Humphrey Udoh a digital marketer, content creator, and internet advertiserHave you been disappointed by your webhost; buy the best uptime web host to appear again on Google search.

Why not buy the best uptime web host that loads web pages in the blink of an eye.

That will enhance fast loading and reduce bounce rate of site’s visitors. Buying a web host that gives value for money is what business needs today. Are you bored and sick of your present host? Does YOUR website keep lagging and lagging? Did your site find it difficult  appearing on  search? After applying every necessary optimisation technique.

Are you still find it hard  appearing on search and your site ranking is pretty low? Then, you need to try another web host, this time a very fast uptime web host.

Buy Qservers and Regain Uptime Again

Not a web host of a big brand without values, it doesn’t work  that way this time.  Now, look at it this way.

You go shopping sneakers worth $750 in a luxury store, expecting great value but the sneakers got worn out in one month. However, a neighbor bought similar branded sneakers in a new bouquet in town that lasted far beyond yours in spite of much use. Since you still want sneakers seriously that can deliver value, you will never want to visit that Luxury’s store.

Many web hosts have failed you, in spite of expensive plans  purchased. After a few months into using the host’s plan web pages are slowly loading. You are fast losing loyal customers because they complain: slow page load time, frequent server downtime (they couldn’t access website for hours). Images are not loading, network is always down, can’t access your website updates.

To worsen the matter, customer support from the host provider is not picking your call nor responding to the ticket. you keep waiting and waiting for days, yet nothing is done. Mean while, customers are fast disappearing to competitors.

No more return over investment. Your bill is reading daily. Do you know many web hosts are very slow?  Although, they’ll promise hosting five (5) free sub domain and 1 year free subscription; If you buy a 2 year plan.

To  keep you coming year after year. While your business is seriously losing revenue. Besides, customers are saying, hey!

“What’s happening to your site? Each time I try to access a website what appears on screen is loading failed or loading…” That means you need to try another web host if not you may  stay out of business soon.

Thinkwithgoogle said, benchmarks for fast site loading is between 0-1 seconds.

“Doing the same thing always and expecting different results doesn’t work now.”

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And Qservers  webhost is the next uptime webhost to buy. Every requirement around uptime web server, quick response network and customer support are available on

Many people kept asking me, “Which webhost do you use, your site loads very fast; I’ve tried it in many browsers.”

Do you know that one of Google’s ranking factors is fast loading time. Google allows fast loading websites to show up first before any. See Google’s search algorithms  and ranking system works.

If billions of searches are made daily each time searchers click the search button 24/7. What shows first on Google searches are Uptime Websites because time is money for them.  Also, many searcher’s are waiting. Be among the best Uptime Website owners to enjoy this benefit. Take out action to buy Uptime web host- Qservers. That means fast loading sites have an appearance advantage over others. Because Google wants the very best for its customers.

Slow time website chances of appearing is slim.  Reason is, many uptime websites are competing for the front page. Why competitors kept having massive daily traffic on Uptime loading. Elivechat Response Time Report From Bitcatcha July

Don’t just believe me, check it: Qservers

QServers – Nigeria’s Best Rated Web Host  Check out your site uptime from Bitcatcha below.

Bitcatcha – Speed Test Your Website Server (Response Time)

Benchmark Of Web Server response time will tell you the level of your site.

Check your site  uptime serve with UPTIME ROBOT

What is server response time? It’s the time taken for the server to upload web pages on screen by given measure.

According to Bitcatcha, “Google’s recommended response time is under 200ms.

Read about it  here  >>>

Google has stated that the response time needed to load page screen’s up shouldn’t be above 200ms.

If the server goes above that it’ll lag.

Now, how much time does it take your site to respond to a query and load the screen page?

Server response time depends on the quality of hardware and network of what web host you use.


  • Uptime up to 99.9% fast server loading for your site:

Network and server are integral part of online business and they don’t want you to lose money. Because time is money. That’s why they keep your application uptime 24/7.

Load time depend on several factors:

  1. Cache
  2. Coding

III. Content delivery

  1. Media files

And Qservers have you covered buy their host here: Buy award winning website host

Alternatively click and buy here:QServers – Nigeria’s Best Rated Web Host

  • Constant and daily data backup:

They know, data means a lot to digital business. Providing you with constant back up that will make target and retarget of clients possible.

Qservers provides you with 24/7, constant back end data backup and protection against any hardware breakdown.

  • Responsive customer service:

Their customer service team gives helpful website information. Customer agents are there 24/7 to answer any necessary information related to your website.

