Just 12 Ways To Handle Customer Objection Like A Pro

Don’t panic in the face of a reluctant buyer here are 12 ways to handle customer objections like a professional marketer.

Sometimes Customers may have objections to buying your product. 

Let me take you through ways to handle customers’ objections like a pro before giving up.

It’s no longer new to marketers who have been long in the system.

It just happens to let you know how customers behave during the buying process.

Just to let you know that objection is like a question. 

Look for ways to answer with a calm and polite response.

Whichever way you get in contact with the customer.

Either you get them through a paid advert or a Google search.

Some may buy immediately, while others may not because of their miss feelings.

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During your cold calling or private chat.

You may likely hear several examples

  1. I’m not interested in your product 
  1.  I don’t see any reason buying it
  1. It’s too expensive 
  1.  On low budget
  1. I’ll get back to you
  1. Can you give me a discount
  1. Company too small
  1. Looks like a scam
  1.   Doesn’t  want to be tied to a contract right
  1. No return on investment
  1. Can’t Work With Certain Tools
  1. Explanation video is too long 

How To Handle These Customers’ Objections

  1. I’m Not Interested In Your Product

When a prospect says I’m not interested during a call or chat. Don’t get upset or feel embarrassed.

You should ask for an email address or a convenient time to put in a call.

Your customer may be willing to know more about it.

Send an email on the benefits it provides.

Next objection…

  1. I Don’t See Any Reason Buying It

Don’t shun this kind of prospect, otherwise, you lose money. Just calmly explain what’s in it for him.

You may not have explained the product clearly or the prospect needs more clarity before making a decision

What you do next is to find out areas the customer doesn’t understand.

Asked questions like, “I understand the area you are coming from, you mean I should tell you the benefit it has for you, isn’t it? 

You can also ask: “Is it the features or the benefits you need to understand?”

Whichever one, spend time explaining it and find out if he’s clear about it.

  1. It’s Too Expensive 

This kind of prospect is willing to buy but is considering the price. The budget may be the issue.

He’s looking for something affordable at the moment.

You should keep on emphasizing the quality of the product and its value.

It may be that the prospect doesn’t understand what’s in it for him.

You can give a breakdown of the whole stuff and see his reaction. 

As a digital marketer don’t ignore this warm lead.

This objection raised is favorable if you can take a bold step to negotiate more with the customer.

Remember don’t reduce the product’s worth if you want to keep the integrity of your brand.

 You can reply this way: I can understand the point you’re coming from, we have a standard which is to give you top-notch quality.

Because we believe in speedy growth and return on investment (ROI).

It has a lot of value embedded in it.

Would you mind if we show it to you?

After showing or explaining the benefits, he may be convinced.

If the prospect agrees to proceed, that’s a new deal for you.

  1. On Low Budget

 This situation is similar to the one I discussed earlier.

Looking at this case, you’ll understand what the prospect is talking about.

He wants a reduction or a low package.

Maybe he’s skeptical of the whole thing or truly wants something he can afford.

Because of his company size.

You can reply to him this way:  your point is being noted, we have recently designed a smaller package for those on a low budget.

Please, would you mind seeing them?

If you accept, fine!

Asked for the budget rate and gave it to him.

Sometimes, you’ll want to know how many staff or quantities they may want to buy.

To know how to make a discount or look for an affordable package.

Please note that your opinion is needed on the way Elivechat should serve you better.

If you have a contribution to our advancement too or how we should do things.

Feel free to comment below, we’ll pick it up from there.

You can also send the admin an email on our contact us page.

  1. I’ll Get Back To You

Often, you hear this from customers or clients.

When they have one excuse they never want to tell us.

You don’t give up, after hearing this kind response.

What you should ask is: can I send you an email or call you back later?

If the response is yes, proceed.

Maybe the prospect is very busy and may need some time to think about it.

Another way to approach this kind of issue is to let the prospect know his challenge and the solution you have for him in the product.

What you should know about handling customer objections is, it’s a  skill that requires constant practice.

You can never be better if you give up after two, three, or even ten people’s rejection.

  1. Can You Give Me a Discount?

In this scenario, don’t tie yourself down to what the customer is demanding.

Do this instead, getting his attention to the value of the product for him.

Some customers are not aware of the benefit your products are about to offer.

Know that the objection question is not new.

You master the skills of objection handling.

In this scenario, you can say should I review the benefits of the program to you?

7.) Company Too Small

The professional digital marketer knows that sales objection is part of selling.

If you treat it as a question it will never be a problem.

Only a newbie and inexperienced sales closer see product objection as a heavy task to handle.

When faced with this kind of objection to buying your product.

First, tell the customer I understand your point and the area you’re coming from.

You can tell the customer to understand why you came to help improve the company size.

Try to focus on what your company does and why you are here to help small companies improve growth and remain relevant.

8.) Looks like a Scam

Most of the time two things are involved in this question.

I.) because of the prospect’s experience

ii.) because he doesn’t understand how it works?

When he says “it’s a scam”.

Don’t get involved in arguments.

Tell him “I understand what you mean, it’s because you were a scammer before.”

If he says “yes” you pick the conversation from there.

You can show him testimonials of previous users.

If your product has a demo or free version, give it to him.

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And return after some days to ask for the result.

The second part of his question is because he doesn’t understand the function of the product.

You can ask him, “have you used it before?”

The response will be known. 

When he says “no”. Start your conversation by saying that is why I said you don’t have an idea how it works.

Introduce your company, show him proof and try to convince him to give it a try.

Tell him the result he should expect.

9.) Doesn’t  want to be tied to a contract right

The fear of being tied to contracts makes some customers object to business deals.

This may mean, this prospect needs a shorter contract or an easy contract.

He doesn’t want a heavy load at the moment.

Truth be told, nobody wants to carry a heavy load.

Here is the thing, agree with him first saying “I accept your point.”

Go further by saying “do you mean you can enter a contract that will be heavy on you isn’t it?

If he says “yes”. Do your best to find something less heavy for him.

But let him know that this contract helps him tackle challenges with ease.

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10.) No Return On Investment

Handling customer objections like a pro demands patience and self-control.

Some objects from customers are pretty hash.

Most people who throw hard objection questions at you are bored or a little frustrated during their work hours

Think deeply to understand the objection correctly.

It may mean no benefit can have on him.

The best way to handle this objection is to show the results of the person or companies who got a Return on Invest from it.

11.) Can’t Work With Certain Tools

Do you notice some prospects or fear of using new technology?

Especially computer software.  Instead of using new technology 

Some customers might want to remain with obsolete applications.

Try to let this prospect know where the world is heading and what statistics say about people who use the new technology.

Offer staff training to ease the fear of adopting new technology.

12.) Explanation video is too long 

During sign-up to a program if a prospect observes the video is too long.

That is the end of it.

When you follow up and ask if you didn’t finish up any problem?

What you’ll hear is too long.

I will watch it later but will never watch it.

Tell him I understand your point. “You are too busy, aren’t you?”

Ask him, “if you were to be given $500 to watch a video of 30 minutes will you reject it?”

What’s in it that weighs far more than that?

If you want something to improve your life.

Ignore the time and stick to the benefits.


Every day customers are coming up with ways to object to being sold.

It’s now left for the digital marketing sales team to look for ways to handle these objections like a professional.

From the above-listed point, handling customers’ objections won’t be an issue.

If you find time, study them and implement the letters.

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Humphrey Udoh

Elivechat Team

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