Seeing how the internet keeps  over saturated daily, it is important to know eight ways to make your content standout in a niche. 

Obviously, online business is becoming more and more saturated. Many companies’ staff work from home and small and medium enterprises do their businesses online. 

Those  retrenched and unemployed. Just coming into the system. 

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Though, the more it get saturated, the more your content can stand out. From B2B to B2C, more opportunity is being created daily.  If you know exactly what you’re doing.

Looking at how new businesses come into niches and dominate, tells there is a place for your content. You can stand out with proper knowledge, planning, strategy and approach.  

   According to Justin Denis Lexicon “In the USA, the average adult spends 11 hours a day perusing content”- Lexicon

   Many adult spend lot of hours pursuing content and consuming it daily.

Think about TikTok, Telegram, Facebook, Vimeo, Zoom meeting and Instagram. They all came in when their niches were dominated by other brands. Today, some of them are becoming top User Generated Content (UGC) brands. Still spreading into more and more geo-location

For instance TikTok, a Chinese base social platform that published 60 seconds video content. Launched not quite long has started to generate more and more online presence. 

Even competing with Facebook and other social media networks. There are eight ways to make your content stand out in your niche. Even more  than that, if you make proper findings.

It is all about ways to make content stand out in a highly competitive industry

 “The rise of unique and niche networks shouldn’t come as a surprise. People are no longer looking for large communities, but the relevant ones. Less noise, more genuine engagement. Yes, it’s still untested ground with limited opportunities for marketers. TikTok only started testing ads in January 2019. And of course, marketers love tried and tested methods. But fortune favors the bold. With trends, you can’t wait for others to mark the road first – you have to be a pioneer. Big brands like Pepsi, Nike and Sony Music are building communities on TikTok, aligning with new influencers to create content and a dedicated brand following. Pepsi India is driving great user-generated content through their #SwagStepChallenge, with zero marketing spend on the platform.”

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It is all about the niche, content and the user which you want to reach. Know what the user wants and deliver it in a rightful way. 

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Making proper research about the needs of users and produces exactly that content over and over again.  

Below you’ll see diagram which illustrates all of that clearly.

What makes content stand out is the value it brought into the user.  Pitch your content in a way that will impact positively to the end user and watch the end result. 

What is Niche?

The increase of social mentions for TikTok tells a story. In January 2019, Talkwalker found 1.6M mentions of the app, growing 62.5% to 2.6M mentions by June. This is especially important for the younger generations, as 66% of TikTok’s users are under 30.

A niche is a specialized section of larger market that deals with certain products for specific audiences. 

   Oxford dictionary defines it this way;  “a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.”   

Niche Market


  Wikipedia “Is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused.” After all every market has demography, interest, age, need, likes and dislike. 

Creating a niche is like narrowing target market or designing your product to reach specific people in that industry. Online market is very broad.

 Like digital marketing space is a large market full of various content for specific kinds of  or communities with different interests. 

 Creating your pitch and content helps you recognise and stand tall in the crowd. 

By doing research, checking out what interests  people; needs and desires. 

You can create content in your niche that can stand out if you pick what you know best, improve on your skillfulness, go for training and create something people just need.

It is better to use STP approach to map something unique that stand out

S- Segmentation by narrowing your audience

T- Targeting for particular demography 

P- Positioning for the market 

How To Choose A Niche And Create Your Content

What you discover the older brands are finding difficult to do.   Like in the social network market.  

Everything was almost taken.  Facebook alone has spread to every niche and demography. 

Telegram came late into market when Facebook has dominated the market. Facebook has Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp already. 

However, Telegram discovers lop holes.

  WhatsApp wasn’t  end to end encrypted,  no privacy protection, private chat to strangers is open, doesn’t have channels or groups.

 Members not up to 3000 and Facebook was not accepting Cryptocurrency.

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 Then, Telegram started building on all that. 

PToday, Telegram has reached 500 million user’s community.   

Choose the less competitive niche where you content can speak out in the “sea of content”. Statistics show that more niches are going to be created and more opportunities created for online shopping.

  It’ll create more buyers, niches and content base offered demand.

How To Create Your Content? 

  • Create what you know best
  • Make it unique
  • What interest your market
  • Stay focus in midst of distraction

8 Ways To Make Your Content Stand Out 

  1. Be honest

When I was growing up, people used to say “honesty is the key business”. 

Now I know why they said that.  Don’t deceive your customer because customer means money to business growth. 

 One customer can add another five prospects to your business. Be open and create customer’s protection policies. 

According to Larry Myler

“Lying to customers is like shooting yourself in the foot. If your customers catch you lying, they will lose faith in you and may even spread negative feedback about your business.”-Forbe

       Make necessary decisions to serve the interest of the customer and be plain to tell the truth. 

