SEO Copywriting: How It Really Work Today?

There is clear margin between content writing and SEO Copywriting.   Because SEO Copywriting has how it does really works today. 

In present day technology driven world? It means to write content to appeal users and meet search engine optimization standard.   In a way of “striking a balance” or duality to is.

SEO Copywriting that is human focus
Writing for human and obeying Search Engine rules

Do you know SEO Copywriting is a field of its own?  It is considered writing for humans but using search engine ranking factors.


 There is a part to it that boils down to content writing, which many people just follow without understanding that SEO Copywriting works differently.  If you want know all about SEO check below.


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It derives its origin from old fashion sales Copywriting. Now has transforms to better mix as SEO Copywriting. Making web articles to be optimized for searchersoptimized for searchers and meet user’s desires.


  At every time content is written is must considered to meet search engine SEO standard before getting necessary visibility on Google or any other search engine. 

Now let gets down to the Act’s of Content writing before talking about SEO Copywriting. To clear the air.




What Is Copywriting?


Copywriting simply means writing content for blogs, websites, email letter, creating landing pages, sales copy with the intention of engaging audience, generating lead and close deal.


Copywriting focuses mainly on awareness, engagement, lead generation and sales. Using specific action words as headlines, open rate, click through rate (CTR) and call to action (CTA).  Mostly use in email marketing campaign today.


However, looking for appropriate keyword, keyword search volume, less competitive keyword, relative keyword phrase, Title, “headline 1”, “headline 2” and much more. 

 Then, putting all keywords in appropriate places, tags, sourcing for backlinks, internal linking, image and optimization optimization and the rest of them. 

All of these are not part of Content writing but considered as SEO Copywriting.

According to Gary Halbert ; “If you would like to know how someone can start with a simple idea… and then… generate over $51,000,000 in sales in just one year… this is going to be the most interesting message you will ever read”.


Now you see that it is not about Copywriting aloneCopywriting alone like how some content writers may think. Because, many parameters are needed if that content will appear on Google first page.

SEO Copywriting components

There is lesson to learn from what Ben Settle said about content writing, “But besides reading and studying everything I could get my hands on about the subject and writing ads out by hand, there is something else that made the whole process go faster. And that is when I started writing every single day.”


Now the question you’ll ask is, what is SEO Copywriting talking about and how does it really work today?  Relax your mind, because everything will soon be unveil in details.

As we progress in this article. If you read on, all of the doubt will be cleared in your mind. Then you’ll get clear picture of this career path. Be rest assured, you’ll capture many things as we dive down.





What is SEO Copywriting?


As you can see SEO Copywriting uses two words as one. That is compound word in English language, joining to words together to form complex word.


We know SEO and Copywriting and separate career altogether. However, to meet the exact people with our content it must be visible on the internet space. 


No matter how valuable, compelling and informative.  Even if the content is very educative.  And search engine couldn’t recognize it, all effort to reach the people becomes worth less.


You may not even capture lead.  SEO in its self needs content to show for searchers using raking factors, signal and the rest before taking it to the community of people.

Now, to do SEO Copywriting career and know how it really works today. 

See the definition below.


 SEO Copywriting is creating content that meets search engine recommendation and standard that is valuable, informative, compelling and educative having specific people in mind while it rank on first page.

  SEO Copywriting provides visibility of content on first page so as to get maximum views and sales. Using all recommended ranking components of search engine. The reason for this is because organic traffic from search engines page 1 to 3 generates 300% extra traffic than social media post. 



 See how Heather Lloyd-Martin said it, SEO Copywriting serves two masters. Google, who rank your content and the user you want to fall in love with.


From clear perspective, SEO Copywriting is writing for user and position for machine ranking that would convert readers into leads and buyers.

If these factors are not considered and well structured the content will miss target and the purpose will be defeated.  From there everything will begin to fall apart.


 First, is to pick a keyword with less competition but high search volume. Meta tag title, relative keywords, alternative image tag, keyword placement and use of LSI and so many other factors must be considered.




Image describing SEO Copywriting


How to learn SEO Copywriting?



Learning SEO Copywriting is as if, someone is learning how to write email copywriting or sales letter for organic search visibility. What do I mean by that? The necessary parameters for SEO optimization are going to be included.


How does this SEO Copywriting really work today? From the beginning of this article, I made mention of writing for human and positioning for machine optimization.


Looking for keyword to rank for and creating content about that is very important.


Though, one step at a time you can achieve perfection. Learning anything takes time. However, little by little you can get better.


To learn SEO Copywriting and make it work today, begins from knowing; searchers intention. By using keyword research tools.  Like Google keyword planner, keyword revealer and more.   

The information you provide should solve their pain points.  With relevant keyword and related keywords. Using very attractive or eye catching title and meta descriptions that will boost it visibility on SERPs.

 Though, knowing this is not enough; writing as if you are the reader can gives you very good standpoint to grab attention.  Moreover, Google ranking factor changes from time to time. 

