7 Positive Impacts of AI On Business Growth

As the world is fast growing in AI technology, smart businesses are embracing the move. It’s clearly understood that this technology will not slow down anytime. That’s why you need to know the slow positive Impact Of AI On Business Growth.

Since the digital marketing industry growth depends on technological trends.  The pioneers of Artificial Intelligence and first adopters will never regret it.

This article Adopter shows your proof of AI technology which has boosted business tremendously.

“80% of business and IT leaders claim that AI has already increased productivity.” Practina

What is AI?

AI is a short form of Artificial Intelligence which is an application used in the form of humans to carry out specific jobs done by humans.

It uses the human brain, to experience mimics of human behavior or to perform.

Deep learning is what you might understand and use codes patterns turn to interpret 

What is the meaning of atternsativinterpretyou have ever used a superficial intelligence

What is the meaning of Generative AI?

If you have ever used artificial intelligence  before and you have no idea what Gen AI is, here is what’s means.

Generative AI is an application that uses little or no code solutions to solve complex human problems.

application before and you have no idea what it was then you should tread this.

Generative AI is an application that uses little or no code solutions to solve complex business or humans problem.

With an algorithm that carries out deep learning activities to interpret the human command to produce original output that looks professional.

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Let me Show You 7 Positive Impact Of AI Technology On Business Growth 

  1. AI Improves Efficiency In Service Delivery 

What do I  mean? Many brands are using AI for business growth. 

We have AI-powered software that can now do inventory-powered and customer inquiry and product recommendations

Amazon and, Aliexpress use technology to help make product recommendations. 

Making suggestions for lookalike products based on private ous shopping experiences and web-based visitsisit to enhance good customer service.

Track customer’s purchase behavior and know what the customer’s product of the month or year is.

Cognitive pricing optimization is understanding how to fix the price of goods in the store.

In customer reviews AI lets store owners understand the preview’s defeat and how it works based on the product’s customers.

Accordingbasedreport “Modern AI technologies can increase business efficiency by up to 40%.” Venture Harbour 

Looking at this it shows that AI has a positive impact on business growth.

This is just the beginning, we are yet to see much more rapid growth shortly.

“According to Adobe resshortlyrates can increase by 20%, and return on ad spend can increase by 30% with AI-powered programmatic advertising.”

2.) AI Improves Customer Service

Have you observed that chatbot can reduce customer waiting time?

Yes, this is true for anybody who’s using the digital marketing  applications or the one of SAAS.

Gone are the days when it will take days for customer service to reply to  question.

With AI-powered Chatbot every query can be resolve within minutes.

Chatbots are automated to answer client question on during non-office hours.

you observed that cCcustomerelped reduced customer waiting time?

Yes, this is true for anybody who’s using the digital mar tinge applications or SAAS apps.

Gone are the days when it will take days for customer service to reply to your question.

With AI-powered Chatbot every query can resolve within minutes.

Chatbots are automated to ansclientsient on weeChatbotsndnonofficee hours.

Since customers want quick, immediate, and stress-free services their neeneartett instantly. 

Thoroughly, AI has positively powered servicThoroughlysiness growth.

Quick examples of AI-powered chatbots are, Manychat, Facebook MeAI-poweredachatbotsBank Chatbot like United Bank of Africa-Chatbot Leo.

This AI-powered technology enhances business growth by improving customer service experiences.

3.) AI Reduces Service Cost 

If you could remember what some big tech companies did recently by replacing about 10,000 staff members with AI.

This enables Facebook, Microsoft, and Google to saveenablesup to millions of do, dollars. 

It was only made possible through AI Technology. In return, it provides business growth and reduccostsost.

With the present evolution in the AI industry some human tasks like data entry, customer inquiry jobs have been taken over by and Artificial Intelligence.

Making a sharp reduction in salary costs for those who adopt it.

