Review:The Best Ways to Make Money With 72IG Implementation Program

Humphrey Udoh a digital marketer, content creator, and internet advertiser


Humphrey Udoh

My Honest review about 72IG Implementation Program and how you can use it to start a profitable income immediately.

Which can make you 750k monthly.

Maybe you have heard about the 72IG program before or you’ve not.

However, it has step by step teachings which can make you 6 figures if you implement.

This review will unfold this teaching in detail.

These are proven formulas on how to make consistent 6-7 figures without being a product vendor as a 72ig implementation student.

Even a 17 year old boy can do it.

Using  smartphone or laptop with

Internet connection.

As an affiliate marketer, I have used some other affiliate platforms.

I have seen their  outline, benefits and support system.

But 72ig is top notch in detail, simple, easy to understand and implement.

What it covers is far much more  than the price.

Courses like;

  • Whatsapp money blueprint ( free method)
  • Email marketing course (free)
  • Twitter money blueprint ( free way to make morning on twitter with organic traffic)
  • Graphics design course with Canva
  • Facebook profile marketing and group marketing (free)
  • Facebook ads course

 and many others which I’m going to tell you as we proceed.

Their support system is exclusive compared to others.

Watch the full video 🔽🔽

All these were created by Toyin Omotoso, the course vendor.

Even Though affiliate marketing is too broad. 

Yet 72ig is a fast lane to make #750k monthly as a beginner.

It goes as far as referring courses to people who are struggling to sell online.

That means you can sell the course to business owners who want to sell to their online audiences.

By the way of showing them how to use 72ig to reach their customers.

Even a food seller in Lagos uses the same 72ig to make 2 million naira just by implementing it in her business.

Let me take you through the meaning of 72ig

Module 1.) What is the full meaning of 72IG?

It means 72 hours income generator.

The program is a course on an affiliate platform founded by a Nigerian.

Whose name is Mr. Toyin Omotoso, a successful internet marketer.

One of the big names in Nigeria concerning internet marketing.

Mr. Toyin was trained by Dr. Sunny Ojeagbase founder of the popular magazine-Succesdigest.

Though, Toyin has been around in the industry for over 10 years.

Recently, he founded Expertnaire Affiliate platform coupled with the 72ig program for struggling marketers.

To help them make money in their niche markets.

Because 72 ig can be applied in any form of business as long as selling online is concerned.

The amount of money you can make depends on you.

But as beginner, making #100 – #150k in your first month is certain if you implement this training well.

Table Of Content

  1. What is the full meaning of 72IG
  1. What is this 72IG Program All About 

I.) Why does Expertnaire launch 72 IG?

  1. What are Skills inside?
  1. Who’s the owner of 72 IG
  1. Types of 72IG Program
  1. How to run affiliate marketing Using 72IG
  1. How does 72IG Work
  1. Is This 72IG Legit or Scam
  1. Who’s This Course For?
  1. How To Start Affiliate Marketing With 72IG
  1. Where Can I Buy This 72IG Course
  1. How To Implement The 72IG Training?

I.)Benefits of 72IG For Me

  1. Where Can I Sell This Course 
  1. Who are The Right People To buy This Course
  1. Can I Really Make Money With 72 IG Courses?

I.) My commission per sale

II.) How much can I make before withdrawal?

  1. How Much Can I Make In a Week?
  1. Can I Withdraw My Money Immediately?
  1. What Are The Tools To Market 72IG ?
  1. What Is the Best Method To Sell This Course?
  1. Testimonies Of People Who It Has Help
  1. How to start the 72IG Today

Module 2.) What is this 72IG program all about?

The 72IG program is nothing but making money online in 72 hours.  

It’s an affiliate marketing program which will teach you how to make money selling digital courses or physical products.

On the  Expertnaire platform or somewhere even if you are selling your own both online or offline.

This is a premium Course that contains about 7 High income skills you’ll learn to make money by yourself.

The courses are easy to learn and even 18yrs old boys use it to make 7 figures. Selling other people’s products.

  1. Why does Expertnaire Launch 72IG?

Expertniare launched it to help struggling marketers reach their potential audience with ease. And make money selling a digital product.

Make sales without stress.

The vendor, Toyin Omotoso, observes that many people who are affiliated with Expertnaire struggle with sales.

He therefore devised a means to help them by creating this course.

Because business of today has moved to the internet.

And social media like; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Whatsapp, TikTok and the rest.

