Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review:Huge Free Dollar Bonuses 



Bellow is Massive Affiliate Blueprint  1.0  review  with  huge free  dollar bonuses to make tons of sales.

This is brand new exclusive technology that brings affiliate marketing to a whole new level. Creating next generation affiliate marketers.

Massive Affiliate Blueprint is more or less called Tailor Your Future (TYF); it has what it takes to make you high earning super affiliate.

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The software has a proven record of changing affiliates income in few days. All the settings for money making is done for you (DFY). Just place your link and forget it system that would generate hurricane traffic without doing anything.  


What is Massive Affiliate Blueprint-TYF?

Massive affiliate blueprint review, bonuses and product
Massive Affiliate Blueprint eBook

It is a new generation revolutionary technology course for affiliate marketing system. Which will transform anyone into real super affiliate with high paying monthly commission? 

Better still, this is complete DFY with traffic hurricane strategy; just fix your link and see commission coming daily. 

The most advance affiliate marketing system with hundreds of thousand free bonuses for you to constantly make money.


Demo Video Review Of How It Works In Summary


 How Does it work?

Let me explain it the way you’ll understand. Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 from my review. Just copy and paste your link with your name and forget it. Everything is done for you (DFY).  

How Does MAB 1.0 Really Work?

What is the  Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 All About?

Demo Video Review Of MAB Summary

Here what users are saying about Massive Affiliate Blueprint-Tailor Your Future (MAB)


All you have to do is copy and paste and like magic, everything is updated with your nameyour links. ~ Tamara Mascarenas

When I saw behind the scenes, I said “Holy Crap, I want this NOW!” ~ Tom Beal

This has changed my life already and I’m barely dipping my toes in it! ~ Curt Hadley

All you have to do is, download, plug in your links and send traffic, which he teaches you to do. ~ Derek Cobb


James is a guy you want to get to know and align yourself with right now.” ~ Omar Martin

If you have an opportunity to work with and learn from James, don’t think twice, just do it.” ~ Erick Salgado

You have set a new high standard for done for you affiliate systems ~ Jean Jaquez

The value is unbelievable and I wouldn’t have expected any less from James. ~ Ron Rodwell

1 click download it really is amazing, you just 1 click download and it’s all there.” ~ R Keck Lynn

“He has been helping me get sales like nobodies business. I highly recommend working with James, two thumbs up!” ~ Joe Anelli

“If you have any doubts at all, put them to one side because James is the man!” – Graham Holroyd

“Your advice has allowed me to more than 10x my sales in a short amount of time.” ~ Ken George


 If you get the chance to work with James, please do because you will not regret it.” ~ Alvaro Salgado

MAB has changed my life, and I’m confident it can change your’s too. ~ Chris Chesar

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If you’re looking for someone you can trust then I really encourage you to get involved. ~ David Sharpe

At the push of one button, I have a complete automated business. I’ve changed my life at the push of a button. ~Dominic Biggers

These are honest review from MAB users and their affiliate marketing career has soar beyond what they ever expected. Tailor your future brings new technology into affiliate marketing.  GRAB YOUR COPY HERE




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How to Buy the Taylor Your Future MAB 1.0 System?

You can get the course on the official Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 website.

Just follow these simple steps below and Start Building Your Affiliate Marketing Empire Now! 


Step 1 – Order Mab 1.0 by CLICKING HERE 

Make sure to double-check if you registered with us before ordering. When you click the link above a form will popup to give you a chance to register before going to the official MAB 1.0 website. It’s important to complete the registration form to let us know you’ll be getting MAB 1.0 so we can set up your account profile for your bonuses 🙂

Order MAB 1.0 Here

Step 2 – Email a copy of your receipt to THIS EMAIL 

“This will also be very important and pretty much self-explanatory. Considering we are covering most of the cost, hosting & support for the bonus packages & systems, we want to make sure we’re working with official Mab 1.0 members. Just in case, you can also click the button below…”

Email MAB 1.0 Receipt Here3

Step 3 – Check your inbox for further instructions 

Now just keep checking our inbox for new email notifications from me on how to access your bonuses etc. The full instructions on how to get access to your bonuses and get setup within your new systems will be in there. And, if ANY issues at all, just reach out through our support email or contact form etc…

Email MAB 1.0 Support Here  



Would you like to become a successful affiliate marketer? Would you like to become a six-figure earner?


The massive affiliate blueprint 1.0 software is from Jvzoo leader board affiliate, James Neville-Taylor is the #1 affiliate on the top ten affiliate marketer  company with over 10,000 Affiliates on board.


James in a Seminar

This photo above is James Neville-Taylor, who is digital marketer, author, public speaker and  seven figure monthly affiliate earner. He personally own Tailor Your Future- Massive Affiliate Blueprint.