Don’t try to defraud your customer to make gains.

  1. Be unique

Digital marketing is full competition. The best way to standout in your niche is to do some differently. Something special that can contribute to your market growth and add value to your customer.   

According to Catherine Hatch of Imageworks “While there is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from your competitors, content that is very similar to other content available on the web will not stand out. Instead, try something new. Take a different approach to an old topic, or come up with out of the box questions.”- ImageWorks 

Come out with something original from the old content.

 Do it the way it can meet your customer’s demand. Put some color, facts and make it in a modernized.

 Be creative and play with what you meet. See how you can do it better. After all, the internet is full of reinvented ideas.

  1. Be focus and flexible

Focus more on what you know best. Competitive advantage has helped TikTok moved to the height it is today. Because it focuses on Content best fits younger minds.

Which other social media networks weren’t  creating.

There are more than eight ways to create content that stand out in your niche.

In the Autoresponder niche, Mailchimp focuses on what is best for their community, Aweber the same, Sendlane, Getresponse, ConstantContact even Gmass all these create  contents and focus on their strength. Though the marketing is saturated yet everyone still have market share. 

While focusing,  still be flexible to new ways, ideas, information and more knowledge as they come. Because “creativity is the mother of invention.” 

This is one of the eight ways content stand out in a niche. 

The faster you adapt to fresh ideas the better your chances of standing tall with your content in that niche.

  1. Share your content

Why share your content?

 Many people are not aware about your content. By sharing  on the four quadrants of the internet, you’ll gather  more fan base. Suggest to your customers to tell friends, colleagues and people who need it.

Be on forums, social network sites. Make it available in audio, video, PDF and the rest. Distributes to as many as you can.

  1. Create A Path

What is the exact thing or way you want to go?  

Have direction that will guide you to realise your expectations. Put a target, goals and blueprint. 

Focus on the path which enables  reach objectives.

 For instance, what kind of content your users prefer most. The channel to reach your users? Is it social media network. 

What do they like mostly that catches their attention? 

What content do they consume more?  Is it audio, PDF video or which category? So this is what I can dwell on.  

Take for instance, Instagram and Pinterest are picture sharing social network sites. 

But Pinterest focuses more on professional pictures while Instagram created its own path on fashion, influencers, entertainment and more. 

Both of them know their strength, limit and path. They’re pretty successful too.  

  1. Get their Attention

    In getting their attention, use hook bait and more. Provide value first before money. Jack Ma said, money follows attention.” 

Follow your dream, but get the attention and provide irresistible value first before money. The average man has three seconds to pay attention. 

However, when the offer becomes valuable he falls for it. And you grab his attention.

7. Offer gifts or Bonuses

When the offer becomes valuable people are ready to buy.  If you’ll be willing to give free packages to buyers or reward to first patronage they’ll be willing to purchase.

Other times, give bonuses to attract their attention. If the bonus value surpasses the goods many will be ready to buy.

Make discounts and coupons available to those who buy in large quantities.  Say, from  20 quantities and above we give 5% discount. 

You’ll get more buyers or sales. That’s one way to make your content stand out in a niche.

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8. Optimize your Content

We know that optimization is crucial. You can not always pay for advertising. But organic traffic provides longer SEO visibility. 

Still be the most important way to make your content stand out in your niche. 

Optimized for search engines by creating quality content that grabs attention.  Search visibility is equal to money.

Open To Criticism and Fix It Fast

When your content stands out in your niche and people see lapses. Open to such criticism that would result growths.

Constructive criticism fast track growth and help in expansion.

See need to adjust in some areas and employ more career persons.

Move On With Your Content

Everyday, try and reach out to more and more audiences through your content.

That is the way to make your content stand out in the niche.

Follow your dream, ambition and goals.

Try to be original. Let people know you through your content.  Strategize and expand to your reach and Optimised.

Still, remain focused on your core objective and content.

Make Your Voice Know By Your Content

Organize seminars, go to business summits and speak out about your content.

Connect with complimentary competitors. Share your content objectives and collaborate.

If invited as a guest speaker say it, talk it and grow people in your niche.


From this article, we have been able to talk about eight ways content can stand out in your niche.

In summary, we talked about niche, niche market and how to choose a niche.

Moreover, we’ve seen eight steps to make content stand out in your niche.

Make our voice heard through your content, focus on strength and reach out to more audiences.

If you have any contribution feel free to comment below. Let’s robb minds together to make our content stand out in our niches.

Like, share, comment, follow us on Facebook and join our digital marketing training group too.

Humphrey Udoh

Elivechat Team


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