The Top 7 E-commerce Platforms For Building Your Online Store

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Creating an online store has become essential for any business looking to expand its reach and grow its customer base. With so many e-commerce platforms available today, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to choose. The top 7 e-commerce platforms offer a range of features and benefits to suit different business needs.

From open-source solutions to all-in-one platforms, these options provide flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. In this article, we will highlight the top 7 e-commerce platforms to help you choose the best one for your online store.


Online shopping is not just a trend; it’s become a way of life for many people.

People are looking to purchase everything online, from novelty items to furniture to clothing – e-commerce, also known as electronic commerce, is the go-to solution for many entrepreneurs looking to sell their products and services online.

To the technology loving customers that are increasing daily.

This is why choosing the right eCommerce platform is extremely important. Here are the top 7 eCommerce platforms for building your online store:


  1. Shopify – Shopify is one of the leading platforms in the eCommerce industry.      

It offers a mix of features, ease of use and pricing options that make it an attractive option. 

This platform includes a drag-and-drop online-store builder, a range of customizable themes, and dedicated support.

  1. WooCommerce – WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress, which is one of the most widely used website builders.

 It offers a comprehensive range of features, catering to businesses of all sizes. The integration of WooCommerce with WordPress makes it an excellent choice for those looking for flexibility.

  1. Magento – Magento is a feature-rich and open-source eCommerce platform.                       

It offers great flexibility and customization options, and it is ideal for larger businesses looking to create a fully customizable online store. 

Magento also has an active community of users, making it an excellent choice for developers and tech-savvy business owners.


  1. BigCommerce – BigCommerce is another popular eCommerce platform and is considered one of the best options for larger businesses.    

 It offers a range of enterprise-level features, including multi-channel selling, customer segmentation, and advanced product filtering, making it an ideal choice for businesses with a large inventory of products.

Creating a convenient way to meet customers’ needs with its multi channel selling feature.


  1. Amazon, one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms, has revolutionized the way people shop online. Something that Jeff Bezos started from his car garage. Now it has made him a billionaire and has spread across the US to other nations.

With millions of products available at competitive prices, Amazon offers a seamless shopping experience with its user-friendly interface, personalized shopping recommendations, and fast delivery options.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of the Amazon e-commerce platform.

Benefit of having Amazon Storefront

It is very clear that Amazon is one of the best e-commerce platforms, if not the leading one. It is known to be the best place to sell ebooks of all kinds globally and other domestics items. Having a storefront on Amazon is a go getter for you. If you know how to optimize your keywords properly.

  • Wide range of products: Amazon offers a vast selection of products across various categories, including electronics, fashion, home appliances, books, and groceries. With millions of products to choose from, customers can easily find what they’re looking for.
  • Competitive pricing: Amazon’s platform is known for its competitive pricing, with many products available at lower prices than in brick-and-mortar stores. Additionally, Amazon offers daily deals, lightning deals, and other promotions that allow shoppers to save even more money.
  • Personalized shopping recommendations: Amazon’s sophisticated algorithms constantly analyze a customer’s shopping habits, search history, and other data to make personalized product recommendations. This feature helps customers save time and find relevant products quickly.
  • Fast and reliable delivery: Amazon’s Prime subscription service offers fast, free shipping on millions of products. Additionally, Amazon has implemented same-day delivery options and convenient pickup points for customers who need their products quickly.
  • Seller services: Amazon also provides a platform for third-party sellers, which allows entrepreneurs to sell their products to a massive audience. This opens up new opportunities for small businesses and individuals to access Amazon’s massive customer base.
  • User-friendly interface: Amazon’s simple and intuitive interface makes it easy for customers to find and purchase products. The platform’s comprehensive search feature, product descriptions, and customer reviews provide a seamless shopping experience.

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  1. Volusion – Volusion is a feature-rich eCommerce platform that offers excellent support for small businesses. With the ability to customize your store’s design and features, it provides an easy way to get your store up and running.
  1. Squarespace – Squarespace is an all-in-one website builder that offers eCommerce functionality with its online store feature. The platform offers a range of customizable templates with built-in designs and features which allow businesses to create a professional and elegant online store.

Although, these are not the only e-commerce platforms. We are several others trending online.

I know you may have your unique top 7 e-commerce platform or favorite.

If you don’t have anyone at the moment.

Any of these 7 platforms would be a great choice for businesses wanting to set up an online store. 

It is important to choose a platform that is suitable for your business requirements and aligns with your goals. 

Take the time to research each platform to make the best choice possible and enjoy all the benefits of online selling.

Benefits Of Using An e-commerce Platform To Build Your Online Store

  1. Easy to set up: E-commerce platforms come with pre-built templates and design features. You don’t need to spend money or time on design or programming.
  1. Cost-effective: E-commerce platforms are cost-effective when compared to hiring a team of developers or building a custom ecommerce platform.
  1. Scalability: E-commerce platforms are built to handle high traffic and can easily scale up as your business grows.
  1. Customization: You can customize your online store based on the specific needs of your business.
  1. Security: E-commerce platforms come with security features to protect your customers’ data and prevent cyber attacks.
  1. Marketing tools: E-commerce platforms come with marketing tools such as email marketing, SEO, and social media integration, which help you to reach a wider audience.
  1. Optimization: E-commerce platforms are optimized for search engines and are built to increase conversions and improve the customer experience.

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