Which was designed to help many aspiring affiliate make sales. After discovering that many young affiliates are ripped of their money by fake software vendors.  This has proven to generated massive commission for super affiliate and now is yours.

See Brief History


I am “James Neville-Taylor, here and thank you so much for visiting this partner page. I’ve curated this product with the help of some 20-year veterans in the IM space so you can be sure of sky-high conversions and EPCs throughout the funnel.

My inspiration for this product came from wanting to help those in my position a few years ago, people who had no hope, people who feel, depressed, anxious and scared, and don’t believe they could ever achieve anything and show them they can achieve something and support themselves.
That is so important; I know what it is like to feel you will never achieve anything and that you are useless.

I believe entrepreneurship and affiliate marketing especially is the best business model for people that need a low stress venture, and I have taken the easiest business model in the world and made it even easier.

I don’t think there is another system that even comes close to the level of automation and true done for you materials on the market to date.” 



“I have no words to describe how much I appreciate James. Actually, he is one of my personal heroes. The amount of things that James had to overcome to become the person he is today is impressive. If you have an opportunity to work with and learn from James, don’t think twice, just do it.” – Erick Salgado

Omar Martin
CEO of Higher Level Strategies
(A 7-Figure JV Partner)

If you get a chance to work with James, Jump on it! Take his recommendations and his advice and follow the guy to the ends of the earth…” – Dave Sharpe

I’ve worked with some of the best known marketers, authors and names online. When I saw this I recognized. …I don’t want to wait for the launch. I want it now, where can I send you money and how can I get access to it as soon as possible.
It is absolutely phenomenal, and when you get into it. Your jaw is going to drop as mine did and you’re going to recognize, “Holy cow, I can’t wait to get behind this” – Tom Beal

The Amazing Business Entrepreneurs Endorsing This Product


How much does Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Cost?


CLICK HERE for your copy and mail me here for my give away bonus worth $500

Some bonuses included in Massive Affiliate Blueprint-TYF 1.0 Review

For further breakdown of all our special  bonuses and to get more our undisclosed bonuses… Click HERE.




What You’ll find out… 


The simplest business outfit in the world which has no staff, no delivery, no stock or warehousing, no customer support, and without storefront.


 The right way to dive into this goldmine business opportunity, the way to explore and shortcut to money making with no heartache and financial ache!


 Latest and revolutionary business technology that can assemble an affiliate business with several income streams in a click.  Regaining all wasted profit of many years.


This Massive Affiliate Blueprint1.0 Review will expose you to lot bonuses.

Find out below:

Is Taylor Your Future Now: MAB 1.0 Legit or a Scam?

See Bonuses You’ll Get For Free From The Massive Affiliate Blueprint (TYF)1.0

“23 Priceless Features That Are Proven and Tested To Work By Some Of The World’s Top Affiliates and Internet Marketers.

FEATURE #1: 40+ DFY Proven & Tested High-Converting Affiliate Offers. – These are the same high-quality offers I have been using quietly to cash out high six-figure on autopilot for the past three years. They are all yours. All you need to do is choose which offer you want to cash out first and which offer you want to cash out next. It is that simple. (Value $4,000)


FEATURE #2: 12 DFY Proven & Tested, High Converting Landing Pages – You can literally have the same High-Converting “Lead Hoover Machines” I use to suck in tens of thousands of subscribers and generate high six-figures on autopilot ready to go without ever having to click edit. All you need to do is click on 1, 2, and 3. That’s all it takes. 

 (Value $1,200)


FEATURE #3: 12 DFY Proven & Tested, High Converting Bridge Pages – You will own the same “Conversion Crushing” bridge pages that boost my conversions by up to 74% and skyrocket my EPCs.

They are all yours and ready to go. All you need to do is hit publish and the rest is done for you. (Yep, we are utilizing the autotag technology where it will automatically add all the affiliate links to the bridge pages.) (Value $1,200) 


FEATURE #4: 365+ DFY Professionally Written, High-Converting Email Promotion Swipes – You will receive ONE FULL YEAR of follow-up email letters where it will automatically promote, engage, and build a bonded relationship with each new subscriber without you having to write one single word, EVER. – Yes, you only need to enter your details ONCE the system will automagically add your name, signature, and affiliate links on all emails. – It is that powerful. (Value $36,500)


FEATURE #5: MASSIVE Traffic Secrets Package from TOP Traffic Experts – You will have Henry Gold, Greg Jeffries, Chad Bartlett and many more traffic legends to pass on their traffic strategies with you where you will master the same exact formula to get millions of potential customers from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, FB Live, Solo ads, Google, SEO, Free Traffic, Paid Traffic, and…. (You tell me, we will share them all with you. PERIOD.) (Value $9,997)

