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Website analytics focuses on performance of business activities online and there are 9 reasons to this effects.   In other to check effectiveness of business, from traffic reporting, understanding audience behavior and purpose of optimizing business growth.   It enables business planning, advertising and strategizing and improving sales.  Studying traffic sources, page views, audience insight, trends and rest of website engagement.

The increase of internet usage and the expansion of website activities have created the room for total science of understanding site activities.  It doesn’t just end by communicating with internet application before you. Also, gaining access and granting access to different users.  Getting feedback from website  and audience.  All these things are good but checking website performance through analysis brings positive effect on business.

What display at the backend of website means a lot and shows step by step activities what exactly happen at front end.  Monitoring user’s log in and out with what they view consistently can generate helpful guide to administrator. In return administer will make research modify where necessary to improvement. Set goals, target more leads through data analysis.



Website analytics is the collection, measurement, interpretation, report and usage of website data for overall improvement of that site.

Web analytics is the technology and method for the collection, measurement, analysis reporting of websites and web applications usage data (Burby & Brown, 2007).

Wikipedia definition goes like this; Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for  purpose of understanding and optimizing web usage.


Different types of instruments are deployed to see how this performs. Improvement of business depends solely on marketing research and analytical data. Many years ago nobody really visit website; everybody was going to physical store for shopping. As technology began to evolves, people started developing interest towards website activities. Internet gain more attention because of shift of buyer’s behavior.

Today, almost everyone wants to be part of internet.  And there are broad array of business activities going on from website to website. From the fore going, web metrics measurement, report, tracking is necessary to ascertain user’s behavior.

This is the best time to learn website analytics; if you do internet business especially the fundamentals.Website traffic helps in several ways.  If you undermine website analysis, you may be heading toward iceberg unknowing.




Website analytics is technological method of collecting, measuring, analyzing, reporting, and interpreting of web applications.   Web analysis has on-site and off-site category.

all analytics tools works by collecting raw data about your visitors and organizing it in a way that’s easier to view and understand. Some programs, called log analyzers, use server logs (data files collected by web servers) to provide information about visitors.” GeoTrust.com

On-site website analytics

This deal with website information collected from visitors from interest and the way the approach different web pages. During arrival. The time frame of visit, duration, interest, and landing pages.  On-site web analytics are mainly for revenue growth geared towards business profit.

First method is;

  • Log file method – where server keep information of daily visitors, login and out in activities.
  • Page tagging ­­­­­­­­­­­– website clicks after page load through the use of JavaScript.

Off-site website analytics

It measure website visitors, leads and measurement of your website to competitor’s platform.  “The popularity and the attention the website gathers on the internet outside the sphere of the website’s own operations is measured by off-site web analytics.eMarketing institute


Web analytics measure overall website activities both onsite and offsite together with the effectiveness of the site. For instance most websites that use Google analytics see activities of users shown in details.  Purpose of web analytics is to make improvement in areas of low output through available metrics. Like the listed one below:

  • To verify total website visit daily, weekly, monthly and the rest
  • Bounce rate and most visited pages
  • Hours spent on pages by visitors
  • Traffic sources
  • Devices use to access brand
  • Category of users that visit webpages
  • Keyword use in finding webpages on search engine.
  • Click through rate of product
  • Performing and non performing ad
  • Links that attracts most return visitors.
  • cause of leaving webpage soon

When all above data are gathered and cautiously study. It will be possible to come out with strategies of improving user experience that produces high traffic or increase purchase.   All of these demand monitoring, collection of raw data, categorizing, research new tactics, trends, best practices and more.  Though some are left for web analyst at some point while the rest are meant for business owner.

Measurement of web traffic

The following are metrics used to check data performance of a website

  • efficiency and content quality
  • user experience and user interface
  • quality traffic generated
  • rate of conversion
  • social media details
  • Ecommerce data



In 1991,  the period when internet started webpages were difficult to analyze. Visitors were  notified their website visit. The metric was a little bit sketchy.  Internet  evolves to 1993, were it saw another major breakthrough. But this time it was bringing the user as major focus.  Through WebTrends the first web analysis gadget. Which study user behavioral pattern on site.  This single  idea was later developed to be known as web analytics.