They’re there to reply to your chat, call or ticket any time.

  • Easy to use cPanel:

Their cPanel is easy to use. Without much struggle you can use Qservers cPanel. It is user friendly.

  • Free SSL And Doesn’t accept any Website Hosting.

Free let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for all plan available if you buy today.

Reply made to user.

Mar. 21, 2020

“QServers has a reliable uptime percentage of 99.9%, this is why we have a lot of good reviews and testimonials about our services. A lot of work has gone into building our server architecture, security and hardening to make sure our clients enjoy their services with us. You can reach us 24/7 on email. Phone and chat support is 8am to 7pm Mondays – Saturdays. We are always happy to assist.”

“NOTE! Fake/Inaccurate Client Details, Fraudulent Domains, Ponzi – peer to peer money doubling sites, cash group helper sites, bank clone sites, crypto currency sites, bitcoins sites, fake courier & oil jobs sites, UAE sites or any other site content that violates our TOS will be suspended without any payment refunds.”

They have their server location is Chicago, USA.


From shop online: Don’t take my word for it click the  next text 

Qservers offer  every new users free ccTLD domain

Beginner’s plan start for as low as #5000 yearly.

Free SSL for new users, that will protect your website or blog from hackers.

Unique website uptime and 24 hours customer support.

Instant database creation

Beginners friendly cPanel.

With extensive tools that accompany it for webmasters to use instantly.

You can easily create new email for  users in a snap.

Offer ecommerce packages

Vpn plan of Qservers you can use to install any software of your choice.

Don’t be the next victim of Google ranking factor by using a slow host server.  Do something now.  The solution is here – Qservers.


Award winning website host  with  just a small few.



Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Starter 2 GB 7.99 GB cPanel 1 $1.24 9.8 Details
Business 10 GB 10.04 GB cPanel 2 $2.07 9.3 Details
Developer 15 GB 60.01 GB cPanel 3 $2.76 7.2 Details
Pro 20 GB 800.05 GB cPanel 5 $3.59 8.5 Details
Mega 30 GB 120.01 GB cPanel 10 $4.96 9.2 Details
E-1 20 GB 79.97 GB cPanel 10 $5.75 8.5 Details
E-2 30 GB 120.01 GB cPanel 15 $8.05 8.5 Details
E-3 45 GB 180.02 GB cPanel 20 $11.49 8.5 Details
E-4 100 GB 399.5 GB cPanel 20 $17.93 8.5 Details
E-5 130 GB 519.99 GB cPanel 20 $22.98 8.5 Details

Qserver Review From Past Users

“As a website developer, there is nothing worse than finding out that your service provider uptime is none-functional. Qservers has 100% uptime. They also have high speed and impressive server response, as well as reliable customer support and a vast knowledge base. They are always online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that is one of the reasons why I have pitched my tent with them for a very long time. is one of the top website hosting platforms in Nigeria that offers cheap and reliable website hosting solutions. The packages are very affordable compared to several other companies.
Their ease of use second to none. Qservers user-interface is highly intuitive. Everything is neatly arranged in a series of drop-down menus on the client’s dashboard as well as other easy to locate tabs by the side of the browser. offers free SSL, which is a necessary component in running a successful online business.
The free SSL provides a secure and encrypted link between a user’s browser and the server. Other website hosting companies in Nigeria sells SSL differently from the main package bought.”

Biggest Pro: Strong Uptime

Recommended by Adibe Nnamdi 

Uptime & Reliability 10
Server & Connection Speed 10
Price Value for Money 8.5
Technical Support & Knowledge 10
Customer Service & Billing 8.8
Overall Rating 9.7

By Adibe Nnamdi on August 19th, 2019 at 15:43 EST
URL:  Customer for 3 – 5 years


Henry Emmanuel

1 review

A year ago

Amazing support service, great server uptime. I highly recommend Qservers


oURCH Peters

1 review

Nigeria’s Best Rated Web Host – Top Nigerian Web Host

Henry Emmanuel

1 review

A year ago

Amazing support service, great server uptime. I highly recommend Qservers


oURCH Peters

1 review

A year ago

Great uptime ! Outstanding technical support and prompt response. Am so enjoying their services


joshua Erinosho

1 review

A year ago

when it comes to customer service, up-time and speed, qservers is the very best


Paul Edafe

1 review

2 years ago

Hello Qservers, your uptime has been so great. Keep making Nigeria proud.
You are the best.


Adenaike Adeyinka

Local Guide · 27 reviews · 10 photos

2 years ago

Good service experience, good customer care help line, server up-time is excellent.

