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As a beginner in digital marketing it is important to know Fundamental Copywriting and its four tip’s. This web content will unfold the fundamentals of Copywriting and four tips for beginners  today.  Let it be a guide guidepost, while starting out.  Most beginners find it pretty hard in digital marketing because of Copywriting.

Majority of contents written by newbies fail Copywriting guidelines. Just writing what you see or think about on your website doesn’t help at all. If you want to get a real goal in publishing an article for viewers today; workout a clear sense of direction for it.

Before now, Copywriting is just to pick up a topic, use a headline you like and send it online. Google and users are getting wiser and more curious about quality and authentic Copywriting.

That has made copywriters look for attention grabbing words with several unique words sew together and sling to customers. It makes customers feel more confident, relaxed and motivated to buy from you. Knowing this fundamental Copywriting skill as a beginner will take you far.  

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By following lay down rules, strategies and tips in the industry gives you an edge.  All writings are not the same. Though, a Copywriting career aims to create adverts, sales copy, increase brand awareness and web content.

In the form of text, audio, video, GIFs, animation and the rest. These contents can be further broken down to writing journals, magazines, newspaper adverts, sales letters, TV adverts, white papers, radio jingles and more.  The purpose is to make the target take certain action and arrive at the desired point.


Then come back to the drawing board to see if the result was achieved. Else, it’ll be good to rewrite again.

Now, looking at Copywriting as a whole; what can a beginner do to write compelling, persuasive and converting copy? It’s to know the fundamental of Copywriting and four tips for beginners today.

And be good at what you are doing? Learn the acts of Copywriting and write often in a unique way.


Today’s Copywriting is no more the same as last decade. Readers are looking for quality content and Google is looking for ways to deliver the best. Before we go further, let’s get the meaning of Copywriting.

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What is Copywriting?


Copywriting is the act of writing to get readers attention and bring them to make specific decisions. It further narrows down to knowing what is struggling with, and then proceeds to solve that need.  By using specific action words, pictures, videos or sales copy.   The end goal of Copywriting is to call someone to take action. It happens in several ways, in many industries.  

According to Wikipedia definition of Copywriting; “it means the act or occupation of writing text for the purpose of advertising or marketing.”

The fundamental of Copywriting  for beginners and tips today is to write compelling content that delivers results. Know what you’re writing and who is getting to when to get them and what action they should take.

Have passion for what you are doing and you’ll get better at it. Learn from expert writers every now and then. Read their copies, digest them to get started. The truth is, Copywriting is marketing communication that asks someone to make definite decisions.

Like brand awareness, free offers, promo, generate leads and increase productivity.

What To Know When Starting Copywriting?


In Copywriting, there are questions you will ask before writing content. That is, who, what, where, when and how can I get my audience.

  • Who are your clients or customers?

Know the industry you are and find the customers there. If they are in a healthy niche, you can narrow down the topic to weight loss or organic food and green veggies.

In that niche, you consider what is the challenge people are having or trying to solve then write on it. Using keywords with high search volume.

With less competition.


  • What are your customers looking for?

Go on research and find what searchers most use keywords and phrases. Sometimes you check question keywords. Get it, narrow the Copywriting to 3-6 sentence words. Like “lemon juice: best weight loss recipe”, “lemon juice: fat blaster”.

  • Where can you get them?

Make through findings and know where to find your audience. Most weight loss niche communities go on Facebook, Instagram, Google and more. YouTube has a very large community of weight loss viewers.


  • When can you get your viewers?

For this to happen, fundamentals of Copywriting and four tips for beginner today. Would most likely help you. It can mostly be done using a sales letter. 

Some also according to demography targeting. It is morning, evening or noon. Just find the local time of the demography.


  • How to get them?

Now, this part plays an important role in fundamental Copywriting for beginners today. The central focus on Copywriting  major solely here.   


Copywriting Tips For Beginners


When the journey to start this career was born in you, never throw away Copywriting tips for beginners. Work towards acquiring them to get better daily as you grow.


  1. Headlines that resonant goal and clicks


As you start, think of what phrase or sentence to attract attention on front page.  Think creatively about what headline that can encourage clicks from my audience. In Copywriting, the headline is the entry point to the house.

According to Army Harrison from Copyblogger, “it means that while you want to make the sale from your side of the counter, you have to also understand your customer’s perspective from where he stands.

To do this effectively, you have to know what your customer is thinking in the leadup towards the sale. It’s the same with your sales copy. If you don’t know what’s important to your customer, you’ll struggle to write a copy that Connect’s.”

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You don’t push the sale to him to buy. Use a good font with a very enticing headline that will arouse his curiosity to read more.  Take him beyond the headline into the body and go down further than the “buy button.”

Make it very interesting to look at as he passes by the headline. Because “the attention time of man is 7 seconds” while crossing through online shops, yours should be special, with a powerful stopover headline.


  • Read the buyer’s mind carefully before putting down a headline. That uses what they struggle with as allurement. “How I lose 2 pounds weight in 2 days with lemon juice.”

Using this kind of headline will arouse curiosity; reading more to know how it happens.


  1. Put the user first before your gain


Copywriting is market communication to someone who is in need of your offer. But needs to get his problem solved, doubt cleared and help him out of his challenges. Then drive him beyond the buyer’s line.


Don’t come up with a copy and drop call to action immediately without giving details of how it can improve their lies or get them better. Try as much as possible to address their pain point and show them the solution you have for it.


You put the buyer into consideration. That is you give him what best fits him and will improve his well being again and again.


  1. Know what they like and do research according


Don’t you know the topic very well? Maybe you do more research and start writing as you proceed. To enable you not run out of what to write.  When you’ve don’t a lot of research you keep flowing neutrally.

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According to Ben settle, “First, I start with researching the market using a very specific “market analysis” formula.

It pretty much lets me know everything I need to know about the market, what they do, who they are, how they think, how they buy, what TV shows they watch, what magazines they read — if they even so much as go to the bathroom at a certain time of the day, I’ll know about it. (Well, maybe I don’t know THAT much about them, but you get the idea…) Then I look at the product or service being sold.”

The above example from Ben Settle was specifically for sales copy or sales letter. Though, it just follows the same rule. The fundamental Copywriting  tips hold for the same direction but different copy and content. New ideas come up daily and readers’ behavior changes over time.  Research helps you  know all of how to improve  and tweak.

  1. Get them to do something

 Tell them to do something in the process. All depend on what your end goals mean. Creating awareness, free offer, marketing product, lead generation or more. Show them the next line of action confidently and boldly.

Put clearly in a well coordinated manner. Don’t try to confuse them or show the wrong page. As a beginner in Copywriting, don’t draw  the customer  with a big price. 

Maybe your first client happens to put calls to buy and instead of giving $50 on the offer you shoot the price higher. You may scare the buyer away.


Discount is also allowed. To make the buyer confidently pay. Build trust and ask for review if necessary too.  These are some of the fundamental Copywriting tips beginners can use today.  Copywriting is a great career that spins a lot of money for professionals.  If you want a copywriter for your job, contact us via email here. We can chat with you on WhatsApp too.

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