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Make that article be popular with 17 steps to creating Viral content.

I’ve you ever wondered why some writer’s content goes viral? Here is the secret, 17 steps to creating  content that will go viral.

That everybody wants to share, read, like and glance through.  It is a step by step stuff you can follow.

Content virality takes some measure to achieve its goal.

Viral content increases website popularity, brand awareness and SEO ranking. Viral content is like trending news and today news on New York Times (NYT) , BBC  CBS  , ABC

Content that will be viral must contain certain qualities.

the  write up must be original, if  pirated readers will  quickly sense the plagiarism from content.

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Try to consume a lot of information for blog post. It is to your advantage. Make thorough research before spending precious time writing. Have enough point to prove exactly what you mean.

However, I have 17 steps to pull your legs into creating irresistible viral content that would rush traffic into your space.   We’ve heard about Amazon forest fire , hurricane Dorian , coronavirus,  bird flea and volcano eruption.

These are natural disasters and epidemic that is viral in nature.  Wait a minute, what news is trending now around you?

Below is a typical example of viral video of Beirut explosion in Lebanon featured on VOA.

What cause it something or somebody? That is virality. Everybody wants to read, hear, see and watch.

The same way, content can go viral within few days of posting. But, it must follow the steps to make it shareable, likable, readable and worth connecting to everybody social media account.

What exactly is Viral content?

From Wikipedia comes the definition of viral phenomena: Phenomena are objects that or patterns that are able to replicate themselves or converts other objects into copies of themselves when these objects are expose to them. They get their name from the way that viruses propagate. – Wikipedia

Viral  content is a content,  article, post or video that creates a lot of notice online.   That which can spread like corona virus from one social media to social media and from one point of the internet space to another.

Hear what Neil Patel say about viral content in his video.

Your dictionary.com defines viral content this way, viral content is any blog post, video, tweet or message that is continuously shared by everyone who receives it. – Your dictionary

Backlinko defines it this way; “Viral content is online content that achieves a high level of awareness due to shares and exposure on social media networks, news websites, aggregators, email newsletters and search engines.” – Backlinko

There are many things that triggers viral content. Not every content goes viral even if it content quality information. Here we are going to see what contributes viral content.



Okay let’s say;

  • You need viral traffic because of brand awareness
  • You need more social media presence
  • Increase more traffic to your site
  • Get more leads
  • Make more sales
  • Increase revenue

Either these maybe your reasons or not. Your content needs virality because you more leads and brand awareness.


Informative: this time readers are searching more informational content.

  • Trending headlines

Decide to make headline trend on viral content.

Headline captivates a lot and if you can use headline generator like the Hoth headline Generator you’ll get what you want for your post. The first thing your visitor sees on your blog is title. If even some doesn’t have intention of reading they’ll stop and take a glance.  The headline can get attention of reader’s snooping to dive more into reading content.

However, when it looks very mind-numbing, they’ll find their way out.

  • Make it very, very simple to read.
  • Let it summarize the topic
  • Contain 30 – 40 characters maximum
  • Make it understandable
  • Sometimes you can add numbers too
  • Look for trending topics

There countless number of trending topics floating on Google. Work your content marketing strategy well to get what visitors need. Always make research to find what’s best for readers.

Google trend  provides so many data for any trending event people search.

You can explore trending topics and also search for trending topics for region, country, states and niches. Then go to Google search to make more research.

  • Use multiple multi-media graphics

If your content must go viral, include video, images, infographics to get a lot attention from viewers. Not that it must include all of these together but one or two will be fine.

Now that mobile phone internet users are more than 60% against desktop users. If you include a very captivating images or videos that will touch the heart of your audience.

They’ll most likely want to share to friends.  Then watch how your content will spread like corona virus.

  • Make content unique


Every content needs uniqueness if at all it must go viral. No duplicate will content will exceed original. Their shouldn’t be any similarity from another. Let the idea come from you or right source. That’s originality of fact.  Why do people avoid adulterated honey?

Because it doesn’t have  the original content.