Like the whatsapp money blueprint course, inside the 72ig can help you make many within 3-7 days.

Without running Facebook ads.

Module 3.) What are Skills inside the 72ig?

They are;

  • WhatsApp Marketing 
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Twitter growth hacking
  • Sales Funnel Building
  • Copywriting course
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphics design
  • Paid advertising and more

Module 4.) Who’s the owner of 72 IG

Like I already stated before, Toyin Omotoso is the owner and founder of this 72ig program.

He is one of the top internet marketers in Nigeria.

Who has made hundreds of millions on the internet?

And still growing his finances consistently.

He’s a man who practices what he sells.

Currently living in Dubai, UEA.

He has gathered a lot of internet marketing experiences over the years.

Created so many courses for beginner to pro internet marketers in Nigeria.

This is one of the courses he created among several others.

“Life breathing cash machine” and “Where the money is” and much more.

During the launch of , many affiliates couldn’t sell digital products because of their inexperience in selling digital products.

This led to the creation of 72ig, simplified and the best way to make money if you implement the course completely.

72ig came as a way to teach struggling internet marketers how to sell digital products. 

It’s being listed as one of the top selling online courses on.

Module 5.) Types of 72IG Program

The program is divided into two parts 

Part 1:) The 72ig implementation program 

This part will teaches you;

  • Email marketing
  • Pay per click marketing

To drive traffic to various courses you are selling.

Part 2:) 72IG Whatsapp Income Generator With Free Traffic 

This part is very easy to implement because you’ll use whatsapp free traffic to sell and make money without running any paid advertising.

Which is also called:

“WhatsApp money blueprint”

The 72ig program contains pdf and video training that has been simplified for your learning.

Coupled with copywriting templates, headline and CTA swipe file and bonuses.

You don’t want to miss out on your financial journey.

The price of 72ig is #65,000 naira, but the value is much more than the price.

It comes with a lot of benefits which includes;

  • Access to becomes Expertnaire member
  • Access to previous zoom meetings and webinars, a private sessions with top affiliates, their money making secrets (people who have made over #90 millions in sales)
  • Free headines, blog title, email writing tools, objection handling templates
  • Sales presentation skill
  • Free sales pages, ebooks, landing pages and swipe files
  • Email support from  admin
  • Telegram Community support channel
  • Content writing course
  • Social media marketing training
  • Access to Toyin Omotoso newsletter and weekly zoom meetings
  • My Instant whatsapp support group

Module 6.) How to Run Affiliate Marketing Programs Using 72IG?

One of the ways to make money online  is to sell digital products.

72 ig helps you to do that in a step by step pattern.

The reason for buying the 72ig course is to sell digital products and get your 50% commission on sale.

There are many buyers of these products waiting for you on Google search, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter Website blog and the rest of places.

Because many marketers are struggling with sales; and you can reach out to them.

You can also sell other products listed on Expertnaire platform more than 50 products, some of them which are;

  1. Ecom Goldmine
  2. Canada Japa Program
  3. Freelancer course
  4. Amazon KDP
  5. 30 Days Fast Income Challenge and the rest

The 72ig training course is a hot selling course. Because it helps people to sell any product.

Even a beginner can easily understand and implement this course within a few days.

✔Inside the course, you’ll learn how to sell using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Email  and Paid advertising.

✔It contains organic methods to sell, for those who don’t have money to run adverts.

It’ll teach you how to target the right type of audience, so that you don’t waste your time talking to the wrong audience.

✔You can’t sell without knowing the principles that are working for successful marketers like Toyin Omotoso.

This course has everything you need. Yours is to copy and paste the formulas and generate sales.

✔Selling formulas to use on social media.

In this course, many affiliates have testified that the selling formulas they implemented works very well.

Screenshot of Expertnaire sign-up UI

  1. How Can I Get This 72IG Program?
  • Sign up on Expertise as a affiliate

Using the affiliate link provided for you ⏩⏩here

  • Get email confirmation message

That says congratulations or welcome to  

Expertmaire affiliate program

  • Go to the website with link send to you

Use that link to open your user area.

To confirm that that you are the owner of the login details 

  • Login with username and password

To the website again and change the default setup.

Update your profile, account name, pass word, user name, bank account details and others.

  • Go to affiliate marketplace to choose which product to sell

Make sure you understand the product very well by going through the sales page of the product.

  • Check for a product like 72ig by Toyin

You can sell  72 ig programs.

By reading through the sales page properly.

