIO is very high but there are best practices you need to know if not you may have no result.



Here you come to know what is going to be very useful for you today. It is not business as usual, because of much competition in the internet marketing system.

Rising figure of business both old and new into the system making competition more sophisticated every day.

But we must do something in the right way to stand out in the crowd no matter in thing. 

Email marketing best practice is using email marketing campaign to drive revenue without abusing the system or going against the rules and regulation guiding it. These line of action will give make lead/prospects put hand in their pocket to exchange for value. 

It is email marking in the right way. In a professional manner that will bring result again and again. Taking into consideration, subject line best practices, content, call to action and news letter sending best practices.

17 Best Email Marketing Best Practices


  1. Goal setting
  2. Have  a plan
  3. Get the data you need
  4. Get Copywriting skill/ hire a copywriter
  5. Email marketing
  6. Testing mail (A/B Testing)
  7. Incentives
  8. Welcome email
  9. Segmentation
  10. Personalization
  11. Build a clean list/ tracking
  12. Avoid excesses links on call to action
  13. Call to action
  14. Landing page
  15. Purchase
  16. Upsell
  17. Loyal customer

  1. Goal setting

If you want to start sending email marketing that would deliver result on time. The first and the most important thing is goal setting. What is your goal? What do you want to achieve out of email marketing this year?

Do you want to 100% profit or more?  Measureable goal intended towards generating specific profit. 


Will trigger you against all odd to making it work. The volume of email list that you need for this campaign and how to get it. Strategy or approach for email collection. 

2. Have a Plan


If you never plan a goal you never know what to achieve latter. If you achieve anything, you’ll never know how to maintain it in the near future.   Because you never plan it. If you want lead generation, create brand awareness, repeat buying, new product recognition or sales increase whichever one. It must be specify clearly. 


Put your plan on a paper. If you have a team relate to them. Give everyone target. Let the work begins.

Analysts checking data for KPI

3. Get the data you need


        Digital marketing has enabled us work with data. In this top seven (17) email marketing best practices, having accurate data to work with cannot be overrule. The age of marketing is internet driven. Research the market and your audience before starting. Know what they are passing through and what is essential to improvement. 


     Carryout survey, buyer persona or go to forums and find out exactly the need of the customers. Come back to the drawing board to put your perspectives right. 



4. Get Copywriter skill or hire a Copywriter

        Do you know that email marketing is different from sending personal email? It is different from content writing. This    skill is very important if you need success in this business. It is like writing a persuasive content with offers attached but don’t get me wrong not the way you think.    

    It was like when one of Ryan Healy blog’s audiences asked the question, “What is the best way to get good at    copywriting”?  From   Ryan brought it before Ben settle in a question and answer form on pdf.       

Ben relied was “There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this. Ask 10 different copywriters, you’ll get 10 different answers. But besides reading and studying everything I could get my hands on about the subject and writing ads out by hand, there is something else that made the whole process go faster.”    

Creating ads with email to close deal using email marketing   best practices. If you couldn’t write, go to Fiverr or Upwork and hire someone.

5. Email marketing

         This kind of marketing is in form of advert copywriting. After building your list you paid for email service provider, upload list and start from there. 

           “Take Action! After you send your first broadcast, review your email open rates. Identify one way to improve the open rates by choosing one element in the subject line you can change (such as adding an emoji or turning the subject line into a question).

Then, send the email with the new subject line to subscribers who didn’t open your email the first time to see if it increases engagement! Take note of what you discover for future email sends.”- Aweber


        Read more about email: Fundamentals Email Marketing Strategies For High Conversion

6. Testing mail (A/B Testing)

        Testing is allowed in email marketing. Create your content; send test email before running campaign. Why do you test it?   To know if it’ll drop into spam folder or go to promotional, social or update categories. 

        So you know what to tell your audience what to do. Another aspect of testing is creating different campaigns, changing     different heading and testing what’s performing higher and kill low performing one.

7. Incentives

        Giving out incentive with offer is a good email marking best practice, which is proven to be very effective. Top    marketers, big brands thus it too. Give you incentive to make lead go through purchasing funnel.

Source: Aweber

8. Welcome email

         The  average email a single person receive daily is 200 emails according to Radicati. 


       By this I mean creating awareness before offer can build a good relationship in long run. This brings your brand closer to    their heart and not likens it to spam mail or something. Some might even unsubscribe immediately.


