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Future of Ecommerce

Future of ecommerce

 As Ecommerce is becoming saturated, what do you need to know about its future? Is it bright or blinking? We will get to know all of that in this article.  From data gathered recently showed that; we are in for Ecommerce boom. The future will be better, if all predictions become reality.  

Most retails stores will packed brick-and mortar stores and leverage on electronic commerce.  

Because customer’s data will become more and more needed by the day.  


Spiteful edge digital brands are integrating latest technology like voice search into Ecommerce. Some are enabling online-to-offline (O2O) strategies. Heritage manufacturing industries are beginning to sell direct-to-consumer (DTC) to boost revenue. The future of Ecommerce you need to know is that the world is becoming storefront by the use of smart mirrors, webinar and live TVs.  

Webinar in Ecommerce  

With estimated growth of $4.2 trillion USD in sales is  expected this year and rise to $6.5 trillion USD by 2023.

 It is predicted that 2.1 billion people will patronize online shopping in 2021.  In fact, future of Ecommerce is massively transforming. This is just slice of pie we are seeing.  By 2040, about 90 to 95 % of transaction will be done online. That means, Ecommerce will substitute traditional retail business.

Ecommerce pop-up stores, call eShop will rise here and there: to establish more customer relationship and distribution chain. This will give room to online storefront present on Smartphone to enable quick  and smart transaction.  Speed, fast and easy buying is going to reach far unexpected height. Drone’s delivery could shortchange delivery personnel.  Ecommerce and mobile Ecommerce (Mcommerce) will grow revenue tremendously in future. 


Already, reborn is taking place from retail stores by moving online that’s causing predicted shutting down of 12,000 retail stores. From offline to online (O2O), business owners are seeing   gradual exodus of customers into online purchase. 

Progressive web application also, supports the Ecommerce growth. There’re major perspectives to Ecommerce growth and trends in the future. We will stay to see all of this happen before our nose.

As Ecommerce kept growing what are areas these increase will likely affect.




Web application that has mobile features will grow business higher than others. Because 53.9% purchase from 2021 may occur through mobile phone. Presently, 60% of internet activities are done with Smartphone.   Don’t expect that happen without looking at it from this perspective. Only mobile responsive sites can experience huge patronage. Because only smartphone friendly webpages will see front pages of search engines. 


About 53% online shoppers may abandon unresponsive site, lazy loading and user unfriendly sites. To go for something better, then website should consider Progressive Web Application (PWAs).       This kind of application can stay on user screen either online or offline. Critical analysis shows that, headless commerce is coming through PWA. 


Virtual Assistance (VA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), even making things better.  Google new indexing priority is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) , making it appear first on front page with uptime loading. Fast loading will be considered too.            




Many Ecommerce outlet will most likely automate operations due to rise in demand. Ecommerce future is bright with automation because those seeking to expand beyond locales to wider reach will do so easily. To open large warehouse, inventory, delivery outside their main branch. It will eliminate time wasting human task by far. 


With mcommerce, personal experience will become popular.  https://www.  


 Gradually, shopping will be less intimacy and focuses  more on distance shopping. Human contact buying like retail shopping  is not going to be achievable. Recommendation  and suggestion apps will be most likely pronounce.       


Logistics in future



As future of logistics in ecommerce changes to elogistics, technology behind it becomes expensive. Considering the fact that elogistics requires automation. Customers demands fast delivery easy shipping and tracking. It’s now left for logistics companies to put in place every necessary gadget. Though these  softwares are so expensive for ordinary logistics and startups.  But it’ll become mandatory. That means only big brands will afford it.


Accompany automated logistics needs client’s  database, computer gadget and staffs training. To study market trends and client behavior with tracking application.  These are strategies that will take money off the pocket. 


As eShop opening rises, it will give room for more  demand and supply. Customers will want fast delivery and quality goods. 

To satisfied customer, trusted logistics company that delivers at prompt, speed and reliable will be deploy.  This means company with  high cost and standard delivery service is expected to make more money. 


