There are thousands of creators Brave browser reward have imparted since its inception.

None web browser online  can pay for browsing, brave browser reward creator  for ad they click daily.

Just  take your precious time to read this post to know what exactly  is brave browser reward.

I’m introducing a browser called BRAVE .

Launched 2015 in California, USA by Brendan Eich, Ex- CEO of Mozilla cooperation and creator of JavaScript.

The aim is to make web browsing experience feel comfortable, faster and much more private.

Design to block ads, website trackers  and help user send cryptocurrency using BAT(Basic Attention Token).

“BAT is an open source, decentralized ad exchange platform based on Ethereum.” –

Last year 2019, Brave browser started running on Windows, macOS, Linux , Android and iOS respectively.

This privacy goal was achieved when BRAVE added Tor to its desktop  application.

To go on private mode: that means it hides user’s browser history from others.

Recently, BRAVE browser came to relevance among  other  browsers. Because it’s 6 time faster, protect user history, and block ads, refuses webpage trackers.

But this time, is taking the stage from different approach. What exactly do I mean? When internet users access your content, all activities are tracked, sold to advertisers.

This  generate money to “Digital Titans” but making web publishers   go bankrupt.

Brave came as game changer. Brave affiliate program initiated to pay cryptocurrency to users “by viewing privacy- respecting ads.”-

To make web publisher gain revenue as they navigate each web pages freely.

The goal , concept  and target  will impact hugely in the market.

See how  Brave use data on their site, other sites, forum and communities; or

Brave has about 8.7 million active monthly users and 3 million daily users.  This can be good opportunity to  run its affiliate program on your blog.



  • Protect user identity others none
  • Load web pages 6x faster – others contain ads that slow load time
  • Has private mode – others none
  • Has TOR which keep user’s location private and prevent sites from tracking your activities- others none
  • BAT reward for browsing and viewing ads – others none

Install brave browser today for its reward token while you view user permitted ads.


          BAT (Basic Attention Token)      REWARDS     


Brave Inc, STARTED ad network in 2019.

With partner’s collaboration to help generate revenue while browsing and viewing  ads.   Good enough, Brave delivers  70% of profit to ad users.  These ads users are called creators and publishers. Which are also  affiliate who can promote their browser by refer.

Brave browser users can check notification button on the right hand side of the browser and click on view ads notification button.

  • Click on view ads
  • Check browser history
  • Personalize view

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Creator get rewarded each time a person sign to brave through him and download browser to use for 30 days.

Brave creator is someone who wants to advertise brave browser to people to download brave browser and stay for 30 days without uninstalling.

Creator will get paid in BAT through Uphold-Brave partner. After  accumulation of token to your desire cryptocurrency’s wallet.  later withdrawn or invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum to make more money.

Brave allows only those who have website, blog, twitch, YouTube channel or affiliate to campaign their ads.  Any referral get you $7.5  in BAT to uphold account, you can refer unlimited people through your channel. If you can 10 refers a day for 30 days that is $75 multiple by 30 which is $2250.

Wait a minute, that is not the end; you can buy,sell or exchange BAT to Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency and earn big  in future.

This  is best affiliate program ever easy to make money now.

Check comprehensive details here:


  • Sign up to brave reward account

You must show that you’re the owner of the site with which to be rewarded bat token.

  • Your name
  • Email
  • Campaign medium
  • Mobile no.
  • Site owner verification
  • Sign up to uphold and verify your account for reward payment integration

Link uphold account to Brave account

Configure your payment currency on uphold.

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From TechWorld

TechWorld in 2017 praised Brave, said, “great speeds and advanced ad-tracking controls”, but said  that its “extension functionality is still lacking”. –

Wikipedia listed

Among  240,000 verified publishers in 2019, Wikipedia was  listed.

-From CNET

While, during CNET reviewed of BRAVE browser version 1.0 said; “Brave is hands-down the fastest browser I’ve used this year on any operation system, for both mobile and desktop.

Memory usage of the browser is far below most others, while website loading is far faster.”

Again they said, with less strain on resources comes less strain on device’s life as well.” –Wikipedia


Trinity college Dublin, school of computer science statistics reported that “ in the first(most private)  group lies Brave, and in the second chrome, Firefox and Safari, and in the third (least private) group lie Edge and Yandex.”-Wikipedia


So, you need to join brave creator to get recurrent affiliate commission month after month without any charges.

Join now, and be among over 240,000 publishers to make affiliate commission.  You can make it addition source of revenue.

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Humphrey Udoh


Elivechat  Team


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