5 New Video Marketing Trends in 2024 A Must Know 

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In the fast-moving world of digital marketing becoming outstanding is necessary. The year 2024 will shift its strategy to video marketing trends and the early adopters will benefit.

If you are an internet marketing strategies or digital marketer, you don’t want to miss this article.

Because in 2024 video marketing will trend in a new dimension and you don’ want to be left out.

If this article is for you just sit down to read it through before you miss the important point I want to share with you.


  1. Interactive Video Marketing 

In this new year make interactive video your priority by using quality video 


Looking at TikTok videos and Facebook TV that has got a lot of engagement and shares. Some got up to 1 million views.  


Strategize to use more videos in your advertising and brand awareness.

        2.   Using AI For Personalization 


AI video is a game changer and this year we are going to do more of that in personalization.


Look for brands that personalize video marketing trends through the use of AI and. Draw examples from them to create your videos.


Use many versions and stick to what best works for your brand.


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        3. Short-Form Video Authority 

  Short-form videos saw a rise in engagement in 2023. 


Especially in TikTok, YouTube, and other platforms like Instagram. This video trend will not experience any slowdown soon. 


Generation Millennium and Z prefer watching short-form videos to long-form ones. Because of their attention span over content.


             4.  Argumentative Reality Virtual video

Gaining more attention with the use of argumentative video. Because the virtual world is part of the trending video marketing strategy in 2024.



A large portion of it has been taken over by big Metaverse celebrity brands to sell their brand.  


Nike has built its virtual market space called Nikeland.


Which is considered a huge success in the Metaverse. 


          5. Video Marketing Trend Sustainability 


Video marketing trend sustainability is crucial to be ahead in business.  No digital marketing business wants to stay backward unless the brand is not serious.



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For this to happen consistency and sustainability in be online presence must be taken seriously. Deploying the Video marketing trends will help.




Prediction into 2024 shows that in all the marketing strategies available online video marketing is the best.


Not just the best but the most effective means of marketing that brings rapid results.


If you are yet to tap into the goldmine of it do it immediately before time runs out for you.


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