3 Factors To Rank Your Google Business Profile

Every business wants to be visible on Local Maps but to do this there are ranking factors required for Google Business Profile.

What are the major factors that Google considers to make your local business listing seen during search?

You will wonder if they tell you that these are simply things that you want to ignore.

But Google has been mindful of them not allowing the wrong business show to the most reliable one.

What is Google Business Profile?(GBP)

Don’t confuse the name Google Business Profile to any other thing rather it is Google search business directory listings for local visibility.

Formerly called Google My Business.

Similar to other business directories that show your name address and phone number (NAP).

This time, your business will have a guideline for the process to be fully shown on SERPs.

Some of the most important areas your business profile will show are;

  • Google Maps

The geographical location of your business is made on the global maps within that neighborhood.

  • Local Finder

Is the place your business is listed when someone try to check on what you do

  • Local Pack

Is the business information containing reviews of a business immediately after the advert section of the Google SERPs.

Recommended for the business location. Another name is 3 pack or snack pack.

  • Knowledge Panel 

This refers to the information you have provided for a user to get about your business on Google listing.

 Factors To Rank Google Business Page 

  • Relevance 
  • Prominent
  • Proximity

  1. Relevance (Usefulness)

In this case Google wants to know how important or valuable your website is before it’s shown on SERPs.

It’s just like when a keyword is type  on search “barber shop in Lekki of Lagos”.

Google wants to be sure that the information about the search query is delivered correctly to the rightful person. 

In this case, if you have optimized your site with proper information regarding the results for the query.

So that they don’t mislead the finder.

Google algorithms have no choice but to deliver the correct answer to the local finder immediately.

It is all about giving correct information about your business. 

The area of focus is business citations and mentions.

Like; if you have a listing on directory, guest postings site.

Link building to authorities sites, and Content optimization. 

Image optimization and relevant keywords placement on your Google Business Profile.

Also, other useful criteria that are required.

That would make Google consider your Google Business Page (GBP)

or local business as relevant on SERPs.

Many people are not doing this, that’s why some search terms don’t  seem to show their businesses.

2.) Prominent (Popularity)

Do you ever imagine when someone types keywords like a digital marketing agency in Nigeria.

Some digital marketing agencies will be found while others in the location will not.

The reason is Google considers websites with many citations, social connections and others referring to link juice.

Why? Because they have more social mentions than others.

If you are interested in ranking high on your Google business profile, don’t underestimate these factors.

Like brand recognition and to optimized your content using Google E-A-T precisely.

Image well optimized with alternative keywords, videos having links on articles.

Customer’s review if it’s more positive than negative. 

Google also considers the popularity of the brand in the physical world.

For example, NIKE sports footwear brand outlet in New Jersey and FILA brand in the same City.

For instance let me say,

If a  sportsman makes a search on his own and says “sports footwear in New Jersey”.

Without putting a brand, Nike will top the list.

The reason is very clear in this regard.

It is a prominent sportswear brand with a high reputation that google will let it appear in organic searches.

One factor that rank Google business profile is prominent over competition. 

Google algorithm is not slacking on favoring quality over quantity.

Since the last Google business profile updates, many SMEs and storefront have witnessed local ranking drops.

Because of this, factors have been neglected by some.

3.) Proximity (Distance)

Even in real life, this is what you do daily.

For example, if you want to buy groceries in your locality.

You never want to go 5 miles away looking for a grocery store.

This is what Google is trying to bring into search terms on local SEO.

Proximity focuses on nearby places for a query of a document in a local community.

Document means, homes, hospitals, Business Consultant, hotels, school, resort or any other established place visible on Google map.

Now, there are guidelines, made available to rank on Google business profile.

  • If you have a uniform business address in all your online presence.

Website, blog, social media, yellow pages, directories, forums, news sites and the rest.

If a location listing is altered, Google Maps will see it as critical issues with your business location finder.

Take a hotel facility in Lagos-Nigeria with many branches on search as a case study.

If a hotel ABC moves its branch to other locals without changing it on Google.

Instead of being optimized for hotel finders in new places, it will move to show your competitor’s business which is clearer and concise.

That’s why you should check irregular address listings and avoid being misspelled on your location, 

  • Put your name, address and phone number (NAP) correctly.

Taking into account the top factors that rank Google’s business profile, 

Like putting your business

address and phone number correctly.

One of the challenges some business owners face is irregular business names.

What I mean by this is, for instance, your business in FriedRice Plaza on Google business profile.

But on  Facebook it is InstantFried Rice.

When search is made within your locality, google bot would get confused showing your business.

These are some of the factors that rank Google business profile fast. So, you should correct them.

Note that mobile menu is also important, that is making your website show on desktop but mostly on mobile phones.


Now that you have known all these, start making amendments to your business listing.

These are the three top core factors that rank Google business profile on SERPs.

There is no fowl play with Google listing, so do the right thing to get a result.

If you think this was helpful, share it with your friends and business colleagues.


Humphrey Udoh

Elivechat Team

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