Though it was a sub-domain in its early stage of career. Traders, business people and Ecommerce never see its usefulness.  Now, web analytics is more or less necessary field in digital marketing.  From SEO, strategist, business owners, Ecommerce and company’s marketers.

It demonstrates every second of user activities.   The achieves of user backlog  activities overtime. Like a hidden camera taken business visitor’s footage. The gate pass camera or ATM camera capturing each individual faces in sequence.

Beginning of 2000s saw emergence of big data and inclusion of web analytics into the digital technology.


 Making sure web analytics work for your brand just the it ought to be.

As to what impart, goal and effect you want to see between the shortest time. For every data collected has it usefulness.  We have listed nine items to this;

     1. Have analytical goal

Before setting business, specific goals are drafted and means of achievement written or the like.  Long term, short term and comprehensive way of getting result. Not too complex but achievable. Measure goals with what is shown on analytical data.  Then decide what way forward.

     2. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) discovery

Deciding how website functions depend on KPIs.  Time, effort discipline and dedication plays vital role in KPI to making this achievable.   Business effect with web analytics must have pattern and segment. If truly result is exactly what we want.

     3. Finding segment

If data should be useful for KPIs, it must be segmented after finding.  Separate data into understandable faction. Like geo-location, lead, buyer and device use in viewing webpage.

Here are category of data collection;

  • Attainment

Using gather data from site to draw attention from point a to b. like PPC., ads set  to  monitoring  user log in.

  • Actions

every action like bounce rate, clicks, time stayed, time major visitors, most viewing page and keyword use.

  • Result

Opt-in result, news letter, RSS feed and purchase source etc.

Anytime web analytics process is carried out working modality to achieve goal. Besides., result may be slow. But the deal is close.

     4. Optimizing and measurement marketing campaigns

Either online or offline campaign web analytics has great effect if measurement of campaign is taking into consideration. Check which campaign brought the best result. Running  A/B & C ads testing. Optimizing what works and killing the rest. For business gain. Taking advantage of available data to create marketing campaigns that will increase click through rate (CTR).

Look at various conversion to take up alphabetically

  • Add to carts
  • Click on links
  • Contact form
  • Downloads
  • Event registration (webinars)
  • Lead’s funnel

     5.  Discover the right audience

Not every audience is potential customer, website analysis provide accurate date of potentials customers. It provides information to getting right people with less effort.  Business will move to providing marketing tools for campaign and maximizing sales. The right audience brings right sales.

     6.  Increase conversion rate

The very way to close business deal is web analytics. Ensuring that sales department duly pursue their goals.  Not just that alone but bring result. Conversion rate optimization is very necessary when audience are increasing.

    7.  Advancing result of campaign Ads

Advancing  result of Facebook Ads, Google, Instagram and YouTube. Since website analytics report available. Giving us foresight of area that perform most click through rate, conversion and impression.

Efficient data collection will increase the results of online advertisementsEngaiodigital 

That way, it’ll help you know which are mistake made and how to improve next time or amend Ads for better campaigns.

     8. Bounce rate tracking

Sometimes visitors doesn’t want to stay long on webpage visit. Because of several reasons

  • Content don’t appeal to them
  • User experience issues
  • Too much Ads
  • Came in by unknown clicking and stuff like that

Now, it is time to sit down analysis what went wrong, why and come out with measures to limit bounce rate.

       9. Innovative ideas

When you analysis data it brings innovative ideas, creativity to explore. This data improves business strategy and development. More insight is derived that grow your input and output. It draws opportunity to adapt new trends in effect to business growth.


Website analytics effects business performance, internally or externally. Business growth comes through looking at the dashboard at the back end. Come out with optimization strategize that effects business ROI.

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