Check for ready buyers, that is, people who have a tough time selling their product online.

  • Copy the link and start promote to your friends

You can promote to your friends and people who have challenges selling online.

Using your whatsapp and the whatsapp income generation method on the 72ig course.

  • For each sale, you get paid 5a 0% commission

Your commission is based on the percentage the vendor fixes in the price as affiliate commission.

  • Withdraw your commission 

Every Friday affiliates smile at the bank. We cash out every friday.

Withdrawal is through our bank account in Nigeria. 

No other stressful process is attached to it. So long as you have your bank details on the Expertnaire affiliate profile page.

Module 7.) How does 72IG Work?

When you buy the course, go through the version 2 and make sure you watch the videos. Follow every instruction correctly.

Watch the videos, read the pdf and don’t skip any part in the process.

Write down on paper what you’re learning.

And set a target for yourself during the implementation.

Jump into the implementation process as soon as possible. 

Testimony abounds of young people who have not made money online before now make 6 figures to 7 figures monthly.

Some have made 8 figures in sales and travel to Seychelles, Qatar, and Egypt through the 72ig sales challenge.

Some have finally left Nigeria to live in Dubai, through the sales commission of Expertnaire.

Module 8.) Is This 72IG Legit or Scam

The 72ig affiliate program is 100% legit. A make money online course.  

It is a step by step training program that teaches you how to sell digital products online.

It is so simple to understand that even a 17 year old boy can make money with it.

From my review this is the best tool a beginner can make money with.

Because everything is simplified for you and you are guaranteed to make money legitimately.

If you are ready to implement everything to the letter.

I.) What This 72IG Is Not?

Let me tell you what you need to know about this 72ig

🔰 it is not  get rich quick scheme

🔰 it is not a multi-level marketing business ( e.g those companies that tells you to bring 2 persons to increase your downline before you earn)

🔰you don’t need to rent an office or shop before you start 

🔰you don’t need to have or create your own product

🔰it doesn’t require much start up capital

🔰not a scam or Ponzi scheme

🔰not for persons who are not ready to put in the work to succeed

If all these are your expectations then don’t sign up is not for You❌❌❌

It’s for those who are ready to make money legally.

One of the Top selling digital  products listed on Expertnaire marketplace is 72IG.

And people like you are cashing out 6 to 7 figures weekly.

The vendor is Toyin Omotoso, you can check his name on Twitter here.

It has made many young Nigerian millionaires, still making today.

While he himself has made 100s of millions online still growing.

It teaches you the easy and simple ways to sell any digital product online.

Click to learn more

Module 9.) Who’s This Course For?

 This course is for you if you are;

  1. Undergraduate looking for passive income stream to support your schooling
  1. Corp member who is looking for ways to get high income skills that will help him make 6-7 figures.
  1. Young graduates who don’t have a job or are underpaid (this will help you make money without looking for menial jobs).
  1. A Business owner who is looking for ways to boost his business capital or sell online.
  1. Digital marketers who don’t have practical knowledge or in need of new skills to improve on their sales and marketing strategy for the company they work for.
  1. Stay at home mum who’s looking for how to support her husband financially.
  1. A professional, who needs side hustle to help him pay his bills in this hash economy.
  1. Course creator that wants to learn new strategies to create courses for his audience.
  1. Any other person who wants to acquire digital marketing skills for career improvement. 

The list is endless.

Module 10.) How To Start Affiliate Marketing With 72IG?

  • Sign up as an affiliate marketer

Before you start the business you must become a registered member of expertnaire.

You get your unique affiliate link on your dashboard.

  • Pick any of the product you can easily sell on Expertnaire

On the marketplace, there are hundreds of products available. Look for hot in demand products. 

That you can easily sell and start immediately.


The Ecom gold mine, Freelancer course, 72ig, Weight loss program or “The Japa System” (Canadian immigration ) program.

  • Look for a hot buying  audience in that niche on social media

There are millions of buyers online looking for who to solve their problem.

Reach out to them quickly. With your offer in a professional way.

For instance: if you go to Google and search “need for freelancers services in Nigeria” see list of potential customers👇👇

 Check for “How to to relocate  to Canada” on Google👇👇

 Search for “How to make money online in Nigeria” see amazing results👇👇

  • Reach out to them either free or paid traffic method

You can also contact someone who is having the challenge of selling his product and introduce the 72ig to him.

If someone contacted you to find out how to lose weight, that is an opportunity to sell the weight loss package.

