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Humphrey Udoh

Affiliate marketing new trend that increases financial base just by promoting other people’s product  with new approach.  Affiliate marketing is to recommending company product or service to  buyer and earn money in return.  It’s as old as traditional marketing.   It doesn’t require any fee to begin.

The new trend of affiliate marketing has gone far beyond the previous years to  higher professional scale.

In all digital marketing space, affiliate marketing is the easiest and less expensive to start. I’ll advice a beginner to start.

It could be started from home, at the beach side, in the garage, at school, while on transit or anywhere so long as you have internet connection.  You get referral link from partner, ride unto social media and get buyers.

The new trend is, affiliate marketing on social media has shifted from black hat to white hat.   No more tricky, shady  means of promotion of affiliate links.  As Facebook and Instagram tighten  their policies.

Trending way affiliates are using is native advertising platform and ecommerce space to gain traction.

Attila  O’dree, affiliate marketing expert from iAmAttila said, “a lot of CPA networks will go out of business because the small, lazy affiliates that are used to rip and run and celebs will not be able to make things work and leave.”

According to  Joao Agular, Head of Marketing at Mobidea Academy,  “ facebook  continued to tighten its grip on Black Hat promotional methods, many affiliates  moved towards Tik Tok an South East Asian markets to find more  profitable waters in an increasingly competitive  market.”  -Mobidea Academy

Either paid or free advert campaign converts buyer through referral link from parent company. Any sale made attracts commission, some 70%, 60%, 50% or less.

Some affiliate payment is made bi-monthly, while others are made monthly but some companies have their payment threshold and policy.

Now affiliate payment  has evolved to integration of fraud detection and prevention by partnering with independent data tech brands to incorporate tracking analyses of publishers in some quarters. Big affiliates may have challenge of pushing forward, if nothing is done to shift away to out of the box strategy.

A Product specialist, Andrew Reer from MagicAdz said; “running non-compliant campaigns will get harder and harder and might reach the point where it won’t be financially viable to keep running those campaigns the way they are being run today. Certain verticals will need an out of the box approach in 2020 if people are still planning to run those.” 

Artur  kaczmarczyk  head of Partnerships Voluum, predicted that “quality will  improve and become more important overall and in my opinion that will be the main trend and outcome of general market changes.  I expected industry giants especially Facebook will continue to fight fraudster so we can expect more lawsuits and subpoenas.”

However, internet marketing still pulls massive crowd.  Some website traffic alone in a month could be more than a country’s population. The new normal creates great opportunity for bloggers to become an affiliate for big brands.  As the “Big Titans” are looking for affiliates you have every reason to become their affiliate.

Like ShareAsale, Amazon, Commission Junction, Rakuten, ClickBank, just to mention these few.  And join Warrior forums,  Affilorama blog  and Afiliatefix sites to share link.

Affiliate marketing has being around for ages, from ancient times to modern times.

It’s easy to start and mostly free too.   Although, it works by partnering with companies and corporate organizations to sell their product and services  for commission.

Sometimes is just referring someone to buy their product or potential client.

Good example is Amazon, that pays large chunks of his profit to its affiliates.

YouTube monetization videos gain minds blowing  billion dollars to YouTubers  from ads views.

Warrior plus affiliate marketers generate hundreds of thousand monthly to their bank account and others affiliate marketing community.

 Meaning of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is  where products, service are sold by person promoting companies product to buyers.

Since many corporations allow staffs work from home, and downsizing insignificant portion of work force to gain financial stability.

It’ll be a good idea to partner with these companies to advertise their product to larger audience. Since they goal of business is return over investment  and one man cannot reach everyone at the same time.

Now, let me give Affiliate Marketing (AM) new trending statistics to blow your mind.



According to Hostingtribunal 

1. Since 2015 Affiliate marketing has fast growth rate of 10% and still growing


Business insider statistics shows  annual growth rate of 10% or revenue  from Affiliate marketing beginning from 2015 till now, and projected to grow till 2021.

2. Affiliate marketing from global point of view worth whopping sum of $12 billion

Today, affiliate marketing is one of the effective  ways to make earn an  income  online, drive sales and increase brand awareness. – Forbes

Most popular affiliate countries are US and EU.

3. Peerfly has the largest share of all affiliate revenue globally


Report from Peerfly has it that it has about 75 thousand active affiliates and 250 thousand account with 8 million transactions made. This is mind blowing.

4. User click rate has tremendous figure of 5 billion and 170 million purchased

From IAB comes this report that users click over 5 billion clicks in a transaction of $170 million transactions globally.

According to IAB  “the power well presented affiliate links  can be illustrated best with hard numbers from  2017.”

5. Most best affiliate programs are web hosting niche

Web hosting niche is highly saturated with many of them trying sell more web host services by employing publishers or affiliate.

Even those with cheap  plan make affiliate program and pays publishers good percentage as commission.  Just to make sure they market their plan.

Bluehost payout its affiliate about $5 million two years ago. Many of the web host now use affiliate marketing to sell digital product and making massive sales though it.

6. Most popular brands uses affiliate programs

From Mediakix record many internet brands has their affiliate partners promoting their product. Using performance base  strategies marketing to gain much profit.  This new trend affiliate marketing allow publisher to receive commission for exactly what they labor.

7. No age limit in affiliate marketing

 Statista  said affiliate marketing survey reveals that the most age bracket of affiliate marketers fall between        25-54 age, while those 81.82 % affiliate work on income in most active year of their lives.

31.86% are between aged brackets 35- 44. The last group falls between 55years and above, that is nearly 12% of the affiliate marketers.

The point is, affiliate marketing new trend will likely adopt the elderly in it’s in the future.

While the middle age keep growing older.  The point anybody can be affiliate marketer regardless of your age.

        Why is affiliate marketing outstanding


  • It doesn’t require any previous skill

Anybody can start this affiliate program. With gain much marketing skill. You only learn the skill when you start.

As long as you can use computer, basic internet connection and  copy, paste and save no problem. Learn from mentor or YouTube how to start that’s all

  • It’s very easy to grow

Many affiliate who started long ago from nothing. They strategies, think outside the box and target and retarget  new audience.

Have grown so successful because they add some many product and sign up for multiple network. Today they’re big shot earning 6-7 figure income monthly.

  • It’s easy to start affiliate market

The reason why I say it’s easy to start is you don’t need any to produce any product, pay for logistics or rent store. You just sign up, get affiliate link and business starts.

  • It’s very cheap to start


     Almost no capital to invest in affiliate marketing

The only capital you need is to;

  • set up website,
  • sales funnel
  • squeeze page
  • advert campaign

Unlike  business owner who cares about;

  • capital
  • cost of production
  • staffs
  • over head cost


  • Make Research Before Start


Make research on the niche that most catches you’re fancy. Read about it, watch videos.  Watch out for new trend to adopt to boost sales. Work out ways to improve with training made.

  • Set achievable goal


Write down your goals. Make the simple to understand and achievable.

Put down measures to realize each goals.  Let your goals be specific to new trend in affiliate market.

  • Patient for result

Don’t expect good result in your first month. But if it does fine! If not, don’t panic wait patiently for product sales and revenue expansion.


New trending ways for affiliate campaign


As your longing to become an affiliate, when you sign up and get approve just do this  things to improve your brand.

  • be genuine
  • be relevant
  • be creative
  • be organize
  • be honest

In summary:

As you’ve read how to become new trends affiliate marketer.
What are  you supposed to do with this knowledge?

Do you want to keep I it yourself? The point is you need to take action immediately.

Having given you this pieces of information you must not let it go.
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