SEO meaning and application


 Frankly speaking, SEO meaning is as old as the web browser, its application enables site appears on search engines.

Webmaster  greatly depends on SEO for number one ranking.

Any site ranking is contributed to SEO techniques put together by webmaster, that allowed it appear on organic (free) search.


Most times is not an easy work, its demand having proper knowledge of how SEO works and search engine algorithms.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization.  Its application is all about website visibility on search engine ranking for brand productivity.

It enable site visibility from pages of search engine result; by internet searchers and improves business revenue base.  Can I say it is the cheapest advertising strategy? Yes!

However, website ranking number one may rank 2 or 3 because of a lot reasons.

The competition is very high, that’s why webmasters work tirelessly to pin their site on top of search by following every search engine rules or metrics.

The advantage is, 90% of search engine traffic comes from front page while 10% are shared among others.




SEO is the science and acts of getting high traffic from search engine, by ranking on front page and popularizing your brand organically (natural way) on search engine’s results.

It sounds simple; however, not every webmaster wants to do it. The terms and phrases is like learning another language altogether. -According MOZ



Optimizing your onpage SEO and achieve better rankings in the search engines. seobility




If you know your audience’s intent is one side of SEO coin, delivery it in a way search engine crawlers can find and understand is the other.” – MOZ



“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword.Neil Patel


It is common knowledge and now statically proven that the higher up or earlier a website appears on a search engines results page, the more traffic it s likely to the users of that search engine. eMarketing Institute


Now let’s break it down this way…







  1. Responsive website design
  2. Good user experience(UX) and user interface(UI)
  3. User centered content, shareable content, rich links and citations
  4. Fast load time of webpages Google Pagespeed
  5. Short and eye catching title, social media visibility content and good font
  6. Mobile friendly content and web pages
  7. Search engine index-able and crawler website
  8. Using less competitive keyword on search engine and branding



Let begin by explaining each point in full.


1.Responsive website design:


Can  make first comer remain so long on your site.   Because it’s attractive, nice looking and very responsive. Telling outsiders hey, this guys know what’s they’re doing. Is like gnashing pasta with all sort of verges to serve.


2. Good user experience and user interface:


Have you ever visited website that looks very hack ward?  How do you feel within you? It just spoils your mind; set you in                   confusion.

Just that one visit is enough to say goodbye on that site. Make your site have good user experience, navigation, menu, widget,             pages a way that is easy to run through 4 lane express road.

You can meet a good virtual assistant to redesign or contact our team on Elivechat to design one high powered website for               you.


 3. User centered content, shareable content, rich links and citations:

Make your content user base, I mean interesting to users. Go down to comment section and read to know what exactly                          they’re    committing.


Then give them just that next or edit your post to match their desire. If you the article is rich and pretty informative they’ll share        to friend and colleagues.

Let it be full of citation, back links to authoritative sites.  Like Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Forbes etc.


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4. Fast load time of web pages:

How long does your site load? It should be very fast between 3-5 seconds or so.  If not your driving a lot potential subscribers             away.  Which may have good buyers.

Web crawlers favor fast load time website and give them more appearance over others. It now boils down to webhost.


Get a good fast webhost like the one  I use right here, QSERVERS BEST UPTIME HOST WITH BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE:             they have  a very good customer service. This is what I use on my site here.   Don’t take my word for it, do the checking and                 thank me later.

This is where to check your page speed for desktop or mobile   Google PageSpeed Insights  and fix necessary error.

5.   Short and eye catching title, social media visibility content and good font:


  • Make your title short and simple to read by that readers will be interested in your post. You can use Yoast plugin for WordPress to cross check what title to use on post.


  • Share every post to all social media connection, with social sharing button. let  user to do same.


  • However, make post eye catching and interesting to readers.
  • If your title doesn’t do that, searchers can bypass to competitors. Capsicummediaworks
  • Search engine crawlers cannot read tiny letters accurately, so, if your pages font appears small you need re-edit.
  • Try writing user focused content.


Check it here how mobile friendly is your website for users:

Don’t forget to read the ahrefs definite guide to SEO if you want the best out of SEO. By Brian dean


6. Mobile friendly content and web pages:


Since 2018, google started to reward mobile friendly webages to rank high. Research shows that 50% or more internet usage is           on   mobile now. The rate at which mobile pages are seen on search in has triple. So, be flexible too. Almost  every social                       media user uses smartphone app; this amount to  about 2.96 billion using social network.

With this alarming statistics, it shows that mobile usage is increasing and will still…

Make you site compactable with mobile phone.

     “A One second delay in mobile load times can impact mobile conversions by up to 20%.”

Check how mobile friendly is your site here

7.  Search engine index-able and crawler website:


Can your application(site) be index-able by     search engine? If not put measure to make it index.

Search engine answer query by searchers. First,             site must be crawled before indexing.

Crawl site like crab or spider craw on the ground.

To find codes, content, images and webpages and more to index on search.

Then, search bot delivers processed information to searches by indexing.  This process works on site which has original, quality,         valuable and informational content according to order of relevance. This is what makes for ranking.

8. Using less competitive (long-tail) keyword on search engine and Branding:

What are keywords people use in find your site? Use Google keyword planner to help you find target keyword with less                         competitive usage.

If you type on Google you like the word “marketing” a lot of suggestion will show.

But the best should be the keyword with less competitive one so that it could easily be found.


Also, understand what words users use to search your content.

What form do they find it? Know their goals and their likes.

For instance, Kelvin wants to start health blogging.

He needs audience research

  • Who are my target are, age, location, what are their likes and this likes?
  • Which popular words by these audience to search their needs?
  • When do they go online
  • What device they mostly use
  • Their most challenges
  • What can I offer them and improve their well being (solution)
  • This is where to take off.
  • After that, planning and launching by using not popular keyword to make your word available and do it differently.

Get Moz Free SEO tools  or SEMrush trial version .



Read about branding here; EXPRESSTEXT- BRAND MARKETING

In conclusion, SEO is a broad terms use in optimizing website ranking on SERPs. Topic  around SEO is vase and can not be                exhausted in this post alone.  It is not just the reading that works but application. Besides, Google changes its algorithms often to      meet users demand.

That means, some you need to delve into these  ideas and the references made before it maybe irrelevant.





Talk soon;

Humphrey Udoh


      Elivechat  Team


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