Like the “Japa System To Canada Course” is the same way you can sell it. 

If you know anyone who wants to travel abroad to work or live in Canada.

But the person is having difficulty doing it. That is a potential buyer already.

  • Generate leads and sales

Scroll through your phone contacts to see those who are your potential buyers. 

Talk to them or send them an SMS.

Every objection they may have is cleared already.

This way, you can easily generate sales when you implement the 72ig course.

Without skipping any part.

See how to make sales;

For instance, if you can make 5 sales in a week. With a product that cost of #65,000 your commission will be  #32,500 × 5 which is #172,500 in a week.

Even if you can make that in a month. Being a beginner is not bad. 

You can scale up to 450k to 750k or more within 6 months.

  • How to withdraw your commission 

Commission is paid directly to your bank account. 

This payment is done weekly, on every Friday to affiliates who have made sales.

Every sale you make will stay for 7 days before you can make withdrawal.

Module 11.) Where Can I Buy This 72IG Course

Someone might still ask me where to buy this course?

In my honest review, the best place to buy 72ig implementation course is through an affiliate on expertnaire.

You can get it through me so that I can guide you through on how you can start.

To get a fast result, get it here.

Because some people will buy it from a website directly and till now they don’t know what to do.

Buying from an insider is the best thing because you’ll get mentorship and support you need.

Including some other packages.

Like bonuses that will help you start seeing results almost immediately.

Some people buy it without knowing how to use it.

Because nobody guides them, they get frustrated in making sales.

  1. Can Someone Do It Out Of Lagos?

Yes, you can do it outside of Lagos because it is a digital product.

It can be done anywhere you are.

As I’m writing this now,  some people are promoting it in Abuja, Port harcourt, Jos, Ogun and other parts of the country.

So long as you have a smartphone and internet connection.

Module 12.) How Can You Implement The 72IG Training?

Immediately you make payment to start your affiliate marketing business. You have started the implementation.

Step 1.)

Buy the 72ig implementation program here.

The first step is to buy the course with #65,000 

Get the course here

Step 2.)

Go through the 72ig implementation training version two

This is the newest version of the program.

It comes with a lot of training that will help you fast-track your sales.

i. Once you make payment you’ll get a congratulation email for purchasing the course.

ii. Then a second email telling me to use the login details to access the course.

iii. Go through the course immediately.

iv. Look for prospects to sell to.

Module 13.) Where Can I Sell This Course?

You can sell this on social media platforms where there are a lot of people gathered.

Like on:

  1. WhatsApp using the WhatsApp status, group, broadcast template 
  2. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TokTok,Linkedin etc
  3. You can create a YouTube channel and sell there.
  4. You can design blog site and promote your affiliate link
  5. You can create a funnel and run Facebook as campaign 
  6. You can use the buyer list provided for you to sell using email auto responder
  7. You can sell on Google platform the list is endless.

Module 14.) Who are Right People to buy This Course

Maybe you want to start but you know who to sell to? 

Don’t worry, here’s the category of people to sell to;

  1. Undergraduate – that are looking for a passive income stream to support their schooling.
  1. Graduates that are looking ways to make money online
  1. Corp members who are looking for side hustle while in their National assignment
  1. Teachers, bank staff, sales representatives, doctors, low cadre professionals who are seeking a passive income stream their 9-5 job.
  1. Business people who want to learn how to sell online or want to raise capital for their business.
  1. Digital marketing professionals who are looking for ways to upgrade their skills
  1. Any other people who are willing to embark on an online venture.

Module 15.) Can I Really Make Money With This Course?

The answer is Yes! If you implement what is inside the course you can make money with it.

If a 17 year old boy can become a millionaire through this you can too.

The course is a 72ig implementation program. It means if you implement the course without skepting any part you will start making money in 2-3 days’ time.

  1. What is the commission per sales for me?

Expertnaire courses are designed in such a way that each sale will automatically credit you with 50% commission.

With an email alert that will be sent to your inbox.

Telling you you made a sale from a certain product with a 50% commission.

For instance, of you make sale on 72 if you get 50% commission which is #32,500.

Two sales is #65,000, 4 sales is #130k commission just like that.

b.) How much can I make before withdrawing my money?

There’s no limit to how much you can make.

It depends on your mindset and the work you put in. And the number of sales you make in a day or weeks.

You can make #130k or #260k, even a millionaire.

The minimum withdrawal is #10k.