The content is compromise, doesn’t smell fresh, look so watery or full of other inorganic content. When you physical honey test it shows negative. Then you hey!  This honey is adulterated.


The point is, viral content always comes with originality. Not fake news of media. Brand recognition is content. Coca-cola is known for its unique content. Creating viral content revolves around originality.

  • Relevant to readers


Do more research to know exactly what your audience want. See how they find you on search so you can tweak content to their needs and expectation.

Go to Google search console or Google keyword planner to know what user uses to find your topic on search.  Take it, write it down and develop topic.

Readers are looking for what will solve their challenge. If you know this, just craft content around it and boom! They’ll start the reading, sharing, visiting, revisiting and referring to friends.

Data gather from Scribewise white paper  said “82 % of customers say they like reading relevant content from brands. 78% of consumers believe that organization providing custom content are interested in building good relationship with them.”



  • Make content shareable


Whenever post is published, share to all social media community tell your followers and audience to similar thing.

Since viral content influences share that runs like squirrel jumping from tree to tree.  Some time you can do paid campaign on social media then make it reach thousands from there it’ll begin it spread naturally.

You can tag as many influencers as you can in your niche before posting.

  • Make your content long

Report has it that long content happens to engage more people than short content.

According to Backlinko, Professor Jonah Berger found that longer content was 76.8% more likely to be heavily shared. If you make it abet longer up to 1500 and above you’ll most likely have good share.

  • Write inspiring content


When content got inspire by readers, the next thing you see motivation come s to share article to next person he knows.  Take  a case study from Constructdigit   about Goalcast   who they said carved out a niche in self development industry.

By producing video through the use of inspiring speeches of notable personalities. Now their followers have exceeded 12 million. Viral content engulf emotion that trigger share.

Add inspirational story to that is to use story telling to create something inspiring.

  • Write a post that ask question

You can write a post that question people often ask. That curiosity in mind will attract their attention.

Just come up some kind of questionnaire post about your industry develop a tpic around it then let go and do work. E.g  “How can you increase SEO ranking in few days.” This kind of post ask question that trigger clicking. If the content proffer real fact you’ll see a lot of share and views.

  • Create content around expert experience

Look for an expert in your niche get him interviewed write blog post around it or make video to prove fact.

Since he share his mistakes, challenges, failures, values and successes.  Maybe let him predict the future of the industry or analysis facts and figures of the to rise or fall in the coming year. Read about Content marketing

It’ll attract readers attention, then it goes viral in  no time.

  • Make your content scannable

Don’t make text too large for readers, they’ll be scarred and tempted to leave immediately. Use bullet point, use bold text for important clauses or phrases. You can also color important sentences to drive home some valuable points.

  • Some time you can use odd number

Content  with odd numbers attract more view  that even number.

The research from conductor, said post with odd number can generate 2 times more click than any.  Expecially headinlins it’ll most likely 20% CRT. –MOZ

  • Let there be hashtags in content

 Hashtag is another silent viral content creator many doesn’t know. It boost  content popularity especially on social media network.

Dan Zarrella   analyzed 1.2 million tweets and found that hashtag-containing tweets boosted retweets by 55% on tweeter.” –  backlinko

  • Get more emotional


 Content with real emotion bring varilty. Emotion of fear, anger, uncertainty and 28.3% most likely to go viral.

  • Be practical in your content

Make your point very practical and very detail to convince readers. Don’t try to confuse your audience  with wrong instance. Give accurate and precise information to drive home your views.

  • Use SEO

SEO is still very very important in content virality. Though it takes about 3 months for content to but optimize but it can still be visible at then. so optimize for search engine to shoot it to the sky. The watch when the digital virality show time starts. Read more of SEO here

  • Mention influencers

Finally, use digital influencers to drag the content to their  social media fans  let them  share the pie all over. Again and again you see how your content will walk it way to dominate the space.

But you need to do trial and error testing if you don’t know the way before you get there. Make your point known to us in the comment below. Also we can write your content for you for little few.

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