Taking cognizance of the changes help to adjust to new ranking formula.  This will go ahead to help you succeed.

When you know;

  • SEO and what it takes to index a webpage
  • Google ranking factors (more than 200)
  • Copywriting
  • Content planning
  • Content creation
  • Content goal etc


In addition, be a good reader who loves to read wide. Constantly doing what you know best daily will get you to the top of the business.  Learn from experts the way they write and strive to be you every day. 


After all, nobody knows it all and everybody started from somewhere.


SEO Copywriting is new career path that is beginning to gain recognition recently.



SEO Copywriter Objectives

SEO Copywriting Objective


 As you write for search visibility, never forget to set a goal.


  1. Get optimum visibility
  2. Grab user’s attention
  3. Generate leads


When you get this right; result is inevitable. Paper work stills comes to play in SEO Copywriting that is where it works. Have a plan and focus strictly on the target that is call to action.


Six Tips To Get You Better at SEO Copywriting


  1. Title Tag
  2. Keyword Placement
  3. Meta Description
  4. Image, Video and Infographic Optimization
  5. Content
  6. Internal Linking


  1. Title Tag

The above screenshot shows  Title tag from Google front-page. For different website article.  If  want to title tag, pick example from them.

However reach the content, the first call of attention is the title tag. It encourages click through rate when users find it very useful or if it talks about their pain points.


For that, Page tile must contain primary keyword in the article. Keep title tag between 65-75 characters long.  To attract click through rate and easy to remember.


Like the title of this article “ SEO Copywriting” which far better than placing title tag behind.


According to Moz, title tags that starts with a keyword tend to perform better than title tags with the keyword towards the end of the tag. – Backlinko


In practice, using keyword in title tag make it very easy for anybody or search engine crawler to under the webpage is talking about.  Besides, other site can link to without stress because the keyword is placed conspicuously in the anchor text. 


Since Google said, it is going to affect ranking in SERPs; though the affect is pretty low considering other factors. But it enables search engine know and understand the content to index in a moment. 


Just like you picking up a book and looking at the title will tell you what it’s all about.

         2. Keyword Placement


 Looking at keyword in article and how it effects backlink acceptance by search engines, it is truth that placement matters.


   Because not every placement is   approve by Google. If a word in which the link is place is inappropriate, search engine will consider it not linked.

According to Capsicum Media Works, industry experts feel that the frequency of keywords no longer influences ranking, but their placement does. – Caspsicum Media Works


However, keyword frequency enable ranking; placing it keyword several times shows its usefulness.   Carefully locate where keyword on first 100   words, H1, H2 and the rest of places in the content.


  From definition, keyword density means number of keywords to the other words on the webpage.  Now, if you put it in between  3 – 4%, no issues about that.  The idea is, fix keyword naturally where it to be using primary and similar keywords mix.  To avoid being  punish by search engine.

         3. Meta Description


  When you’re done with writing quality post, it not yet time to post. Go to box below like it Yoast plugin for WordPress has a box      to fill in summary of    the article the way search engine will see it.


 As it present the snippet of Google search result after page title. Just write a phrase containing primary keyword and most related to the topic. 

Some writers go along to write sentence of 160 or less.  


   Yoast plugin on WordPress often shows green line when it comes to full. That is an indication of completion.   


     4. Image, Video and Infographic Optimization


   Tag images with keyword so that Google will optimize and present it to users. That is how SEO Copywriting really works. Videos and inforgraphic are still very useful tool  so that search uses to rank webpages.


Make images size to fit page size to encourage page load time. And get more views optimize image with alt attributes in the image  box provided. 

It will reduce bounce rate and drive more traffic whenever related searches are made. Do same to video and infographics.


  • Content

Internet users find time to engage with quality content. The value provided, quality of information it contains.   Not the length of the content.


How does SEO Copywriting really work? If the content stands to give value, information and solve problem.


It is expected to write contain with the reader pain point and write as if you are the reader. 


Putting related keyword they’ll use in getting the information they need.  Look at getting noticed and capture attention, do not write lees than 500 words. 


Dive into through research and come out with something rich and insightful. That’s how SEO Copywriting really works today.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes to do that but try to achieve your aim.  


  • Use real conversational tone; write as if your audiences are before you.
  • Use list at some point, if you like or bullets point to drive home some important ideas.
  •  Break content to subheading for easy understanding and digestion


  • Internal Linking


Deliberately link old page to new one to show page connectivity. It  proves to search engine that those page are important.


Crawlers also understand the consistency of the webpages. If any page stands alone it may see it as unimportant page.


  • Do the linking very early in the new content because search engine crawls first 150 pages to check the weight of the content most time.
  • Link to most important pages and often read pages pages.

Why is SEO Copywriting Important?


  1. Website visibility
  2. Traffic
  3. Proffer solution
  4. Build authority and Trust
  5. Brand awareness
  6. Maximize profit


Now that SEO Copywriting and  how it does works is understood.

If you can follow the lay down ideas you’ll be successful in this career.

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