FEATURE #6: 365 Days Unlimited Brain Bank Email Access – You will have access to one of my top coaches where you can ask ANY questions about your business. It can be as simple as buying a domain name or it can be as extensive as guiding you with email marketing that works. –

Again, there is no so-called stupid questions. All you need to do is email your questions to a specific email address and we will get back to you in one business day. (Value $5,997)


FEATURE #7: 12 Monthly “ask them all” VIP coaching calls – You will have me jump on the call with you and other elite members where you can ask me ANY questions that you want. I don’t care if it takes 8 hours. I will stay with you until all of your questions are answered. (Value $12,000)



FEATURE #8: Exclusive access to my 100+ traffic rolodex – You will get access to ALL of my secret traffic sources, top solo ad vendors and top producing traffic gods that can send you tens of thousands of unique visitors in days.

It took me years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to discover them. Now, they are all yours, included! 

(Value $10,000)



FEATURE #9:  Receive 100% Commissions on all of my high-converting products from $7 to $100 a pop. – You will receive instant cash to your merchant account. There will be no limit, no inventory, and no overhead cost, Plus, all these products are evergreen.

It means that it will be updated and works even five years from now. PERIOD. That means if you sell 100 of my $97 course, you get to keep ALL $9,700! (PRICELESS)


FEATURE #10: $450 Per Sale for Every Sale You Make of Taylor Your Future Now DFY Massive Blueprint 1.0 – You will be instantly approved to receive up to $450 per sale. And, you will also receive high-converting swipe files you can COPY-N-PASTE to your auto-responder account. All you need to do is adding a little code to your auto-responder system; you are ready to cash out big from this powerful blueprint – No exception to the rule. (Value $997)


FEATURE #11: 365 Days Unlimited Technical Assistance – NEVER pay for overpriced tech support again. We will take care of your technical needs.

It can be connecting your auto responder, it could be setting up your blog, it could be activating your SSL, it could be publishing your website, whatever you need, we will help you get it done. You will receive the Platinum Level support you deserve with one of my top tech team members at your disposal for one FULL YEAR.

All you need to do is email your tech questions to a specific email address and we will get back to you in one business day. (Value $5,997)


FEATURE #12: Exclusive Monthly Private Affiliate contest – As I want you to experience the digital nomad lifestyle like I have. I have decided to do something different. Each month I will hold a private contest where you can win a Vacation Certificate to Mexico, Bali, Dubai, Thailand, Italy, Australia, Fiji and more. (Up to $1,785 Value).

You will also gain 100% commissions on high ticket products for 30 days. It means you will get up to $997 from every single referral. Plus, one broadcast of ANY OFFER of your choice to my personal email list. Plus… (I will surprise you for sure!) (Value PRICELESS)


FEATURE #13: Full Access, VIP treatment to Taylor Your Future LIVE (VIRTUAL) – You and your partner will get FREE ALL ACCESS tickets to my LIVE event, Taylor Your Future LIVE.

You will discover the TAYLOR success secrets that have allowed me to breakthrough my fears, travel the world while earning a full time living online, and become a limitless leader.

There will be authors, speakers, celebrities, CEOs, leaders, Influencers who will attend this EXCLUSIVE event. (Value: $1,997)


FEATURE #14: One Full Day Group Mastermind Session With James Neville-Taylor In Your Pyjamas (Pyjama Party!) – You and your partner will receive FREE tickets to a one day group mastermind session. You can ask me anything you want about your business or any other topic you like.

We will create a ready-to-use action guide where you can implement it to your business right away. (Plus, you will also receive complimentary lunch, snacks, and drinks.) (Value: $2,997) (Value: $2,997)    


FEATURE #15: Recordings for ALL monthly Masterclass Sessions, Q&A Sessions & Live Case Studies – You will receive the recording of each and every LIVE session that we hold. This means you can go over all of the valuable information and golden nuggets you will find.

Every LIVE session with industry leaders will be recorded for you to peruse at your leisure. Every monthly Q&A coaching call will be recorded for you to peruse at your leisure. Every resource you need will be recorded for you to peruse at your leisure.  



FEATURE #16: White Label Affiliate Marketing Course You will receive a full 22 -part affiliate marketing course that goes over all the aspects of affiliate marketing. You will be able to sell this product as if it was your own and keep 100% of the profits. As I want you to get the most out of every visitor. The entire course will be pre filled with dozens of your affiliate links throughout the lessons that will sell for you.

