7 Reasons Why Google Releases August Broad Core Update


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Don’t let your website fall behind on search discover the seven reasons why Google released the August broad core update and how to improve the quality of search results, and reassess and reevaluate your website before it ranked on SERPs.

You can find more of this update on Google’s Twitter page and Google blog.

See the announcement on the attached image from Google’s Twitter page below.


See the Screenshot below from Google Twitter

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See what Google instructed websites should do

What is the new Google August update in 2023

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On the 22nd, of this August there was a fresh Google update named “Google August 2023 Core Update”, which is the most recently released update this year. But the rollout will be visible after 14 days from the said date.


Although many people seem not to know why Google released this August broad core updates.


There is anxiety over what will likely be the fate of many first-page ranking sites.

Whenever Google Core update is rolled out the negative impacts are quite alarming.

Taking some front-page tanking websites to the back bench and bringing in well-research web pages to the first page.



See what Google said about the  Broad Core Update

Google core update August 2023 Source: GoogleBlog

As fear and anxiety are on the faces of many webmasters about Google Core August Update, there are ways you can walk your way up if this might demote your ranking.

Before then look at the meaning of Google Core Update in case you are new to the game.


New Google algorithm update August 2023

Source: GoogleBlog




What is Google Core Update?

A core update is a noticeable effect of algorithm updates to improve the quality of search engine result pages and better performance.

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What is the latest Google Algorithm Update in 2023



7 Reasons Of Google August Core Update


Here’s how it works:


  1. **Algorithm Change:** Google updates its search algorithm to better understand and rank web content. These changes can affect various ranking factors.


Meanwhile, because of the generative AI breakthrough, you can see how Google ranking factor is a little bit flexible to web content ranking.


SEO AI has started optimizing content and maybe Google is making a move to fix that in its new update. 


  1. **Reevaluation:** Websites are reevaluated based on the new criteria. Some sites may see improvements in their rankings, while others may drop in rankings.

If your experience drops in ranking, gather more strength to come back again.

That is why this Google August Core Update advice came.

Look for ways to optimize among the rest of content in your niche so that you can stand out.


  1. **Impact:** The impact of a core update can vary. Some websites may experience fluctuations in rankings immediately, while others might see changes over time as Google’s algorithms settle.


If there are fluctuations in your ranking, it means that the algorithm is adjusting your website to meet the present update. 


Just be calm until after the adjustment before taking further action.


And if there is a way you can use another keyword to rank.


Read what the Google search status dashboard shows over recent updates in a roll.


  1. **Content and Quality:** Core updates often focus on content quality, user experience, and trustworthiness. Sites with high-quality content that satisfies user intent tend to perform better. 


The purpose of Google's Updates

Source: GoogleBlog


During the Google August core update section all these factors are put into consideration.

Since the central focus is on content quality, credibility, trustworthiness, users benefits, usefulness and the source of information. Was it a researcher’s need, well researched, authentic and from an authority source.


  1. **Adjustments:** Website owners and SEO professionals often need to make adjustments to their content and strategies to adapt to the new ranking criteria.


Because of the present search trends and ways of asking for Google information the search algorithm needs to be changed to help searchers access useful information.


It’s important to note that Google’s core updates aim to provide more relevant and valuable search results to users. While they can cause fluctuations in rankings, they are not penalties. 


Digital marketers should focus on creating high-quality content. 


Optimize user experience, and stay up to date with SEO best practices to maintain and improve their rankings over time. 


Even after core updates. Monitoring and adapting to these changes is crucial for business success.


  1. **Content Background:** When an Algorithm is changed one of the most important things is that there will be a change in the website’s ranking. 


The core update is made to adjust to focus on the content value and what the users need.


Google is no more interested in algorithm-pleasing content but user-centric content. What benefits the searcher’s best interest.


“It’s no longer about stuffing keywords; it’s about answering user queries concisely and profoundly.”



  1. **Most Concise Fact:** In a busy world of billions of pieces of information being researched daily, some information are jargon and duplicates.  


But think about this for a moment.


If you want to get accurate information you’ll mostly go to where you can fetch it.  The Google August core update is possibly upgraded to reward facts and figure webpage for this search intent. 


Is just like going to get news from the social media which you know is deposited with a lot of doctored news.


But if you go to the Fox, BCC and Guardians news websites and more the possibility of getting the news with facts and figures is 90% sure.


Because their news is well researched with facts from correspondence.




Today’s article is about “Google August Broad Core Update”. That would be rolled out in two weeks of being announced.  


Nobody can say I know my website will be favored. Until we see the outcome on SERPs. But the fact still remains, Google has said if your website is affected, adjust your content to match the updates.


If you are favored, fine, move on with the trend. Good luck to you.


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