SEO Tips To Beat Big Brands in Digital Marketing

These days, it is an uncommon deal to beat big brands in SEO, but there are SEO tips I’ll share with you to beat big brands in digital marketing.  However, taking action is most needed to achieve a result.  Do you find it hard hitting big deals in business? Maybe the competitors are getting stronger and stronger each day.

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All the effort to optimize both commercial keywords and others have not made progress. There is anxiety all over you. 

“Branding represents the process of creating a unique name and image for a product. This is mainly used in advertising campaigns, to create a sort of differentiated presence on the market and to make a product stand out from its competitors. When it comes to content marketing, content enables you to develop a branding strategy. It allows you to tell a story about your brand and create influence through high-quality content.”- eMarketing Institute 

All the big brands are spreading their product all over in your nation both locally and nationally.  Now, it seems your SEO strategy doesn’t show any good result after several attempts to appear on front pages. Have been proven abortive. All the SEO tips to beat big brands kept hitting the rock in digital marketing.

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You don’t know what next to expect?   Thought of slowing down or taking a bow to these big brands just running into your mind.

Listen, my friend. Don’t compete with brands in digital marketing.  But find a hole in the industry that is less competitive. After that, shoot your arrow to catch unimaginable birds flying in the sky. These SEO tips you learn here will make things happen if you are ready to think outside the box. 

 There are a lot of tips to beat big brands even in a very competitive niche like the digital marketing industry. You may think they know it all; no, they don’t!   Many of the big brands are busy with what other big brands are doing and overlooking little selling tips. Because no more revenue comes their way or perhaps their customers don’t patronize that stuff.

That can be a good way to stay focused and dominate the stuff. Until you make huge money out of it.  

Here are the SEO tips to beat big brands in digital marketing. 

  In three A’s

•       Acquire Online Reputation

Online reputation is very important in a competitive niche. More online presence and more relevant people will see your brand. The reason is if you spread content across all channels people see you as a reputable brand. While you do that, don’t forget to reply to comments, reviews both negative and positive.  

 Try as much as possible to talk about brands in a positive way. Share exceptional and unique information in all platforms. But there is one thing you need to know, always give more attention to platforms that really accept you. 

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 If it is social media; follow those who follow you and like their post comments positively.  Ensure that you pass very useful information.  But you can also indirectly refer them to your website.  When a question is thrown at you, don’t ignore it even if it seems unnecessary or irrelevant.    For example Quora, is known as a Q & A platform. You can sign up on Quora and contribute in content marketing niche or SEO. Any niche you have an edge over others. Proffer answers questions in that group and makes reference to your brand.

“Respond to negative comments promptly, have a consistent online presence, and make sure you – not other brands – are controlling the narrative. If you neglect your reviews and reputation and leave it up to chances, your competitors will see these weaknesses and eat you alive.”- Search Engine Journal

•       Accept Commercial and Transactional Keyword 

In every niche we have popular high volume keywords. Most times commercial and transactional keywords draw visitors to the website. Especially if it is an ecommerce site. What to do is check for  this kind of less competitive keywords and create content around it. 

Maybe product review or something like two products comparing article or brand A to brand B article.

Like buy  “camera A to camera B”,  review of product X, what is the best Iphone in town.

Look for a sub niche to target. What do I mean by that? Target sub niche like content marketing, email marketing or less saturated niche like storytelling. These sub niches may not be much saturated and you can equally use this opportunity to master the niche.

•       Assess the statistics of competitors and leverage on weak spot

Try as much as you can to analyze competitors statistics. Check out SEO tips they use to beat competitors in the industry. What they rank for and how they rank with the keyword. The best brand name to find them on search how to find  similar keywords to rank for yours and all that.

Check the most popular keyword people use in locating them.  Traffic sources and that kind of traffic that goes to the site and more. This is one of the SEO tips to beat big brands in digital marketing.

Another thing, is to check comments and reviews of their subscribers and know areas they don’t do well. Especially the negative reviews people make about them. Work on it and come up with something helpful to attract more visitors and buyers.

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•       Always give more attention to your business

The source of revenue is your business. SEO tips to help you stay on board are availability. When people check out or comment about you and expect a response and not get any. More time in business, the more value you’ll derive and the more people will familiarize with you.  

Create a contest or poll and see what the audience is in need of. Sometimes, what you think may be out of place and things cannot go smoothly if you insist to continue that way. At this time you become flexible to the audience’s demand.

Availability means more priority is placed on what you’re doing. It brings innovation and creativity to grow in business.

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Learn advanced SEO tips from experts. Either courses, webinar, eBooks or video. I mean new SEO tips which big brands are not familiar with before they could know it; you may have taken it farther. That way you can beat big brands with new SEO tips in digital marketing to stay on top.


To beat big brands with SEO tips in digital marketing. You need to consider acquiring an online reputation. It is one thing that makes a brand stand out in business. Use less competitive commercial, transactional and long tail keywords that can help you rank on search. Be relevant and consistent with what you do.

Don’t be afraid to try new strategies, technology and tips. Learn new courses and read new books to help you grow faster. Connect with professionals or networks to experts in conferences and seminars. 

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Humphrey Udoh

Elivechat Team   

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