(VALUE $4,997)


FEATURE #17: 12 Done or You Branded PDFs You will receive 12 professionally written Done For You lead magnets. These PDFs are generated with your name, company name and affiliate links in just a few clicks! (VALUE $1.200)


FEATURE #18: Done or You Professionally Crafted Sales Page – You will receive a full professional sales page for your white label affiliate course. You can sell the course for a minimum of $7 with no maximum.

This professionally crafted masterpiece will funnel a high percentage of visitors into your members area where they will see your affiliate offers.  (VALUE $997)




FEATURE #20: Your Step By Step Blueprint to My 6-Figure Business You get every email, every sales page, every bridge page, every resource, every secret, every strategy and EVERYTHING I have used to become a high 6-figure earner in near record time from despair. (VALUE $PRICELESS) 


FEATURE #21: Cash Pulling Copy Mini Course You get 10 high quality videos teaching the ins and outs of high converting copywriting.   (VALUE $197)

FEATURE #22: Traffic Mastery Mini Course – You get 20 high quality videos teaching the ins and outs of mastering traffic.   (VALUE $497)


FEATURE #23: Taylor’s Traffic Series – You get behind the scenes access to ALL of the top secret Taylor Tactics James has used to build his multiple 6-figure business.”   (VALUE $PRICELESS)



If you buy Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.o  this month, you’ll also receive “Seven in one person live Masterclass session” that will boost your affiliate earning potential.


MASTERCLASS SESSION #1: The “Taylor Your Future” Massive Cash Blueprint 1.0. – It is the same exact formula I have been using from being a homeless, broken, and suicidal addict, to a six-figure affiliate and an international speaker in under 24 months. (Value $197)

MASTERCLASS SESSION #2: The “Finder Keeper” Techniques you must use to attract cash-sucking products master blueprint. – It is the “seldom-discussed” formula I used quietly to pick & choose the right products and services that will give you an INSTANT cash for your business. (Yep, you do NOT need to create any products. PERIOD.) (Value $197)


MASTERCLASS SESSION #3: The “13-Year Old” stupid simple secret you can use to set-up your profitable website in a few minutes. – You can literally have your website up and running in SECONDS. You don’t need to think.

You don’t need to be an expert. You only need to click 1, 2, and 3. BAMN. And, your entire ready-to-cash-out website is READY for you. PERIOD. (Value $197)

MASTERCLASS SESSION #4: Set-up High Converting Landing Pages. The “Taylor Your Future” secret to seduce your audience to say “YES” on giving you their personal information. – You don’t have to beg. You don’t have to say subscribe, subscribe, or subscribe. As soon as they see your page, they will have no choice but to give you their email addresses. It is that powerful. (Value $197)

MASTERCLASS SESSION #5: The “Illuminati” techniques you must use to have your audience give you their credit card numbers even if their spouses say “NO” to your offer. – It also means that as soon as your new subscribers see your offer, they have no choice but to take out their credit cards.

(I am NOT sure what they are going to tell their spouses, but they will be addicted to your offer for sure!) (Value $197)


MASTERCLASS SESSION #6: The “Go-All-In” Taylor ingredients you must apply in your marketing strategies to motivate your audience to buy ANY products and services you recommend. — I called this method a “Conquering” method.

WHY? It also means that other entrepreneurs may promote a similar product, but your TRIBE will choose to buy it from you. Even if you don’t have a link to the product, they will tell you to give them your link to the product.  (Value $197)

MASTERCLASS SESSION #7: The “Traffic Hurricane” recipes I have been using quietly to attract an unlimited amount of leads to my business. – Some marketers used paid ads. Some marketers used free ads. I call this a “hurricane” technique because I hate both paid and free ads. WHY? Free traffic takes too much time. Paid traffic will cost me dearly. What did I do differently? Four words: I seduce the traffic. (Value $197) –  All from James Neville-Tailor

This and much more will be yours if you buy today. Total bonus that is about to come your way today is $110,188 

For those who are buying through me I have special bonus  worth $500 for just screenshot payment details  here.

To get it as a way of thank you.


The review made is proving to be correct. James Neville Taylor Massive Affiliate 1.0 is new generation affiliate technology. It has a proven record of making you six to figure monthly earner.

This review is solely base on my perspective, you may or may not make the same money because of user experience.


Again, don’t forget to send payment proof to me for your exclusive bonus from me.

Grab my  special free bonus if you buy through me link, when you screenshot payment here.

 In just few months if you follow the video guide. Also the master class session and all the training provided. From the review of massive affiliate is very clear the system is set and forgets one. No work needed again.

This offer is about Expire Grab Your Copy Here

Just copy and paste your link. Do not need staff, goods fulfillment, customer support, does even 9-5 job hour but set and forget high powered technology. 

Buy Massive Affiliate Blueprint  1.0 here.

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Humphrey Udoh


Elivechat Team


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