For instance,  Amazon announcement to using  drone for its delivery services soon. We know that this will be very costly. We know that creative innovations  company that will maximize opportunity and revenue in future. Not every elogistics company can afford this. Big Titans will mostly adopt  this advance tech but startups will struggle or may likely crash or back out. 


 Logistics industry is growing along side Ecommerce because logistics moves together with Ecommerce industry. Most logistics company I know in developing  country like mine. Charges in USD and price is often determine by exchange rate.  Goods are weight by size of package,  and sometimes exaggerated. 



Voice buying in Ecommerce


Following the integration of voice search into smartphone it becomes necessary to use this technology for buying. Ecommerce industry is experiencing dynamic change at the moment because consumer buying behavior. One of this voice search purchase.  How buyers search for product is faster against past years. Google said, it has upgraded its voice search accuracy from  80% to 90%.

Other companies are doing similar thing to approve voice recognition into search platform program in unique way for users.  Like Nestle cookbook interface in falling in line to voice search to meet user’s demand. This internet cookbook is preparing its brand for future chef and caterers need.  At any time queries, instruction are searched, information will be provided accurately.

Report from Comscore predicted 50% over all online searches to be voice enabled by 2020.

 The user base voice search is gradually growing. Some eShop brand are experiencing purchasing order of 20% in grocery through voice search.  Statistics said voice search purchase is expected to increase further to $40 billion  USD by 2020.

Future of ecommerce may move buyers into  becoming tech savvy. Because Ecommerce future will be masterminded by  high power technology to serve purchasers.

  • Domino has introduced voice customer search feature, making purchase order with it.
  • Johnnie walker took it to a whole new level to allow virtual assistant suggesting product to customers base on interaction.
  • Nestle cookbook voice search integration brings instruction to users also help provide solution to cooking related queries.


       Amazon own Alexa has also profited greatly in this voice search market.  What about Google Home that is gaining more and more  growth in its voice search features from customer’s query. Some Ecommerce platforms are working to upgrade their portals to embed voice search by that preparing for the future opportunity. 


It is estimated that 1.4 billion people through the world will rise to  middle class from Ecommerce. According to one report, Ecommerce may shift from US to Asia are some other places. Going by what China Ecommerce market share. Maybe 85% of this can emerge from Asian.  If 2.1 billion shoppers will migrate from offline to online (O2O), which is business boom to Ecommerce sector.

Looking at record of fastest growing Ecommerce country, above half are from Asian, Latin America, and now the fastest growing Ecommerce country- Mexico.

Localisation is beginning to see expansion beyond national borders.

LISA Which is Localization Standard Association, discovered $1 spent on any investment brings with it $25 in ROI. Translation Ecommerce into local language is bringing remarkable success.

Since one of the advantages of Ecommerce is global reach. And low entry point. This created opportunity for SMEs to start small and reach bigger audience. This transform to big brand and optimize for bigger audience and higher RIO.

Rising Cargo and traffic infrastructure enables Ecommerce growth in Asia and North American, especially Mexico.

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Going by present reality, retail store market still has big market share against Ecommerce from 2019 record it gain about  $25 trillion USD. During the Pandemic things have changed drastically. The fall of offline purchase gives rise to Ecommerce growth. More shoppers now order from home.  Global Ecommerce sale increase by 18% to reach $3.5 trillion USD now. This figure is predicted to double in 2023.

Ecommerce will be increasing by 2% consistently on yearly basis till 2023.  Also, Amazon  stock has risen by 2% and Bezos’s income has risen far above any other person in business. Alibaba, China biggest Ecommerce; fired up to about 62% in fiscal year recently. From 2018 till now, its stock goes up by 40%.       


This promising future of Ecommerce and what you have known. It becomes more important to leverage on this opportunity by channel your business towards this course. Before big competitors will over dominate the process.  Get Virtual assistant introduce every feature you demand. Do your analysis, survey and findings. Test run to see how it works.

Most importantly, as an entrepreneur is better to focus on the area best match for you and optimize. In  other to be part of this ecommerce boom.  We are waiting to see you at peak of Ecommerce industry succeeding.

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Humphrey Udoh


Elivechat  Team

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