Withdrawal is 7 days from the day the sale was made.

Module 16.) How Much Can I Make In A Week?

There’s no fixed amount to make, it all depends on your marketing effort. 

Like I said minimum withdrawal is #10k 

Your earnings are unlimited and withdrawal is every Friday direct to your Nigerian bank account.

Affiliates cash out every Friday here in nigeria. 

Module 17.) Can Other Country Affiliate Promote on Expertnsire?

Yes, you can if you want to earn in dollar you sell Amazon KDP 

How to sell ebooks on Amazon with your Smartphone.

Other countries can still promote affiliate products on Expertnaire.

Like the Amazon KDP, Amazon is earning in a dollar program.

Module 18.) What Are The Tools To Market 72ig Program

If you have a smartphone and internet connection nothing stops you from starting affiliate marketing.

You can also use a laptop with an internet connection which is more professional.

Module 19.) Testimonies of People The 72IG Has Transform 

Here is the first testimony


Module 20.) Benefits Of 72IG And Bonuses For You

Benefits inside 72ig if you buy today

You’ll learn

  • 72 hours WhatsApp income generator blueprint ( you’ll learn how to make money using WhatsApp to sell, you can make #150-350k with this method)
  • You will learn how to design website on your own with WordPress (You can do this for people and make money too)
  • You’ll learn how to create a sales funnel for the course you are promoting or to people. This skill alone can generate 150k a month for you.
  • You’ll be able to learn Facebook Advertising for free, the skill that will help you run Facebook advert for affiliate product you are promoting)
  • Copywriting skill that will enable you to write content on blogs like this, social media, Video content, advertising content. ( templates to write headlines, opening messages and call to action). Just copy and paste
  • There is graphic design course for you inside to design graphic works on your own
  • Twitter Money Blueprint  course that will teach you how to generate 5k leads and followers on Twitter alone.
  • Weekly Mentorship with Toyin Omotos private session
  • Webinar presentation skill

like zoom session, Youtube and the rest

  • Access to 72ig Private coaching session videos of Top affiliate secrets 
  • Whasapp sales Script (copy and paste script to post content that your audience need)
  • How to do product research on expertnaire marketplace
  • How to create content on WhatsApp calender- Done For You template (DFY)
  • How to sell using WhatsApp group (step by step guidelines)
  • How to create WhatsApp attention grabbing headlines
  • How to use WhatsApp status for marketing your offers
  • How to use WhatsApp auto responder for instant messaging
  • Step by step guide to creating WhatsApp sales funnel
  • Trojan email templates for leads generation
  • Ready buyer email list of prospect 
  • Headlines formula and sample templates
  • How to use Canva for graphics design
  • How to set up conversion ads on Facebook
  • How to appeal if Facebook ban your account
  • Complete Facebook Audience targeting blueprint and many more the list is endless.

My 72IG Bonus Offers Worth #247k For You🎁

Top Affiliate Millionaire Strategies on Expertnaire to hit your first #250k

7-Day Program on How To Write Content To Get Your First #100k Sales

Super Affiliate Cheat Sheet to make your 6-7 figures in 3 months

✅ “Where The Money Is” Ebook by Toyin Omotoso

How To Pick A Niche And Make Your First Sale Faster Course

How To Use Expertnaire Platform Tutorial

One on One Mentorship on My Private Whatsapp Group

Understanding Affiliate Marketing/Traffic Generation Guide

Objection Handling Strategy Course

The Millionaire Mindset Ebook

How To Put The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind To Work Ebook

100 Plus Whatsapp TV List To Advertise Your Affiliate Product In Nigeria

Psychology Of Selling By Brian Tracy

If you want to pay for all these courses separately, won’t it cost up to #250k but guess what?

 You won’t pay #250k or #150k not even #100k ❌❌❌

You just have to pay a small amount of #65,000 only✅

Hurry, the price will soon reach #70,000

Get it here before it goes up >>> Give Me Access

Chat with me to know more⏩ I want to know more

Module 21.) Why You Need To Start Now

✅ Many people are looking for this course

✅ Affiliate marketing is the new Oil money

✅ You can do it passively or full time

✅ It’s easy to start because you don’t need office space

✅You can have the skills to start an advertising company like this digital agency.

✅ Your income is unlimited, you can make 200k today and make 1 million tomorrow

✅ Sign up and get your bonus before the link is taken down⏩ Get Access Now

✅ Chat with support for further assistance⏩ Can I know more

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