From Akanne blog

QServers is a Nigeria based Web Hosting company that provides affordable and strong web hosting services. Their goal is to set a new standard for shared, VPS and managed dedicated server hosting. The goal was to provide our clients with a superior managed hosting environment for our clients through customer service, innovative network design, a unique suite of services, and the latest technological advances in server hardware. A managed hosting environment that not only supported our clients at all levels, but also provided a true value.


Image: Akanne blog


  • 2 Gb Storage [?]
  • 8 Gb Bandwith [?]
  • Free [?]
  • Free SSL Cert. [?]
  • Unlimited Emails [?]
  • 5 Sub Domains [?]
  • 0 Addon Domain [?]
  • 1 Parked Domain [?]
  • 2 FTP Accounts [?]
  • Unlimited MySQL [?]
  • Softaculous [?]
  • Cpanel [?]
  • PHP 7.2, 7.3 [?]
  • Cron Jobs [?]
  • Daily Backups [?]


  • 10 Gb Storage [?]
  • 40 Gb Bandwith [?]
  • Free [?]
  • Free SSL Cert. [?]
  • Unlimited Emails [?]
  • 10 Sub Domains [?]
  • 0 Addon Domain [?]
  • 2 Parked Domain [?]
  • 2 FTP Accounts [?]
  • Unlimited MySQL [?]
  • Softaculous [?]
  • Cpanel [?]
  • PHP 7.2, 7.3 [?]
  • Cron Jobs [?]
  • Daily Backups [?]


  • 15 Gb Storage [?]
  • 60 Gb Bandwith [?]
  • Free [?]
  • Free SSL Cert. [?]
  • Unlimited Emails [?]
  • 15 Sub Domains [?]
  • 0 Addon Domain [?]
  • 3 Parked Domain [?]
  • 2 FTP Accounts [?]
  • Unlimited MySQL [?]
  • Softaculous [?]
  • Cpanel [?]
  • PHP 7.2, 7.3 [?]
  • Cron Jobs [?]
  • Daily Backups [?]


  • 20 Gb Storage [?]
  • 80 Gb Bandwith [?]
  • Free [?]
  • Free SSL Cert. [?]
  • Unlimited Emails [?]
  • 20 Sub Domains [?]
  • 0 Addon Domain [?]
  • 5 Parked Domain [?]
  • 2 FTP Accounts [?]
  • Unlimited MySQL [?]
  • Softaculous [?]
  • Cpanel [?]
  • PHP 7.2, 7.3 [?]
  • Cron Jobs [?]
  • Daily Backups [?]


  • 30 Gb Storage [?]
  • 120 Gb Bandwith [?]
  • Free [?]
  • Free SSL Cert. [?]
  • Unlimited Emails [?]
  • 30 Sub Domains [?]
  • 0 Addon Domain [?]
  • 10 Parked Domain [?]
  • 2 FTP Accounts [?]
  • Unlimited MySQL [?]
  • Softaculous [?]
  • Cpanel [?]
  • PHP 7.2, 7.3 [?]
  • Cron Jobs [?]
  • Daily Backups [?]


Qservers makes website loads faster than many known brands. It gives value for money and increases your chances of ranking on many search engines.

I started using it in 2018 and never regretted it. Because the speed of  loading was mind blowing.

From many western countries my subscribers were testifying.

One of the reasons is that Qservers server is based in the U.S.

Till date I have never regretted it. You know why? I’m getting value for money.

Which is awesome to me. You can enjoy the ride of Uptime today.

This day we don’t compromise business with what doesn’t add value.

Besides, everybody wants to pay for service that gives results, no matter where the company comes from. So long as it can deliver results and meet our requirements. It is fine! That’s all I want.  This is an affiliate article, so if you buy through us we’ll have commission and in a way you help to grow this blog. We’ll be happy if you do make a purchase through this referral link.

Again buy the best host here: QServers – Nigeria’s Best Rated Web Host

Again, Qservers is an award winning Nigerian website host. That has been around for a while.

Their customer’s service is prompt.

Don’t take my word for it check them here: Award winning website host

QServers – Nigeria’s Best Rated Web Host

The good side is, you can also be an affiliate partner  for Qservers and make money.

As I write this QServers review, I may get a small commission if you buy with the affiliate link provided. Thereby you try to improve our blog as our esteemed blog reader.

Like, share and comment let’s know how you feel. Follow us on Facebook and drop reviews.

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Humphrey Udoh

Elivechat  Team

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