Research has it that  “Forbes analysis found AI could save the average Fortune 500 company $4.7 million per year via automation.”

Because AIautomateservices torvicesto function without human-automate t down opprocessionostand salary. While boosting revenue.

4costsrovides Competitive Advantage 

Looking at the many brand that are romancing with AI for example Amazon versus Walmart. 

You’ll understand the competitive Walmarttween both of them.

Because Amazon embraces AI technology much better than Walmart it has developed new products in the

market more than Walmart.

A competitive gap in Apple’s own iPhone displaces Blackberry and Nokia phones.

Google has taken a large market share of the search engines over Yahoa o.

You have seen how Google Engines haves been integrating AI software to filter spam emails which have made email more secure than Yahoo Mail.

From Practina we secure that “AI will become more important for organizations to maintain their competitiveness as the field of digital marketing develops. Practina

Uber dominated the online transportation business beyond Lyft.

As FFacebook’sparent company launched ta read that Facebook’sg competitive edge over Twitter because millions of users have downloTwittert in a few weeks.

This is a social media dominance to Meta while having a competitive hedge.

5.) AI Sales Forecasting For Business Growth 

What do I mean by sales forecast? Just like weather forecast, where you look at future sales and potential problems with future sales.

Develop a strategy to ensure that the problem is eliminated or minimized in other to boost sales and growth.

If this is done right, AI technology can help you understand customer purchase history and short and long-term activities.

For example, Facebook and Google ads can show you;

  • Audience insight 
  • Keyword research history 
  • Number of clicks 
  • Impression 
  • sales made 
  • Target audience with the location 
  • Amount spent on Ads and much morgeolocations you can be considered how to consider the next sales projection. 

Marketing strategy and forecast business growth.

6.) AI Content Creation For Business Growth 

Do you wonder how much it takes you to generate content ideas before now?

Let alone how much you pay to create quality content for readers. 

Optimizing and ranking content with generative SEO AI with little effort.

Social media content creation, presentation, websites, white papers, and contract quotations are now done cheaper and faster.

ChatGPT is trending everywhere because of the rate at which it generates content. 

Making it easy for brands to gather enough information that will enable growth.

Helping businesses to reduce cost, design a websites in few hours, and optimize.

Generate codes for whatever design you want.

With Tinywow.com you can convert web documents to pdfs, words, and Videos to gifs without any professional assistance.

Here at Elivechat as a digital marketing agency, we use AI to boost content and other digital services.

SomourI Content Creation Tools: 

7.) AI Production Of Videos & Graphics For Business 

Mid-journey and other AI graphics applications are doing amazing work recently.

Instead of paying a lot of money for graphic work, you can do it yourself or employ just a graphic designer staff to run almost all the graphics. 

Enhance the photos, edit, and publish to any channel you wish.

Some YouTubers are using AI technology to set up automated videos which is producing new videos without showing their faces.

While they collect thousands of dollars monthly as payment from that channels.

This has impacted positively their income while AI does the job.

Some Video and Graphics AI Tools 

  • Palette.fm (turn black & white to colored)
  • Upscale (enhance image)
  • Movio.ai (Robot talking video)
  • Midjourney (graphic designer and interpretation)
  • De script (video to document)
  • Palette. FM (black& white too colored)
  • Upscale (enhance image)
  • Movio.ai (Robot talking video)
  • Midjourney (graphic designer and interpretation)
  • De script (video to document)


Having said all of these points, in a nutshell, AI is the future of the internet boom.

AI has impacted business growth now more than in previous years. It has saved time for brands, reducing cost and efficsavedy.

It is providing prompt customer service by automatically responding.

Gaining competitive hedge and market share over others.

I can say that AI is not a luxury innovation but a tool for businesses to boost profit. Only the smart businesses that embrace it will survive in this modern world.

Those who have included AI technology are ahead of time and they will make much profit through it. While the rest of the businesses regret and lait to go into extinction.

Elivechat Team

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