Google AdSense Link Ads Retiring Soon

Maybe you never know that Google AdSense link ads are retiring soon, it may most likely be 10th of March. Google has come up with this announcement recently to retire link ads units and serve better ones based on user’s preference. And that they want to improve ads to meet user’s demands.

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This might cause many publishers who serve 50% and above link ads to lose handsome money. From research, it is very clear that link ad is one of the most profiting ad unit. Sad enough Google AdSense link ads is retiring soon.

Google AdSense Link ads retiring in March 2021

Advertisers register on Google and pay for ads units which in turn will be separated by Google to various websites (Publishers) through AdSense.

AdSense is Google advertising network, generating handsome revenue from it yearly.  

What is Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense?

It is a Google display network program used for online advertisement on various websites that are registered with them. Showing various categories of adverts to targeted audiences daily.


Unless they can tweak their ads or choose better options. Like vignette ad units which can participate in various networks.  Though there are various ads units on Google AdSense, which is still good.

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Google AdSense publisher dashboard

Who are Google Publishers?

Google publishers are those who display Google ads on their websites. Drive traffic to this ads unit and get paid for the number of clicks. Sometimes impressions and clicks are calculated to bring earnings. These publishers are paid monthly by Google.

Google AdSense Units

There are various ads units Google has created through AdSense. These ads units are listed on Google AdSense official page and guide page. To help publishers choose from the list ads units. The best match for their audience. Since AdSense inception way back in 2003. 

It  has been the advertiser’s section of  Google. Through images, text, video and interactive media advertisements. Generating huge money to Google on a yearly basis.


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Google Link Ads Unit
Source: Google

What is Google Ads link?

According to Monetizemore, link ads are similar to contextual ads and are topic lists targeted towards the interests of website users.

Google said; On March 10, 2021, link units are being retired.”  Links ads will be transferred to display ads units for better performance.

This link ads shows a list of adverts important to the content or article of the page. Most link ads are user targeted to attract clicks during impression and views.

Google AdSense Link Ads unit on Smartphone
Source: Creativebrains
duggu example of adsense linn ads

 After that, the number of clicks that is pay-per- clicks (PPC) which is calculated in exchange for money and is called monetization.  Earnings grow as the number of clicks increases on links ads displayed.

Many publishers like link ads to the rest because of its responsive nature and compatibility to various devices. It gives an impressive look to responsive websites. Join in providing great user experience on all devices.


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Although, some other ads units are available on AdSense like:

  •   AMP ads
  •   Auto ads
  •   Display ads
  •   In-article ads
  •   In-feed ads
  •   Matched content ads
  •   Native ads and more

It is now in the hands of publishers to quickly change to the rest of ads units to avoid this. Google has announced that it will show blank link or withdraw link ads on publishers account. Beginning from the date announced in march, publishers are not going to serve link ads. Because Google Adsense link ads retiring policy.


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Google announcement on link ads


Google AdSense Link ads retiring Announcement
Google AdSense Link Ads unit Retiring Announcement

From the announcement made by Google;

From 10, March 2021

  1.   You’ll no longer be able to create link ad units.
  2.   Responsive link ads will begin to serve display ad units on your site(s).
  3.   Your link ad units will be converted to display ad units. They’ll be renamed with “[previously linked ad unit]” added to the end of the ad unit name. This will apply to responsive and fixed- sized link ad units.
  4.   Fixed size link ads will stop serving on your site(s).
  5.   We’ll collapse each ad unit where possible. In other cases we’ll show a blank ad.

If you’re using responsive link ads, you don’t need to take any action at this time. Our experiments show that, on average, responsive display ads can perform as well as link ads.

–   Google  Announcement


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Now those who are displaying adsense link ads just need to change to a similar option to avoid losing money. If you could recall, this link ads unit started as far as 2007. 

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Link ads are mostly preferred because of light weight and responsiveness to publisher’s content.


Some comment and feedback from various websites shows that publishers are not 100% happy about this policy. Because, link ads still remain one ad unit audience mostly communicated. It generates revenues for them too. Since Google has decided to retire link ads soon, every publisher needs adjustment to avoid losing money.


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As long as several serving units are available, nothing stops publishers from switching to.  Though the deadline is close, publishers can run other ads units to see what works best. Maybe the performance ratio is low. Feedback from advertisers shows low return over investment on Adsense link ads and that contributed to the retiring decision.

We have known what Google Adsense is for those who don’t know what it is before now. It is the advertisement network for advertisers and publishers. That generates huge revenue for Google yearly while serving ads to the public. It has various ads units that provide ads to mobile, tablet and desktop users.
Ads Units like:
· AMP ads
· Auto ads
· Display ads
· In-article ads
· In-feed ads
· Matched content ads
· Native ads and more

All these are displayed in various platforms; phone mobile android, iPhone and desktop like Microsoft and Apple and the rest of them.
You may have seen several of them sometime. Most times they appear on mobile application. That Google Adsense link ads retiring soon. Is longer news for AdSense publishers. Link ads are text-like ads showing lists of adverts important to the content or article of the page.
As Google has announced that Adsense link ads will retire soon in march. The alternative is shift to auto ads or anyone.

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