7 Proven Ways To Rank Website On Bing

There are 7 (seven) proven ways to rank website on Bing easily without Google. Then you start seeing traffic rushing in daily.

If you find it tough to optimize your site on Google, check this alternative; 7 proven ways to rank website on Bing. Now that Google stiffen its SEO ranking for website, it is more or less very difficult to rank on Google.

However, Bing is good place you can rank your website in 7 proven ways. Why Bing and not Google? Bing has 6.67 % market share and Yahoo 3.19 after Google, in the US market in 2020.  Report from Oberlo

Bing tries a new, more fluid logo
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What is Bing?


Bing is a search engine that provides information to searchers according to query made. It is owned by Microsoft Inc. The search engine also power Yahoo search. And proven to be the second largest search engine globally. Mostly, dominating desktop search in the US. Use by one-third of US population and predominately the working class, B2B and people above the age of 35 years. Some of Bing users earn yearly income of about $100,000. Bing search network has about 133 million searchers in the US outside other countries.

From www.gs.statcounter.com from 2020

The screenshot above shows the market share of Search engine statistics for October 2020.

Bing – 2.83%

Google – 92.26

Yahoo – 1.59%

YANDEX – 0.5%

From the above statistics we see Bing and Yahoo combined search percentage is 4.42%

Report made by Statisca said: “(UK) as of September 2020 Bing saw an overall gain in market share over the past 12 months, having held a 6.85 percent share of the market in 2018. Although Bing comfortably held second position…”

Market share held by Bing in UK from September 2015- September 2020 shows 9.96% from statisca.com

The second largest search engine after Google.  One third of US citizens still use Bing on their desktop.  Appearing on Bing search means showing on Yahoo search too.  Because both are owned by Microsoft.    With 7 (seven) proven ways you can rank website on Bing faster than competing with high authority domain on Google.

Bing is serving millions of US searchers daily. It has even adopted voice technology and BERT algorithm. As of now Microsoft Bing is less competitive, if you put your house in other; chances are that you can appear on Bing front page. I guess you know that Mozilla browser has terminated its contract with Google.



According to Crowdcontent, “Mozilla, the popular open-source browser, recently ended its relationship with Google. It has turned to Yahoo as its default search engine.”   Since, ranking on Yahoo means ranking your website on Bing.

Besides, beginning from 2019 October; Yahoo search is controlled by “big Bing” search engine. Bing Webmaster Tools (BWT) now takes charge of Yahoo Webmaster Tools (YWT). From this proven facts, Bing search may begin to gradually take bigger chuck of search market in near feature.


Bing search traffic is still fair, looking the huge traffic it has in the US. About 133 million people in its community surfing for information with 34% of users visiting Bing only in US alone.

The global Bing traffic volume below shows about 923 monthly visitors for September this year. This figure is ready to rise in two months time.


Another proven ways to rank on Bing, which is one of the seven ways, is that Bing ranking factors are easing to adapt. Though, similar to Google and bound to changes.  But a little fairer than Google.

It is time to dive into proven ways…


7 (Seven) Proven Ways to Rank Websites on Bing


  1. Know Bing Ranking Factor

The first and essential ways to rank on Bing is to submit your site to Bing Webmaster Tools. Through “My Site section”

(If you have outlook, yahoo mail or Microsoft it becomes pretty easier)

  • Select the My Site section to the website you want to rank for
  • Choose configure my website option from menu to present URL
  • Paste the website URL and hit submit button. – From BruceClay


You can also, Submit URL API if you’re a programmer or webmaster. The feature enables webmaster to submit about 10,000 URLs in a given day.   “The feature allows Webmasters to submit up to 10,000 URLs per day for most sites, for potential immediate crawl and indexation depending on a variety of signals available to Bing.” Microsoft Bing


According to Bing, “to submit URLs using the Submit URL feature, simply add 1 URL per line and click Submit. The URLs are immediately evaluated for search indexation and when quality criteria are met, they will begin to surface in Bing search. This is very useful in helping get important content indexed quickly.”

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  1. Use The Right Keyword

Bing value exact keyword to rank your website properly. This is pretty a big challenge, maybe to beginners but that is what Bing focuses mostly on. It focuses more on accurate fit in domains, the use of definite keywords in title tag and headings.


It is very necessary to make keyword research of what key phrase people use to search on Bing, Yahoo and use these words in your content. Put all the important phrases in the article and make appear naturally.

SEO concept to write quality content
  1. Make Quality And User Centered Content


Quality content is one of the 7 proven ways to rank website on Bing. Make every piece of content to be users centered. Know users want in your niche and provide them exactly what they desire.


If you just do that, very possible your website will be seen on Bing front page. Make the content appealing, entertaining and informative that’s the proven way to rank website naturally on Bing.


When user spends much time on your website, Bing will decide to rank it because the content is what user’s desire.  With that being said, create trustworthy, authentic, proven fact and figures content.


Providing quality images and videos illustration will seduce Bing  to crawler trust your content and rank it. Besides, Bing algorithm is almost similar to Google so still maintain the same value while considering ranking. Remember, Bing search is mostly visited with desktop users of about 85% on Windows. Realizing this helps to position the website to desktop views too.

Listing website on Bing place allow you to show on local maps
  1. List Your Site On Bing Places

Bing Places is similar to Google My Business that creates shops for businesses. This enables SMEs to rank website on nearby places, get physical traffic and be found in local SEO. In clarity, Geo-targeting still count very well on BING search. When services or particular search is queried locally.


As Google My Business is free the same is applicable for Bing Places. You get found when someone makes local search of your niche before others. Besides, you get listed on the map which ranks you before competitors.


As you can see from the picture above that Bing places for Business has app to install for Mobile phone.


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  1. Social Media Ranking Factor For Bing


If you’re the type that is consistent on social media, Bing will value your influence. The resultant affect is to rank your site base on more shares, like and comment. Creating social media presence and having good followership see you as authority or influencer before Bing. They’ll want to rank your website base on that.  Social media still helps website to rank faster not only on Google or Bing but the rest of search engines.


  1. B2B Best Place


Bing search is majorly dominated by a lot of big businesses in finance, Banks, Technology and ecommerce and more. This class of individuals uses Windows OS. Bringing ads to this class of people will make good business for you.


  1. Study How Bing Webmaster Tools Works

Bing webmaster tools are good resources you can study thoroughly for website performance and click through rate etc.

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