Segmentation concept

9. Email segmentation

   When running campaign, you’ll discover that not everybody will like to buy a product. The list must be segmented to layers through clicks open rate buyers of different type offers.


10. Make a clean list

Make a clean list so that you can send campaigns to what it and not to wrong buyers. 

        Try to horn campaign in a way that would bring unimaginable result.


11. Personalization

Making your band look friendlier through email can keep a lot of audience in your list

              “Adopting a friendlier, conversational tone is another email marketing best practice that can help transform the way your     prospects perceive your brand.

        Email is a good opportunity to humanize your brand. Talking about challenges, obstacles, and failures, giving a glimpse behind     the scenes or expressing gratitude can help make your brand feel more human.” – Vero email


        Get your subscribers to sign up allows a great open rate and click through rate. Personalizing email make the  subscribers feel at home, comfortable and trust the source.


Also, make sure address source come first and showing sender email correctly.  For example, makes it more personal than using Sending email base on subscribers name    is very important. If you have their names. This will make you build real trust around the people.


 12. Build a clean list/ tracking

It is not every email list that would be clean. Fake emails maybe there, uninterested buyers maybe in your general list.   

During your one week of campaign, you’ll begin to see all of these one by one. So clean the list. Track response from day one. Monitor the data carefully and know active response. Click through rate, bounce email, spam mail and the rest. 


13. Avoid excesses links or call to action



14. Call to action


         This is where the money is, it must be treated with optimum attention. For instance you want to email an offer to    subscribers; about a new product or new offer. Make the call to action very clear. Don’t try to lure them with different   image or wrong message. 

         Some time ago, I was sent an email regarding affiliate offer, so I opened it. While I was reading I came to the call action point to click free eBook. 


         I did, expecting to download but was taken to another site with link bait. Later I landed in a site to buy training courses.   It was really annoying.  When it comes to call to action, the emphasis is to be specific and clear in the offer itself.


You see, if you neglect these 17 steps to email marketing best practices you may be sending email the old way not the newest. 


         According to eMarketing Institute, strong Call To Action (CTA) is:

  1. Actionable 
  2. Visible 
  3. Relevant to subscribers

15. Landing page


 The landing page is the place of conversion. You don’t want to miss any opportunity. To make it work, create powerful    headlines, impressive or very attractive design. Eye grabbing call to action button and conversion.Purchase

         This is where the money drops. The number in the list drop too. Few people reach here. But at least the aim is    accomplished. Those who buy become customers.


16. Upsell

 As they make purchase often and often. You upsell more and product to better their life add more value. If someone buys waist trainer you           can introduce sneakers, headband and sport watch or sport wear. The list goes on and on.

  17. Loyal customer

When everything is properly put in place the first customers you made will buy again and again until loyalty will be established. From there you’ll build your brand.


Since a good relationship is, in essence, the way you nurture leads, you will need to explore different ways to improve this relationship. You should not be self-centered because lead nurturing is all about paying attention to your subscribers. 


They should be in the focus of your lead nurturing process because the main goal is to engage them and keep them satisfied through each sales phase.” – eMarketing Institute


How Often You Should Send Emails 


Email could be send as often as possible to create awareness of your brand. Don’t keep subscribers afar. They may forget about you. The normal attention of average man is seven seconds. After that, he’s carried away by something else. Constant engagement generates familiarity and goes further to build strong relationship. 

If you can sent daily newsletter, weekly or time zone autoresponder all depend on what you want out of it.  The niche you are and the strategy best work for you. Some say Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. And the best time to post is 10am generally.

This call for A/B testing and copying what competitors are doing to tweak a little with new approach.      


The Best Email Marketing Services Online


Email service providers (ESP) as they are commonly called, provide auto responders services basically to business. So ESP providers have good customer relationship, good features and email tracking that works very well. To me the best email service provider is the one that helps to maximize profit in RIO.  

Help me deliver result in my campaigns. We have a lot ESP now some are expensive others are moderate and few seems to run free version. 

The 30 days trial period run by some ESP create opportunity to study how it works, build clean list then buy enable you buy premium version later.  

Some Email Marketing Services

  • Mailgun
  • Getresponse 
  • Aweber 
  • SendGrid
  • ConstantContact
  • Mailchimp and more  


From the article, many email marketing best practices have been clearly real to you. Beginning from what is email best practice. How to send email to subscriber’s first time approach. Also, the seventeen email best practices newest form that delivers result. 

These are not the only best email marketing practices, you can mention some which I jump or forgot to mention. By commenting bellow for others to learn. 

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